Hackernoon logoUsing PRüF to enhance legacy ERC721 NFT’s with extended capabilities by@exosequitur

Using PRüF to enhance legacy ERC721 NFT’s with extended capabilities

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DISCLOSURE: I am the CEO and a developer for PRüF (pruf.io) so my opinions may be shaped by my role in the project.

PRüF (pruf.io) has developed a comprehensive and flexible system for asset and token management that includes ERC721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with broadly extensible functionality.

PRüF tokenized assets have all of the features of standard ERC721 NFTs, but with powerful additions that make it possible to include on-and-off chain storage, customizable business logic, and other special functions.

By using PRUF-NFTs in their dApps, developers can launch ERC721 compatible tokens with nearly unlimited functionality. Enhancements to the basic ERC721 standard available by upgrading to PRUF-NFT include unbounded file and multimedia capabilities, as well as customizable business logic to enable special permissioning, interactions, and functionality.

PRüF-NFT also provides a built-in payment system, allowing developers to monetize token purchases and functionality through their ACNode controls.

The launch and minting of a new PRUF-NFT is accomplished with just a few clicks in the PRüF portal. PRüF makes it possible to launch your own flexible, secure, monetizable, and extendable NFT in a matter of a few minutes with no coding whatsoever. As the holder of the ACNode for the newly created NFT, developers have control over the namespace, revenue generation, and functionality of tokens issued on that ACNode.

For legacy NFTs, it is possible to add PRUF-NFT functionality by 'decorating' an existing NFT with PRüF functionality. Enabling a legacy NFT contract with PRüF would make it possible to add enhanced features to each legacy ERC721 token by linking it to the PRüF infrastructure. In detail, this would create a naked (token-custodial) PRüF record corresponding to the hash of each tokenID and its NFT contract address. In this model, authentication based on the holder of the legacy NFT would be enforced by the PRUF-NFT application contract.

PRüF enabled NFTs can be viewed and manipulated in the universal asset portal, simplifying web development and testing. Customized solutions can be quickly created from our web3 react templates, or developers can roll their own dApp solutions.

PRUF-NFT reduces development budgets and time-to-market by helping developers focus on the features of their product without the difficulty of writing, testing, and commissioning audits on their contracts. Launching on a known and audited platform, projects gain trust and exposure while adding the extensibility, media capabilities, and advanced functionality of PRüF to their business model.

PRUF-NFT's and PRüF enabled legacy NFT's couple advanced file and media capabilities with drastically reduced development overhead and security risks. With tokens that are intrinsically storage and media enabled, a new generation of feature-rich token offerings become practical, even for small or inexperienced teams. Using PRUF-NFT reduces time to market and gives issuers a competitive advantage while enhancing and future-proofing their NFT offering.


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