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25 Stories To Learn About Erc20

by Learn RepoDecember 22nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Erc20 via these 25 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Erc20 via these 25 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How to Add Arbitrum to a MetaMask Wallet

The Ethereum blockchain is a utility blockchain that doesn't stop at powering the ETH cryptocurrency. It extends its use cases to other applications like smart

2. How to Easily Create an NFT Collection with Staking in 10 minutes

Create a new NFT collection, with custom Minting page, and Staking under 10 minutes.

3. PFPs: Personalization and Identity in a Decentralized World

The NFT PFP craze with its famous communities of fun-loving primates and felines has its conceptual roots in a refugee camp in the Netherlands.

4. What Exactly Makes Dai so Unique

For some , and especially for day-traders, volatility is seen to be positive and the most attractive thing with which cryptocurrencies are characterized.

5. Top 5 Interesting Projects on the Metaverse in 2022

Currently, Metaverse is a term that is no longer strange in the technology world. It gives the technology world incredible numbers.

6. Creating Your own ERC-721 Token

get an overview of the erc721 token and how to go about creating one from scratch

7. Create a Crypto Crowdfunding Widget From a Few Lines of Code

Create a crypto crowdfunding widget from a few lines of code

8. An Interview With Fabian Vogelsteller: Founder of ERC-20 and LUKSO

While Vitalik Buterin is the most well-known name in the Ethereum space, the birth of Ethereum was a collaborative effort, as were later developments like ERC-20. Fabian Vogelsteller is one-such early Ethereum developer and thought leader on blockchain technology. He has built many Ethereum user and developer-facing projects including the Ethereum Mist browser, the Ethereum Wallet and web3.js - the Ethereum’s space most used JavaScript library.

Together with Vitalik Buterin, he proposed the ERC20 token standard, which initiated the world ICO wave and redefined investment and crowd ownership as we know it. Today Fabian is leading the concept, design, and development of the LUKSO Blockchain.

9. How to Gather ERC-20 tokens in One Wallet on Polygon with Web3.js 1.7.0

Let’s assume we have a lot of wallets on Polygon network that belong to us and we would like to gather all the tokens(say, WETH) to one of them....

10. Token Standards: ERC-20 vs. ERC-721 vs. ERC-1155

ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and by addressing this topic is going to help us better understand the reach of many blockchain use cases.

11. Looking Back At The Companies That Led To The ICO Boom

One popular narrative about 2017's ICO mania says it was fueled by naive investors duped into throwing money at projects that were either incapable or had no intention, of delivering.

12. Crowdsale Smart Contract in Solidity Programming Language

Learn how to code crowdsale smart contracts in a solidity programming language. Get to know its properties, processes, and phases for better understanding.

13. WTF are Exchange Utility Tokens?

Last month one of the leading centralized exchanges (CEX) in the world, OKEx have decided to burn 700 million unissued OKB, the exchange’s utility token. The OKEx management also revealed that no more additional issuance of the utility token in the future, making the digital asset deflationary and the first of its kind that is fully circulated.

14. 5+ ERC standards every Ethereum developer should know about

(bait for ethereum lovers)

15. How to Find the Best IDOs (Part 2) - Technical Due Diligence

For savvy crypto investors, this technical due diligence helps them identify unique new projects with unique value propositions.

16. ERC20 Infinite Approval: A Battle Between Convenience and Security

In order to save money and time, many users choose infinite approval when needed. As a result, they do not know the day when they suddenly find that their token has been transferred away.

17. A Beginner's Guide to Auditing an ERC20 Contract

It is the auditor’s responsibility to test a smart contract for vulnerabilities after the developers have created it.

18. "As A Silicon Valley Company We Are Always Tempted to Go Fast And Break Things" - Brian Kerr

In an era where yield farming has become one of the most profitable activities within the crypto realm, it is no surprise that the success of the landscape hinges on the advancements registered in the DeFi ecosystem.

19. How Token Contracts Work: The World's Largest Token Airdrop That You Probably Never Heard About

Subject matter experts often have an eccentric and quirky nature. Kier Finlow-Bates is no exception. Kier has the ability to convey highly technical information in a consumable format, coupled with timely humor. I've thoroughly enjoyed his in-depth presentations on all things Blockchain.

20. Understanding Token Standards in Ethereum (ERC20)

You can find partially explained material for ERC token standards, but I have come up with these articles to explain about three major token standards.

21. The Hashmasker's Dilemma

The Prisoner's Dilemma in modern game theory explains why the Hashmasks on-chain naming participation levels are so low. How can the Hashmasks community escape?

22. How To Deploy An ERC-20 Smart Contract On Avalanche with Infura

Avalanche has emerged as one of the most formidable alternatives to Ethereum, becoming the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry.

23. How ‘Fractional NFTs’ Can Help Accelerate the Future of Fantasy Sports on the Blockchain

With a current valuation of around $19 billion, Fantasy Sports is big, but COVID-19 is bigger. Nobody in the fantasy sports industry expected that the pandemic would not only delay games but ultimately shorten the sports season by months. With more people staying at home during the pandemic, the demand for online gaming platforms has increased significantly.

24. How To Build a Smart Blockchain That Prevents Double Spending: A Step-by-Step Guide

In general, delays in updating the state of the smart contracts can allow users to "Double-Spend"

25. Nameless NFTs No More: The NCT Story

NFTs shouldn't be nameless. Projects can use the original ERC20 utility token created for naming with ease. Explore why NCT is the ideal value added solution.

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