Using Comments to Grow Your Insta/Facebook Profile by@khamisihamisi

Using Comments to Grow Your Insta/Facebook Profile

4 ways to draw traffic to your IG profile using Instagram comments Give value each time you comment. Make sure you are not afraid of asking any questions. Express yourself. Don’t shy off from sharing your story. Make sure you have your own opinion and are not swayed by others.
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The pandemic has affected many people and small businesses. Some, if not all, have started to realize how important social media is for their business.

You and I know how social media can be tough to master for a newbie. Slow follower growth and a decline in organic reach are some of the challenges.

A post’s average organic reach is generally low - around 6.4% of a page’s total likes.

Heartbreaking right? But, you don't need to be a pro or a high roller to get attention to your social media account. I want to show you four tips you can use to drive traffic to your Instagram/Facebook profile from the comment section.

How to grow your profile through comments

  • Add value
  • Ask questions
  • Express yourself
  • Have an opinion

Add Value


You need to add value each time you comment. Let's say you are a chef looking forward to growing your Instagram account. Go ahead and follow accounts that are similar to yours. These can be restaurants or even fellow chefs.

First, go through their posts and find the ones that are related to what you do. For example, you noticed the account has posted about a spice you like. Second, start leaving meaningful comments. Instead of leaving short comments, explain how you use that spice on one of your recipes.

This way, some of the people reading comments will find your comment very helpful. You will be seen as an authority by some who will eventually start following you for more.

Ask Questions


Questions are a good way of showing your expertise when commenting on Instagram. Not only do you come out as knowledgeable but also keen on details. Your comment will be liked and be among the top comments.

Moreover, questions give you and the creator new ideas about the topic through solving that particular problem. You are more likely to get attention to your profile because of your comments.

Just by mentioning that style/method, some comment ninjas will quickly identify you as a professional in that field.

Express Yourself

Sometimes you might come across a post that speaks to you. For example, one of the professional chefs you are following has asked a question in their caption. To your surprise, the question is similar to something that happened to you personally.

Do not be afraid of expressing your story in the comments. Explain the 'when', 'how', and the 'why' of your situation right in the comments. For example, the post is talking about poor delivery speeds. You can explain how your bakery had a similar situation and managed to keep the client by doing something.

People reading that comment will be impressed with what you did. They will be curious to know more about you. Don't be afraid to express yourself.

Have An Opinion


Your opinion matters. Do not agree on everything and anything. Sometimes debates are good. I don't mean a full-fledged social media war. You can keep those knives away for now. What I mean is that, makes it constructive for other people to follow up with both sides.

You will end up learning the mistakes you made and also uncovering some from the other person. This exchange can lead people to your profile to see what kind of a person you are. You come out as a thought leader when you hold on to an opinion and are ready to take criticism.

Do not discard the opinion of the other person. You can use words like, "You are right, but have you tried this spice on bread?" This sentence is better than telling someone, "you don't know what you are talking about. Use that spice on bread".

In conclusion, here are the things you need to do to get traffic to your IG/FB profile from the comment section

  • Give value each time you comment.
  • Make sure you are not afraid of asking any questions.
  • Express yourself. Don’t shy off from sharing your story.
  • Make sure you have your own opinion and are not swayed by others.

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