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Touch Typing: Consistency is Key

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@Dexters-HubAlwin John

It is a fun experience 🎯 when I started out touch typing. It only took me 7.5 months of practice to increase my speed from 20wpm to 75-90 wpm💪.

While coding you may feel slow, and you want to increase your speed. What to do about it? Simple! Type more and more 🏋🏻‍♀️.

There are a ton of websites that provide daily practice sessions. My personal favorite is keybr and Typing Bolt. 🏆 I practiced about 15 minutes each day and it increased my overall productivity, work, and especially googling 😎.

If you are just starting out touch typing, do it now!💯, Also I only write a few words here and there, nobody likes to read two pages of the paragraph about touch typing. So yeah!😄


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