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Top 30 Cloud Consulting Companies to Take Notice of in 2020

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Explority is a research and advisory company that zeros in on the Information Technologies market.

A key requirement for the majority of enterprises today, cloud computing was conceptualized in the 1960s but didn’t fully unfold for many decades. Only recently the major differentiators of cloud systems, such as cost-efficiency, compliance out of the box, effortless scalability, and advanced data protection, were duly appreciated, first by the trailblazing software providers like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and then by the rest of the world. 

Today, cloud adoption rates are growing at a rapid pace. According to the Gartner forecast, public cloud revenues will grow 17% in 2020 compared to the previous year, reaching a total of $266.4 billion and will amount to a staggering $354.6 in 2020. To put this in perspective, in 2018 cloud adoption spending was at $196.7 billion.    

Helping You Navigate the Breadth of Cloud Computing Consulting Companies

Yet, the technology’s complexity and novelty make cloud enablement and governance a challenging affair for non-professionals. This is where cloud consulting companies can come to your aid, helping to devise a tailored cloud strategy, supervise the migration from on-premises setups, and select the most suitable cloud service providers and solutions.

Beyond cloud implementation, consulting specialists can help optimize system performance, augment its flexibility, and reinforce cybersecurity.

As firms large and small started taking their workloads and data storage to the cloud en masse, the IT services market responded to this demand for cloud computing skills. Over the last five years, more and more companies became certified cloud consulting partners and diversified their service range with cloud audit, migration, management and optimization.

As of today, alone lists over 4,300 companies in the USA and beyond offering cloud consulting as a service.  

On the downside, looking for your perfect cloud consultants among this multitude can be quite an arduous task. This is why we decided to save you time and effort. We conducted thorough research to select the most reliable and experienced cloud consulting providers on the global IT services market. 

To make our rating as comprehensive and objective as possible, we identified the following five criteria to base our evaluation upon:   

  • Cloud expertise
  • Market presence
  • Service coverage
  • Portfolio
  • Online reviews

Guided by the appointed benchmarks, we have put together a list of top 30 cloud consulting companies. Each provider outlined below has unique industry focus and service offerings, as well as strengths and weaknesses, and we hope you will be able to find the one who will fit your project needs, technical requirements and budget.

Most Trusted Cloud Consulting Companies on the Market in 2020

1. Itransition

Itransition was founded in 1998 by a small team of developers and since then has evolved into a frontrunning custom technology provider that operates internationally. For over 20 years in the development field, Itransition has significantly expanded their expertise and service scope and successfully completed over 1,500+ projects for 800+ companies, with such world-renowned brands as Cisco, Toyota, Xerox, and adidas on their client list.    

A certified AWS Partner Network consultant and Microsoft Gold Partner, the company delivers full-cycle cloud consulting and computing services. Itransition’s specialists help businesses formulate comprehensive cloud strategies, select an optimal technology stack, migrate their on-premises software to the cloud, and deploy public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments from scratch. In addition to this, Itransition offers to enhance corporate cloud infrastructures with forefront technologies like IoT, data analytics, blockchain and AI.

2. XenonStack 

XenonStack is a product engineering and IT services provider with offices in the USA, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Over the past eight years, the company managed to complete more than 1,000 DevOps, big data, machine learning, and cloud migration projects for companies around the globe, including Verizon, Dell EMC, Xerox, Mazda, and Warner Bros.

XenonStack’s cloud consulting experts are certified AWS and Google Cloud partners and are also well-versed in the Microsoft Azure stack and VMware products. Specializing in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the company offers its assistance with tailored migration strategy development as well as cloud infrastructure orchestration, optimization and governance.

3. ScaleFocus

Established in 2012, this Bulgarian IT provider managed to swiftly grow into a large solutions delivery center with 12 office locations around the globe and 850+ in-house software developers, cloud specialists, and data analysts. ScaleFocus has gained rich expertise in Healthcare, Banking, Fintech, Logistics, and Education fields and worked with enterprises such as IBM, Alibaba Cloud, Google, and Amazon.

Their cloud consulting team offers to perform in-depth IT infrastructure audit, devise a detailed cloud enablement strategy for different models, restructure outdated cloud architectures, and supervise migration to the cloud. The company is well-versed in the major cloud computing service suites, such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

4. Softweb Solutions

Softweb Solutions is a software provider that works with such advanced technological domains as AI and machine learning, big data, enterprise mobility, data intelligence and visualization, and cloud. For over 14 years on the market, Softweb Solutions has added over 1,400 projects to their portfolio and successfully partnered with world-famous companies such as Bosch, T-Mobile, Pepsi, Siemens, and Fujifilm.

Specializing in Azure Cloud and AWS Cloud services, this consulting team offers to align corporate IT requirements with sustainable cloud strategies, identify compliance needs and potential governance challenges, map out a tailored cloud architecture, and cherry-pick a suitable cloud technology set. 

5. SADA Systems

SADA Systems is a globally-operating technology and business consulting company from Los Angeles, CA, that has been helping enterprises uncover the benefits of cloud-based solutions for over 19 years. Having partnered with over 3,000 clients including Colgate-Palmolive, TrueCar, Aerotech, and Media News Group, the firm was recognized on the Inc. 5000 America's Fastest Growing Private Companies.

SADA is a Google Cloud Premier Partner with a wide-ranging cloud consulting expertise and a solid portfolio. The team offers their skills and knowledge to resolve multiple cloud-related business challenges: infrastructure and applications modernization, productivity enhancement, and cloud asset management. SADA also has industry-specific cloud expertise in such fields as Gaming, Healthcare, Entertainment, and Education. 

6. Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic is a US-based full-cycle software development and consulting company with headquarters in Bloomfield, Colorado. Established in 2002, they have grown to a team of 500+ front- and back-end developers, web designers, IoT experts, cloud consulting and cybersecurity specialists. Gorilla Logic has worked across industries on a wealth of projects and has Discovery Channel, NBC, and Ford on their client list.

As an AWS Standard Consulting Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner, Gorilla Logic leverages their specialized expertise to help companies along their cloud journey by optimizing integration and delivery, improving cloud infrastructure performance, and strengthening cybersecurity. 

7. Trianz

Trianz is a US-based consulting company founded in 2001. Over 19 years, their team has been helping companies adopt cutting-edge technologies and ramp up their business processes. The firm works across industries and has an impressively long list of clients including IBM, FedEx, Harley-Davidson, and Kroger.

Specializing in AWS and Azure Cloud platforms, the company offers consulting services that include offering enterprises to devise a tailored cloud transformation or multi-cloud strategy, assess the legacy cloud environment, and expertly facilitate the migration of infrastructures, applications, and data centers to the cloud. Trianz has performed more than a hundred cloud deployments and has consulted 10+ Fortune 500 companies. 

8. International Integrated Solutions (IIS)

International Integrated Solutions (IIS) is a NY-based company that has been assisting government agencies, enterprises, mid-sized companies, and startups with digital transformation and technology consulting for more than 25 years. The IIS team consists of highly-knowledgeable specialists who completed projects for such institutions as the US Fund for UNICEF, Royal Bank of Canada, and NYC Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Specializing in IT infrastructure solutions, they deliver a comprehensive range of edge computing, cloud, data center, and software engineering solutions. IIS’s core services in cloud consulting include assessment, analysis, migration, deployment, and support, fully covering the needs of a modern enterprise that wants to move to the cloud or refine the legacy infrastructure.    

9. IT Svit

IT Svit is a managed IT services provider from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Over their 15 years in operation, the team has completed over 800 projects for enterprises in North America, Europe, and Asia and won several acknowledgements from Goodfirms and The company’s professional focus includes DevOps, big data, cloud computing, database management, and security services. 

IT Svit offers a broad set of cloud managed services, from the cloud strategy outline and technology selection to infrastructure optimization and support. Apart from this, they provide cloud consulting to startup companies in the USA and around the world.

10. ServerCentral Turing Group

ServerCentral Turing Group (SCTG) is recognized among the top managed cloud, colocation, and consulting companies in Chicago, Illinois. Established 20 years ago, the company has been serving startups, mid-sized enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies, including Shopify, FreshBooks, and Metra. 

SCTG is a certified AWS Cloud Consulting team with an in-depth understanding of private, hybrid and public enterprise cloud models. Their consulting service scope includes cloud enablement planning, cloud storage management, and assistance with migration from on-premises infrastructures to the cloud ones. 

11. Trigent Software

Founded in 1995, Trigent Software has been delivering IT outsourcing and offshore software development services for 25 years already. Over this time, they helped more than a hundred companies implement value-adding customer engagement models and forefront technologies, such as BI, cloud, IoT, big data, and AI for the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Heineken, and Navistar. 

Trigent Software’s consulting experts provide their support at all the stages of corporate cloud transformation: roadmapping migration strategies, evaluating technologies, aiding with moving data and applications to the cloud, and ensuring serverless infrastructure security. The company is an expert in AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and their complementary services. 

12. RapidValue Solutions

RapidValue is a fast-growing technology provider with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. They focus on forefront technologies such as IoT, cloud, and machine learning. 

The company has over 200 trained cloud experts and more than 50 certified AWS & Azure consulting specialists who have proven their expertise in 250+ projects. Their team performs legacy cloud platform modernization and cloud migration roadmap development, as well as optimizes infrastructure and management costs.

Apart from this, RapidValue Solutions has their proprietary Cloud Center of Excellence where their consultants and technical specialists can advance their skills and knowledge of AWS and Azure platforms and tools. 

13. Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting is a business and technology consulting company with over 20 years of experience in the field. They stand out with a diverse expertise, offering their assistance with data analytics, enterprise applications, marketing tools and CRMs, DevOps transformation, and more. The company has offices all over the US and abroad and specializes in Insurance, Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, and Fintech sectors. 

Centric Consulting assists companies on their journey to cloud enablement, including vendor selection and cloud strategy outline, cloud migration orchestration, cost and performance optimization, and enhancement of legacy architectures with innovative technologies. The company is a certified AWS Advanced Cloud Consulting Partner, Microsoft Azure Partner at the Gold level, and Oracle Gold Partner.

14. Ibexlabs

Ibexlabs was established in 2012 as a cloud and DevOps consultancy. Today, the firm employs over 35 experts that aid businesses in uncovering the potential of cloud technologies and resolving the pain points in legacy cloud infrastructures. The company is highly-accomplished in the area of Amazon Cloud Services and has obtained over 50 Advanced Consulting Partner certifications, with the majority of them at the Professional or Specialty levels.

Ibexlabs’ specialists offer to automate deploys in corporate cloud architectures, identify and handle their security risks and deficiencies, and render the system maintenance more cost-effective and less labor-intensive. The company is especially well-versed in the Healthcare industry, helping medical providers migrate to AWS and ensure HIPAA-compliance of their cloud infrastructures. 

15. Zymr

Zymr is a full-stack software development and cloud consulting firm with headquarters in Silicon Valley and offices in Europe and India. For over 8 years already, the team of over 250 specialists has been delivering digital transformation, software engineering, data intelligence, and cloud operations services to small, mid-market and large businesses. Zymr has proven its competence during multiple successful projects for global companies such as Cisco, Vodafone, L’Oréal, and Splunk.

Specializing in CloudOps, their cloud consulting team offers to support enterprises at any stage of their cloud enablement journey. They perform end-to-end CloudOps assessments, develop tailored CloudOps implementation strategies, assist with cloud deployment, and monitor enterprise-grade cloud environments.  

16. Romexsoft

Romexsoft is a Ukraine-based IT services outsourcing team that has over 15 years of experience in the cloud, big data, DevOps, and software development fields. They are particularly knowledgeable in Fintech, Healthcare, and Media & Entertainment industries and have over 100 projects under their belt.

Romexsoft is an AWS Select Cloud Consulting partner, offering services solely for the AWS platform. Their team renders expert assistance with cloud migration and post-migration optimization, ensures operational excellence, outlines cloud cybersecurity strategies, and caters for cloud enablement for small to mid-sized companies. 

17. TechMagic

TechMagic is a promising tech consulting company established in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2014. The team offers a wide range of services, from web and mobile development and UX/UI design to test automation and cloud enablement. They have a mid-market and small business client focus and specialize in solutions for Human Resources, Marketing, Healthcare, and Fintech.

TechMagic is an Official AWS Certified Consulting Partner and an Official Serverless Framework Partner. Their experts are proficient with the AWS tool stack and offer full-service cloud consulting, from cloud enablement roadmap outline to optimization of cloud infrastructure scale and cost-efficiency.    

18. Intuz Cloud

Intuz Cloud is a pure-play AWS cloud consulting firm based in San Francisco, California. This thoroughly competent team of over 100 specialists has been offering their managed cloud and DevOps services since 2008 and has already completed over 1,500 projects.

Their key services include AWS security, cost and infrastructure audits. In addition to this, Intuz Cloud offers to mitigate any uncovered deficiencies of enterprise cloud environments by implementing best-in-class cybersecurity practices, optimizing resource management, and conducting AWS training sessions with their clients’ in-house teams.  

19. DataFactZ

DataFactZ is a big data and cloud consulting company with headquarters in Northville, Michigan. Operating since 2002, they have grown to a team of over 950 specialists who help enterprises from Retail, Entertainment, Banking, Insurance, and Advertising to properly store, manage, and leverage their data. 

The company has delivered its services to 125+ companies across the US and globally, such as Maritz, Ernst & Young, Rackspace, and Starbucks, and carried out more than 240 projects. Since DataFactZ’s professional focus is on enterprise data, its cloud expertise focuses on data warehousing and management as well as cloud migration.  

20. Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions is a prominent cloud transformation company in the European market. Founded in 2009, Symphony Solutions has now six office locations in the USA and EU, and a team of over 600 IT specialists. They have a wide service range encompassing custom software development, cloud solutions, and Agile transformation, with projects completed for such recognizable companies as Vivino and Blexr.

Cloud consulting professionals from Symphony Solutions assist with public, private and hybrid cloud enablement, cloud migration, and CloudOps. 

21. Geeks Solutions

Established in 2007, Geeks Solutions has been delivering managed IT services to companies of all sizes across the world for 13 years. Their major competencies include corporate server and cloud management as well as infrastructure monitoring. Over the years, they have successfully served more than 700 clients.

Geek Solutions is a certified AWS Select Cloud Consulting partner, and they specialize mainly in this cloud platform. Their broad consulting expertise covers cloud infrastructure design, enablement facilitation, optimization of cloud maintenance costs, and cloud cybersecurity.  

22. Mission

Founded in 2010, Mission is a pure-play AWS cloud consulting, support and optimization services provider with over 90 certified in-house specialists. They mostly serve companies from Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and Gaming industries and have had prolific partnerships with DreamWorks Animation, LifeLock, and Blippar.

Mission’s cloud consulting services encompass technology evaluation, strategy roadmapping, cybersecurity assurance, and expert troubleshooting of data center and infrastructure issues. 

23. StackOverdrive

Having been on the market for only five years, StackOverdrive is nevertheless a promising cloud consulting provider. They have already completed projects for Petco, McGraw-Hill Education, and University of Pennsylvania, showing their solid expertise in Retail and Education domains. 

A Standard AWS Consulting Partner, StackOverdrive offers to assist with migration, scalability improvement, facilitation of uninterrupted performance, and data security. The company is also proficient with Google Cloud and can aid businesses with infrastructure cost management, hybrid operations support, and cybersecurity. 

24. TechMD

Founded in 2003 in the US, TechMD is a pure-play managed IT services and consulting provider. In the course of their work, TechMD has helped dozens of small- and mid-sized companies in Real Estate, Construction, Healthcare, and Education to level up their software system performance, flexibility, and security by optimizing their legacy cloud infrastructures or moving their on-premises data and applications to the cloud.

TechMD’s cloud consulting specialists are experienced with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud platforms and also work with Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

25. Headspring

Headspring is a custom software development and consulting company from Austin, Texas, US. Since its foundation in 2001, the company has been providing its services for public agencies and private enterprises from across the US, gaining solid experience in the Energy, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Education industries. Throughout this time, Headspring partnered with such well-reputed companies as Caterpillar Inc., 3M, Emerson, and McCoys. 

Although not a pure-play cloud consulting company, Headspring has in-depth knowledge of cloud technologies and is equipped with considerable skills for addressing challenges associated with corporate cloud infrastructures. The company is capable of devising serverless architectures, aiding with cloud migrations, and optimizing infrastructures to make them more agile and cost-effective.

Closing Off with the Last 5 of Our Top Cloud Consulting Companies

26. Maven Wave

This Chicago-based company has a multidisciplinary service offering that ranges from cloud consulting and custom software development to UX/UI design and custom data analytics solutions. Maven Wave specializes in Fintech, Healthcare, and Manufacturing domains, having served such enterprises as CME Group, Comerica, and Donnelley Financial Solutions. 

Their cloud capabilities cover all aspects of hybrid and multi-cloud enablement: legacy infrastructure refactoring, cloud strategy development, migration orchestration, operations optimization, and cloud security enhancement. Maven Wave is a Google Cloud Partner with specializations in application development, cloud migration, and infrastructure.

27. Stepwise

Stepwise is a small consulting team from Poland that helps mid-sized enterprises establish data-driven decision-making, scale up their processes, and go through digital transformation. Launched in 2016, the company has already earned a reputation of a reliable and flexible partner, particularly knowledgeable in the Energy and Utilities fields.

As Google Cloud consulting experts, Stepwise provides comprehensive services that cover corporate cloud enablement needs. The firm manages data and application migrations, runs in-depth cloud infrastructure audits, and optimizes cloud data storage and processing to prevent data loss. 

28. CSW Solutions

CSW Solutions is a Chicago-based IT services company that has been on the market for over 15 years. With their main focus in custom software development, they however deliver cloud consulting and enablement services. Mainly working with small- and mid-sized companies, the company has also worked with such global enterprises as British Petroleum and PayNet. 

CSW Solutions’ team specializes in Microsoft Azure services and provides legacy infrastructure audit and optimization as well as assistance with cloud migration. 

29. Mindsight

Mindsight is a managed IT services company from Chicago, US. The team is proficient in the aspects of software infrastructure, cybersecurity, and data storage and delivers solutions for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, and Education fields. They have been trusted by such global brands as Hewlett Packard, Dell, and Cisco.

Certified in AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure, Mindsight’s consulting specialists help convert business requirements into sustainable cloud enablement strategies, manage data and application migration to the cloud, and optimize cloud environments. 

30. Euristiq

Established in Lviv, Ukraine, in 2016, Euristiq is a custom development company that specializes in IoT, cloud, embedded software, technology and cloud consulting. Although its major client focus is on small companies, they have also worked with such global enterprises as Ryanair, Philips, and A.S. Watson. 

The Euristiq team is proficient with such cloud platforms as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud. Their cloud expertise ranges from technology and enablement strategy consulting to cloud development and support. 

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