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101 Stories To Learn About Cloud Infrastructure

by Learn RepoApril 13th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Cloud Infrastructure via these 101 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Cloud Infrastructure via these 101 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. GitOps Tutorial: How to Provision an EC2 Instance with Crossplane and Flux

In this article, we are going to learn how to automate the provisioning of cloud resources via Crossplane and combine it with GitOps practices.

You will most b

2. What Does the Future Hold for Cloud Security?

Cloud security is something that every business needs to take seriously. In fact, ignoring cloud security could prove to be a fatal move for many organizations.

3. How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage on Telegram App

Unlimited cloud storage for storing photos, videos, and files using the Telegram App. The best alternative to Google Drive and Google Photos.

4. 5 Reasons Why You Should Use DaaS For Your Business

Desktop-as-a-Service is a service from a third-party provider using the cloud. All back-end resources like computing power, networking, storage, and VDs.

5. Setting Up AWS SecurityHub With Terraform in a Minute

A simple example of setting up SecurityHub at the Organization level with Terraform.

6. Important Differences Between Cloud-Based, Cloud-Enabled, And Cloud-Native Apps

Learn the difference between Cloud-Based, Cloud-Enabled, and Cloud-Native Applications.

7. You Should Use Alpine Linux Instead of Ubuntu

Alpine linux is a linux distribution primarily made for the deploying application on linux distribution and is a rising competitor for the Ubuntu. Alpine Linux is designed for security, simplicity and resource effectivity. It is designed to run directly from RAM.

8. How to Optimize IT Infrastructure: Let's go over the stages.

The guide looks at on-premises and on-cloud IT infrastructure optimization, as well as a hybrid approach to moving from on-premises to the cloud.

9. Top 5 Reasons Why Companies are Moving to the Cloud

Cloud has introduced some new business capabilities through cost-effectiveness or accessibility, as a company you don't want to miss the opportunity.

10. Why OpenTelemetry Should Matter to Network and Systems Admins

OpenTelemetry is young, even by internet standards. Born out of the merger of OpenTracing and OpenCensus projects at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation CNCF

11. 5 Benefits Of DaaS & VDI Technology Solutions

Know top five benefits of Desktop as a Service (DaaS) & Virtual Desktop Infrastructure(VDI) technology.

12. Introduction to App Platform

Qoddi is a PaaS app platform made for business, free for developers.

13. Change the Name of your AWS S3 Bucket in Terraform Without Breaking Things

Learn how to rename an AWS S3 bucket in Terraform. See renaming process of Amazon s3 bucket in a few simple steps.

14. Cracking the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam

Tips to pass AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certificate exam

15. Why Small Businesses Should Move to Cloud Accounting

In this article, you will find how Important Cloud Accounting can be for Small Businesses in this technology era

16. 6 Benefits of Cloud Computing in Finance

Understand the different ways cloud computing benefit the financial industry.

17. Edge Intelligence: the Upcoming Challenger to Cloud Intelligence

The true edge intelligence lies in this decentralised topology, which will give rise to a new generation of chip companies focusing on computation and more.

18. What Makes a Cloud Enterprise Technology Stand Out

This article covers the top eight factors you should consider when choosing a cloud enterprise technology.

19. An Intro to The Tomi MP1 and The Benefits It Holds

tomi is a decentralised network and DAO that is developing a peer cloud computing network is building a decentralized cloud computing and mining network.

20. 8 Cloud Compliance Frameworks and Why Cloud-based Organizations Need Them

Cloud compliance frameworks help an organization to keep its database secure and private. In this article, you will eight such frameworks that can guide you.

21. Using a Self-serve Data Architecture to Share Data Across Development Teams

This article highlights synergy between the two widely adopted open-source projects, Alluxio and Presto.

22. Cloud Computing Explained: What is Serverless SQL and Why Should You Care?

Serverless SQL is a distributed computing tool that enables us to process distributed data using SQL language without managing the databases servers themselves.

23. Why You Should Move Your Corporate Infrastructure to Cloud

Find out what benefits and opportunities you will get by moving your corporate infrastructure to the cloud.

24. What Exactly Is An “Infrastructure Provider” In Web3?

Infrastructure providers play a key role in Web3 development. They will be the roads and highways that enable seamless Web3 communication via secure protocols.

25. Why do you need a Virtual Server? Explained

In this article, you will learn why you need to migrate from a physical server to a virtual one.

26. The Application of Cloud Computing in the Health Care Industry

Although cloud computing isn’t something new to the healthcare industry, the industry is yet to fully utilize the potential of the cloud.

27. On the Original Definition of PaaS

Why Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) still stands a chance

28. Learn About Infrastructure as Code in 5 Minutes and Why You Should Use It

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is the process of managing and configuring an infrastructure using configuration files, rather than manually editing configurations

29. Site Reliability Engineering with Alibaba Cloud's Monitoring Services

In this review we take a quick look at the services offered by the Alibaba Cloud to monitor and scale services in a reliable way.

30. Serverless at the Edge: A Quick Overview

Edge computing platforms like Cloudflare Workers and Deno Deploy allow us to write serverless middleware and backends that are both very fast and cheap.

31. It's a Jungle in the Cloud: Why Serverless Is The Next Big Thing For Developers

Various aspects of serverless computing and why developers need to put their best foot forward in adopting serverless quickly.

32. Getting Started Provisioning an AWS EKS Kubernetes Cluster with Terraform

Learn how to provision an AWS EKS Kubernetes cluster with Terraform. See a full step-by-step tutorial.

33. Scaling Your Apps Automatically with Zerops – Both Vertically and Horizontally

Deep dive into how Zerops, a dev-first cloud app platform, auto scales your apps vertically and horizontally. Runtimes, databases, object storage, and more.

34. Advantages of Using Windows VPS Hosting for Businesses

Over the past few years, companies have been provided various web hosting solutions for their business, leaving them with the question of what to choose.

35. 5 Best Practices for Effective Log Management

What Are Log Files? And how can they be managed in a cloud-native infrastructure?

36. Best Ways to Utilize the Adobe Experience Cloud: A Short Overview

Providing a great customer experience plays a key part in beating off your competition in the industry. Adobe cloud comes with a set of tools that enable companies to provide omnichannel experiences that differentiate their brand and help in driving results. It is a combination of the best solutions that are highly effective when it comes to marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce. They are fully integrated through a cloud platform that comes with support, service, and open ecosystems and the products are extremely helpful for companies that are looking to improve customer experience. As a business, there are many different ways you get to benefit from Adobe cloud products as they can be utilized in many different ways.

37. My Experience With Scaleway: The Pros and Cons

Even though my usage of Scaleway is 100% free, I'm pretty unhappy about the deployment part. I came for the free credits and the scale-to-zero capability.

38. Chaos Engineering: What You Don't Know

With cloud native applications, there's always a chance that something could interrupt your services. Maybe a wire gets unplugged and that brings down your server or one of your services loses network connections that you depend on.

39. Best Practices of Cloud Networks Usage in Fintech

Making good use of a could network first requires firms to consider if they would be meeting their regulatory obligations before ensuring network resilience.

40. Hybrid Cloud Solutions - The Future of Enterprise IT

Cloud computing is a technological revolution in progress and has been emerging as one of the most reliable paths for business innovation. Facilitating businesses to be more agile and responsive to the dynamic conditions and opportunities, cloud computing propels productivity growth and widen profit margins.

41. Can VDI Protect You From Security Risks?

Cybersecurity is a great cause of concern. Know the security benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for your business.

42. 10 Things to Think About When Choosing a Hosting Provider

Ready to start working on your website? Make sure you’ve got a good web host to power it. Read our ten tips to get started.

43. 6 Trends to Follow to Improve Your Cloud Strategy in 2022

The cloud strategy is changing the way we work, and it's not just about the technology but how companies are managing their data..

44. Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Alicloud in 2022

Alibaba Cloud #3 cloud provider in the world. It is available outside of mainland China, in fact, it has data centers in 25 regions and 80 availability zones.

45. Build a Private Cloud Storage Service on the Blockchain

46. Hundreds of Google and Amazon Employees Oppose the Israeli "Nimbus" Cloud Project

Hundreds of Google and Amazon employees anonymously sign a letter opposing the tech giants’ deal with Israel.

47. 5 Key Load Balancer Performance Metrics You Should Track

In this blog, I have mentioned top load balancer metrics that can help you to ensure that your web application is running smoothly.

48. Why SMEs Should Opt for Managed Kubernetes

49. Cloud Security Strategies For Small Businesses

If you work from home and use cloud solutions to archive business documents, who is responsible for Cloud Security

50. How Does Cloud Storage Work?

Cloud storage is the technology that allows users and companies to store, maintain and access data on highly available servers via the internet.

51. AWS CloudFormation Template Basics

Get started creating IaC using CloudFormation templates.

52. A Simple Guide to Optimize Cost on AWS

You may create cutting-edge, scalable apps to suit your demands with AWS (Amazon Web Services), which gives you the control and ongoing spending optimization you need.

53. Cloud Complexity Causes Security Headaches - Can Identity Cure It?

As the cloud industry grew by leaps and bounds, it has become more compex, making it harder to keep data safe from hackers. Can Identity Management help?

54. Why Infrastructure as a Service Is Ideal For Startups


55. 5 Ways DevOps can make IT Infrastructure more Scalable

DevOps, did you even hear about it in the first place? Or is it familiar? Before we go to learning the 5 Ways DevOps can make IT Infrastructure more Scalable, we must explore each term and practices around it first.

56. 4 Ways to Scale Your Business With Cloud Computing

57. linking kubernetes clusters to vpcs on aws

What is the best way to connect Kubernetes clusters running across multiple AWS VPCS?

58. The Top 5 DevOps Tools and Services to Consider as a Startup

A collection of DevOps tools can significantly enhance your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and increase engineering productivity.

59. Founder Advice: Choosing the Right Cloud Infrastructure Can Make a Big Difference

Choosing the right cloud provider can make a big difference in how bumpy the road to success will be.

60. Cloud Architects Need More than Certifications

Are you AWS certified, Azure certified, or Google certified and struggling to get your first cloud architect or solution architect job? If so, I have some information that can help you.

61. How to Add Business Context to Every Dollar of Your AWS Bill

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of how we use nOps to add a business context to our AWS bill.

62. Why Small Businesses Shouldn't Move Away from Cloud Services

Humans possess a remarkable ability to nostalgically reminisce about dark times as if they were the best of times.

63. How Companies like Netflix Deliver Content Around the World

Have you ever wondered how companies like Netflix or Spotify is able to delivery videos or songs to you at what seems like lightning fast speed !?

64. The Best Cloud Computing Programming Languages To Learn

Learning cloud programming is the need of the hour in this era of technology. Here is the list of the best cloud computing programming languages.

65. Kubecost vs. CAST AI: A Perfect Match for End-to-End Cloud Cost Optimization

A detailed comparison of cost optimization features from two modern cloud-native solutions, Kubecost vs. CAST AI for optimizing cloud costs.

66. Converting “Digital” Heat From Waste to Commodity

Swiss-based cloud computing project DeepSquare teamed up with IWB Industrielle Werke Basel in a pilot project aimed at capturing and reusing the heat generated

67. Optimizing Your Cloud Costs

Every cloud stakeholder should be armed with documents, tutorials, training, guidance, and tools to effectively handle the cloud environment.

68. Mighty App: Fad or Rad?

The Mighty App promises a lot and it might seem like a waste of money but, thanks to some quirks, it can be very useful when it comes to downloading at speed.

69. Best Way to Maintain HIPAA Compliance in Cloud

We have shared some tips and ways how organizations looking to migrate their data to the cloud can maintain HIPAA Compliance.

70. Why CIOs Must Focus on Accelerating Kubernetes Adoption

The blog discusses why CIOs must focus on accelerating Kubernetes adoption, as a futuristic technology, within their enterprises to ensure business continuity.

71. Sustainable Computing beyond the Cloud

Extreme increases in data streams are expanding the cloud's carbon footprint; a sustainable alternative to Cloud dependence has been developed.

72. As Cloud Computing Systems Advance, Multi-cloud Provides Faster Digital Services

Enterprises are finding that multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions can help them keep up with the pace of innovation in digital services.

73. Features to Leverage While Implementing Azure DevOps in Your Organization

Do you know what's Azure DevOps and how can your business leverage its features while implementing them in your organization? Let's take a read at this blog.

74. The Difference Between Data Backups and Snapshots (and when to use them)

Learn the difference between server snapshots and server backups with the pros and cons of each, and some examples of when to use them.

75. Power E1080: A Poem

Turn your inverted camera thirty degrees to the mobius strip shape on the right and record

76. Linux Ransomware, Cryptojacking, and Cobalt Strike Are Targeting Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Linux systems are being increasingly targeted by ransomware, cryptojacking, and other malicious attacks, according to a recent report.

77. Can Multi-Cloud Kubernetes Platforms Make Infrastructure Prices Comparable?

Kubernetes enables you to deploy, scale and manage your container-based applications and multi-cloud management tools simplify the use of different clouds. Together this might help us to finally understand and optimize the pricing of our infrastructure.

78. Developers and Cloud IaaS: Why Devs Should Set Up Their Own Cloud Infrastructure

Why Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) still rules, even for developers.

79. Installation of OCI CLI on WSL [Windows Subsystem for Linux] in Windows 10 or above

A Step by Step Guide to understand how to configure and install the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Command Line Interface on Windows Subsystem For Linux 2

80. 6 Free Terraform Tools to Facilitate a Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

Have a multi-cloud infrastructure? These free Terraform tools will help you to reduce costs and make your multi-cloud efficient.

81. Amazon Web Services: A Beginner Friendly Overview

As a web developer, I’ve had a lot of experience with Amazon Web Services. I never had the opportunity to thoroughly investigate its goods or gain a thorough understanding of AWS capabilities. The following guide will provide you a quick overview of AWS products.

82. Why You Should Think About Switching To The Cloud Hosting today

Cloud computing has become essential for most homes and businesses, and it has been critical in reducing social upheaval and economic devastation.

83. A Dev's Guide to Building a Cloud Version of Your Open Source Software [Part 1]

Learn how to build a cloud-managed version of any open-source project with this complete guide.

84. Can VDI Protect You From Security Risks?

Cybersecurity is a great cause of concern. Know the security benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution for your business.

85. Technology Boosts Supply Chain Management During The Pandemic

Here are several technologies that help companies build an agile supply chain during COVID-19 pandemic including blockchain tech, cloud MRP solutions, and more.

86. How Infrastructure as Code Is Forcing a Revolution in Cost Management

You might have read our beta launch blog post, which describes how Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is driving the third datacenter revolution (the first two being virtualization and the move to public clouds). In this post, I want to go deeper into looking at how IaC is driving a new need and approach to cost visibility and management.

87. What is Cloud Scalability? Benefits, When and How to Use

In cloud computing, cloud scalability refers to the ability of increasing or decreasing the IT resources to meet changing needs. Scalability is an element of the cloud and is the main driver of its popularity in the business sector.

88. How to Maximize Cloud ROI With Containerization - Part 1

Struggling to make the most of cloud-hosted applications? Learn about containerization, its optimization challenges, and potential solutions.

89. Don’t Fear The Cloud When it Comes to Data Integration

Data loading speed, cloud applications, data security fears, and added costs & efforts are some of the reasons why businesses fear data integration.

90. Kubernetes Terraforming on Linode: Linode + Terraform + Kubernetes = Cloud Nirvana

Let's discuss the process of "Terraforming" a Kubernetes cluster on Linode using Terraform to help organizations efficiently manage and scale infrastructure.

91. 4 iPaaS Use Cases for 2023

iPaaS products and providers can help integrate data and applications between the cloud and businesses. Here are some compelling ways to use iPaaS solutions th

92. Cloud Application Infrastructure from Code (IfC)

Presents a relatively new concept of Infrastructure from Code (IfC) as the next logical step in cloud automation

93. The How and Why of Building Our SaaS Platform on Hetzner and Kubernetes

This blog post enumerates how and why we built our SaaS platform on a discount bare metal provider.

94. 5 Tips to Effectively Monitor Heroku Applications

Heroku differentiates itself from other cloud providers, by offering a complete, cohesive environment. Where AWS and GCP present a decoupled toolkit, Heroku strives for a seamless, UI-driven experience for the user. This philosophy is clearly embodied in its metrics functionality, which is often a single click or basic configuration file away.

95. Enterprise Cloud Security: Setting Up Structure, Identity-Based Access, and Network Control

Security plays an important role in the Enterprise Cloud Foundation. This article covers the foundational security components that form the cloud foundation.

96. Cloud-based Vs. Web-based Applications: A Detailed Comparison of Features & Key Aspects

Cloud and web apps seem interchangeable to many. Is it true? Not at all. However, both are similar but not the same. Read this article to know the difference.

97. Deploying Payment Processing Infrastructure to AWS: Corefy's Experience

Hi all! I'm Dmytro Dziubenko, Co-founder & CTO of Corefy, a white label SaaS platform that empowers clients to launch their own payment systems in a few clicks. Our platform helps numerous payment providers and companies successfully cover all their payment acceptance needs. The key value of our platform for clients is that it eliminates the difficulties of payment provider integrations. After a single integration with us, clients get access to hundreds of ready-made integrations with PSPs and acquirers worldwide, allowing them to connect any payment method easily.

98. B2B Fintech Trends for 2021: Storage, Security, Cloud Migration, IaC

As CTO at, a large part of my work revolves around observing the forward-looking industry trends (including fintech trends) that affect how we create innovative products.

99. Create Videos With Code [Free Tutorial]

Video editing has never been something I truly enjoyed. I often found video editors cumbersome, and wasn’t willing to spend the time learning to use professional video editing applications. Let alone pay hundreds of dollars per year on an Adobe subscription.

100. Cloud Spending is Rising and Cost Management is Becoming Serious

By understanding cloud costs and implementing cost optimization best practices, tech companies can manage cloud spending for better ROI.

101. Solid Tips on How to Manage and Monitor Chaos via Litmus Custom Resources

Litmus is a Cross-Cloud Chaos Orchestration framework for practising chaos engineering in cloud-native environments. Learn how chaos is orchestrated with Litmus

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