5 Reasons Why You Should Use DaaS For Your Businessby@sharad_acharya
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5 Reasons Why You Should Use DaaS For Your Business

by SharadJuly 19th, 2021
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The advent of modern times calls for changes in various sectors, especially the sectors that need IT support. You need to make sure that you catch up with the latest technological developments to give your business a smooth run.

Desktop-as-a-Service is one such service from a third-party provider using the cloud. All back-end resources like computing power, networking, storage, and virtual desktops. The third-party provider is responsible for managing the whole virtual desktop infrastructure on the cloud. This way, physical desktops can now be easily replaced by cloud-based virtual desktops.

Let us now examine why DaaS is a favorable option for businesses.

1. Considerable Financial Advantage

When organizations need to transcend from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 10, they need to incur certain expenses for upgrading the hardware. Such a scenario can be out of consideration if you use DaaS solutions, thus saving you from the extra costs over a client's hardware.

This is because your virtual desktops and all the related resources are hosted on the cloud. The endpoints are used to access those resources and not to process any data. Not just the hardware issue, DaaS also reduces the overall expenditure concerning the functionalities of your organization.

2. Hassle-free IT Upgrades

With physical desktops, organizations need to wait for weeks and months to upgrade their desktop systems. This is because the process usually involves taking permissions from various departments, compare few quotations, and then finalize everything.

DaaS makes sure that such is not the case. As all the IT resources are on the cloud, all you need to do is contact your DaaS provider and their team will take care of everything. Also, you will get the desired upgrades delivered in no time.

3. Enhanced Security Measures

You might think that giving away access to your company data can work against your organization's agenda. You might also feel that people will steal your data or use the data for some unethical needs. You can have a sigh of relief when you use DaaS.

Reputed DaaS providers ensure that all your data is safely kept by storing such data and applications at a secure location. They offer enhanced security features such as multi-factor authentication, the latest antivirus and firewalls, AI-based data monitoring system, and guards to ensure the physical security of the data centers.

Also, as no data is stored on the endpoints as they just access it via a web browser, there is no risk of data loss even if the device is stolen or lost.

4. Improved Mobility And Productivity

Users using a physical desktop can access the data and applications by being present at the office. DaaS resolves this and perfectly matches the need for mobility within an organization. In this current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, such a requirement will help companies function against physical and mental barriers.

With DaaS, the users or employees can access their virtual desktops, applications, and data using the device of their choice. As a result, your employees can access the virtual desktops from the comfort of their homes. Also, the time consumed while commuting can be used in more productive work-related tasks.

5. Global Presence

Companies tend to search for people with the best skill sets and talent from around the world. It is a need for any organization if it dreams of global progress. The usage of desktop virtualization does the job for you.

You can easily hire employees from different geographical locations on a contractual basis. This means that you can enhance your global footprint with limited access to the data you permit them to access. Industries based on travel, retail, and even finance tend to reap many benefits from this characteristic.


The above five reasons exhibit the superiority of DaaS and prove why DaaS should be a must-have for every company. It helps you push your company to greater horizons in this era of globalization and beat your competitors with the use of the latest technology.