Top 7 Leading Industrial IoT Solution Providers

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The de facto industrial internet of  things is the cost reduction. Remodeling the business process is necessary for a connected ecosystem. Data-driven insights provide intelligence production assets, enhance productivity and synchronize the process flow with IoT smart factory solutions.
Industrial IoT solution providers are the smart approach for any Enterprises to take their business digitally.


Industry: Enterprise Software Products and IT Services
Location: Chennai
How it’s using the IIoT:
“Strong foundation on core engineering embedded with product intelligence, smart components for rich user experience is our key factor to generate higher revenue & get better results - Dinesh Sundarajan, Director of IIoT CONTUS” 
- CONTUS, one of the best industrial IoT company to provides enterprise-grade products and digital engineering services which helps in delivering industrial IoT solutions for giant automobile companies worldwide.
- CONTUS focuses on providing performance-based services in the manufacturing sectors with emerging technologies like IoT, data visualization, digital twin technologies to reduce the equipment downtime. 
- CONTUS, a leading industrial IoT company provides live fleet tracking system using Geo-fencing feature that leverages the remote asset monitoring through cloud-based GPS tracking systems and sensor based AI technologies. 

2) HIoTron

“ I am passionate about discovering smarter ways to use IoT to transform our lives & our world. Responsible for Product Development, Team management, Guide and customer engagement for hIOTron - Hitesh Panjwani - CEO of HIoTron” 
Industry: IoT consulting Company
Location: India
How IIoT is used:
- HIoTron as one of the prominent industrial iot service providers, effectively designs, develops and sells IoT based consumer & industrial products for various businesses. 
- To leverage the industrial IoT solutions, HIoTron helps to quickly get started with minimal investment with customized hardware to deploy for the next-gen enterprise model.
- Being a prominent IoT Solution Provider for many years in the business already serves 16 different business verticals with major devices that cater to the need of Home & Industrial automation, Oil & Gas monitoring systems. 

3) Altizon

“Altizon is keen on scaling our capabilities to help drive digital transformations globally -Vinay Nathan - CEO of Altizon”           
Industry: Big Data, Industrial and Wireless
Location: Asia-Pacific
How IIoT is used:
- The industrial IoT companies like Altizon have helped to transform the operational and energy-heavy processes to a highly data-driven model. 
- It effectively guides the enterprises through its expertise in industrial & enterprise iot solutions that trace the processes, improve the productivity line and energy/utility monitoring with consumable monitoring systems. 
- The altizon takes a systematic approach in offering a tech-driven IoT process from collecting and analyzing the data to integrating and visualizing through slicing and dicing of the data model to get better insightful reports

4) Dxc Technologies

Industry: Digital Transformation company 
Location: India
"DXC technology has been providing solutions to use the machine learning, artificial intelligence and also internet of things technologies to increase the data insights with real-time intelligence and improved business outcomes"
How it’s using IIoT:
- As a reliable Industry 4.0 solution provider, DXC Technologies helps to improve the agility by decreasing the costs to streamline the IoT strategy into your business
- DXC has been selected by the metropolitan transportation authority for offering asset management support in North America
- It gave the global defense sector a transformation into smart factory
- Major manufacturer generates 150 million dollars annually through their IoT

5) Pratiti Technologies

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Location: India
“Pratiti’s IoT capabilities have been helping us to upgrade our device communication capabilities and user experience through their cloud and mobile application development - Customer - Frank Schulz - Executive Director Terratest GmbH” 
How it’s using IIoT:
- Pratiti streamlines the IoT process with Siemens Mindsphere platform to give a next-level industrial IoT solution.
- The IoT app development team allows to easily connect with several manufacturing assets with OOTB support for discrete manufacturing support 
- Their industrial IoT solutions expand across Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy. 
- With MFGConnect IIoT solution set, Pratiti seamlessly connects any asset through the Pragate IoT Gateway and helps to make an informed decision. 

6) Happiest Minds Technologies

Industry: Information Technology & Services
Location: India
"We focus on Digital Transformation with supporting agile infrastructure for creating products/platforms by integrating disruptive SMAC technologies with unified communication and internet of things - Executive Chairman, Ashok Soota"  
How it’s using IIoT:
- Happiest Mind based out of Bangalore, provides industrial internet of things services with real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis solutions
- At Happiest Mind, the IoT application development team utilizes the smart sensors, Augmented Reality, Cloud integration along with Big Data Analytics as one of the drivers of IIoT
- From integrating the sensors to driving the deep insights , they provide  comprehensive IoT services to their clients
- They worked on several projects to leverage the smart industries, smart living and smart enterprises with IoT development and services. 

7)  Prixgen

"Building Enterprise solutions to experience the modern technology through innovation that meet the customer needs - Prixgen Vision Statement”
Industry: IT Solution Providers
Location: India
How it’s using IIoT:
- Provides the capabilities to transform the present business development process to give better customer experience. 
- As a Industrial IoT app development company, they help to enhance the network communication and get the business ready for the future.
- Prixgen's multi-layer architecture is built in a robust way that brings the best workflow process to speed up the deployment and increase productivity.
- With world-class IP networking and blended with reliable cloud technologies, our IIoT solutions help to build an ecosystem that is scalable and secured.


Hence these are the top industrial IoT companies that give a competitive edge in digitally transforming the industry and build offers a connected Enterprise. Adoption of industrial IoT gives many perks to the Enterprises where it helps to improve the operational efficiency, productivity and reduce the downtime to a great level. Create new business opportunities and maximize asset utilization through these industrial iot software development companies for building business cases, defining the strategies that aligns with your organization goals to get better ROI.


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