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RPA Providers Revolutionizing Business Process Automation

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The Game-Changing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology saw its first commercial success with "workflow automation" way back in the 1920s of the Industrial era. From then on it is cited as an ever-evolving technology, be it the rise of AI, ML (Machine Learning), Natural Processing Language (NLP) and the 1990s Big data, Screen Scraping software, the Process automation is constantly reaching the next phase.

A most recent study by Grand view research shows the RPA market currently valued at USD 1.1 Billion, will see a CAGR of 33.6% from 2020 to 2027.

The 21st Century is regaining momentum with Robotic process automation, cognitive computing, and smart workflow enabling businesses to use Software for automating monotonous, repetitive, time-consuming, and structured tasks. 

Segments Tapping their Potentials with RPA:

Robotic Process Automation is penetrating the walls of almost all industries including Finance & Banking, Insurance, HealthCare, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail & CPG, Utilities & Energy, Back office operations and Automations. 

Market's Most Popular RPA Tools:

The RPA, an application of technology aspires to automate a business process involving more structured inputs, business logic, iterative, and sequential tasks. From implementing an assisted RPA, unassisted RPA, autonomous RPA, Cognitive RPA, efficiently powerful RPA tools are required.

Popular RPA Tools used by top RPA Service Providers:

  • UiPath: A High-precision RPA platform enabling business analysts and administrators to easily automate their process.
  • Automation Anywhere: The Automation Anywhere facilitates companies to build smart bots for all different tasks.
  • Blue Prism: A powerful RPA application that runs on-premise and Cloud through AWS and connects the technologies such as AI, ML.

World's Most Trusted RPA Service Providers:

With several RPA Solution Providers out there in the marketplace, based on user reviews, technology expertise, the clientele here is the hand-picked list of the world's best RPA service providers.

1) CONTUS - Powerful RPA Solution for automating business process with remarkable technique

CONTUS is one of the leading RPA service providers based in India, focusing on empowering businesses with tailor-made RPA services. Starting with defining the RPA strategy and the deployment, CONTUS offers RPA Process as a complete service pack.

Highlights of CONTUS RPA Solutions:

  • Uses Best-in-class RPA tools like Blue Prism, NICE, Automation Anywhere, UiPath to enable business scale-up productivity. 
  • Offers RPA-Solutions with a stand-alone or attended automation, enabling to build an innovative & agile business model with RPA Bots to increase revenue.
  • An ultimate RPA solution for Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utilities & Energy, Banking & Finance segments with a 40% efficiency increase. 

2) Deloitte - The Absolute RPA Consulting company  for all Business Segments

Deloitte, a core Consulting and Service company expanding its wings in Life science, Healthcare, Energy & Resource, financial and technology. Deloitte managed to deploy RPA software for its clients, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Highlights of Deloitte RPA Consulting Services:

  • Offers "the 7 Robotic Skills" as cumulative cognitive tools allowing users to develop software robots.
  • Partnering with UiPath and automation anywhere to continuously push the limits of RPA implementation services.
  • Successful In-house implementation of RPA for the billing process.

3) DXC Technology - An Optimal Insurance RPA Solution Provider

DXC Technology is one of the world's most independent and end-to-end IT service companies. As a pioneer in rendering RPA development services and solutions for Insurance companies on the verge of meeting digital automation.

Highlights of DXC RPA Consulting Technology:

  • Offers Digital Insurance as a Service (DIaaS) including Insurance Enterprise Billing, Insurance Claims Administration Software focusing on business process services.
  • Successfully partnered with RPA software leader Blue Prism in identifying and automating 17 core processes.
  • At present works together with the IBM Watson team to tap in the potentials based on cognitive capabilities.

4) KPMG- Leading RPA consulting services Provider

KPMG, a leading advisory provider offers Proof of Concept (POC) service for organizations stepping to automation. Follows a six-step approach and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing chatbots.

Highlights of KPMG RPA Consulting Service:

  • Focuses on 3 major Intelligence Automation namely, Basic, Enhanced and Cognitive.
  • Additionally supports clientele in Addressing Cyber Security risks by supporting projects.
  • KPMG offers POC service resulting in building the prototype of a bot and thereby get actual insight on lead.

5) WIPRO - Cutting Edge RPA Technology Solution Provider

WIPRO is one of the leading Software companies serving across all verticals and horizontals. Focuses on mitigating the human-error prone, labour-intense and simplifying the repetitive process for clients.

Highlights of WIPRO's Cutting Edge RPA Solution:

  • Designs automation solution after analyzing the need and simplifies by incorporating Six Sigma, BPM and OCR.
  • Uses the advanced RPA tools like Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UI Path, Work Fusion, Open Span.
  • Successfully enabled client's to acquire 24x7 transaction processing capability with 60% turnaround time.

6) WNS - RPA Solution Provider with a 360 Degree Approach towards Automation

WNS RPA & Intelligent Automation TRAC, one of the top RPA solution providers focus on delivering solutions with a touch of value. WNS has a wide range of RPA service offerings including cross-industry accounting to more than 60% automation achievement across diverse processes for clients.

Highlights of WNS Robotic process automation services:

  • Addresses an entire automation lifecycle, starting from consulting to development and support and managed services.
  • Leverages technology like AI, cognitive, partner-driven augmentation to offer the scalable virtual workforce.
  • Client benefits with zero-cost towards IT Infra Development.

7) NTT Data - Robotic process automation service providers for business process operations

NTT Data's Robotic Process Automation Service helps users to increase efficiency, and accuracy of business processes. NTT Data's RPA can process volume expansion with a recursive logic and offers industry-focused solutions.

Highlights of NTT Data RPA Solution:

  • Supports with 24x7 workflows for increasing productivity.
  • Partner to realize the highest level of automation.
  • Renders Non-linear scalability to manage volume spikes.

Robotic Process Automation: The Future

RPA, with a near-universal adoption, RPA implementation in Business streamlines the process, reduces operational cost, improves performance, allowing companies to enhance transparency, communication and collaboration within their value chain.

Migration to RPA will enable small & Large Enterprises to get future-ready and streamline business, aiming for achieving up to 30-200% ROI.


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