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Top 10 Strongest Dog Pokemon

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The Pokémon world is full of creatures to catch and train. Aside from the mighty dinosaur Pokemon, the multi-million-pound mega-franchise also consists of many adorable Pokémon that resemble dogs. 

Despite their adorability, some of these dogs are the strongest creatures in the franchise. Here are the top 10 strongest Dog Pokemon. 


Boltund is an electric dog Pokémon that was introduced in generation eight of the franchise. Boltund is an electric-type Pokémon, that evolves from the adorable Yamper at level 25. 

The creature is based on the Greyhound or English Foxhound. Furthermore, Boltund is powerful, learning moves such as electric terrain at level 62 and wild charge at level 48, making it a powerful pocket monster.

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Stoutland is a dog Pokémon introduced in the fifth generation of the franchise. Stoutland is the final evolution of Lillipup and evolves from Herdier at level 35. 

The creature learns moves such as Giga Impact at level 78 and last resort at level 70 and is popular amongst fans. Stoutland resembles dogs such as the Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu, Maltese, and Scottish Terriers. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Vetstreet


Smeargle is a Pokémon introduced back in generation two of the franchise. The creature is a normal type and has no evolutionary line.

 Despite this, the pocket monster is powerful learning moves such as Sketch, which allows Smeargle to copy nearly any move from another Pokemon. The creature is based on a painter and the Beagle breed of dogs. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Vetstreet


Houndoom is a dark and fire type creature also introduced in generation two of the franchise. The creature evolves from Houndour at level 24 and is immensely powerful, having the ability to mega evolve into Mega Houndoom using the Houndoominite.

The pocket monster can also learn strong moves such as inferno at level 65. The creature resembles dogs of legend, such as black dogs and hellhounds.

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Pinterest


The pocket monster Arcanine got introduced in the first generation of the franchise and is one of the most famous creatures in the series. Arcanine is a fire type and evolves from the charming Growlithe when using firestone. 

This Dog Pokémon learns moves such as extremespeed and can be taught moves like Solar Beam. Furthermore, the creature is also considered a pseudo legendary due to its immense power and based on Chinese mythical creatures that resemble dogs, such as Ryukyuan and Komainu.

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Blogspot.com


Granbull is a mighty dog Pokémon introduced in generation two of the franchise. The creature is the final evolution of Snubbell and is a fairy type. 

Granbull learns moves such as outrage at level 67 and playrough at level 43 and can learn moves such as giga impact. The pocket monster is based on the dog breed the Mastiff, such as the Boxer dog.

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Vetstreet


Jolteon is an electric type introduced in generation one of the franchise. The popular Eevee evolution evolves from Eevee using a thunderstone.

Jolteon is a powerful creature who learns moves such as thunder at level 50 and can be taught moves such as wild charge. The beast resembles herding dogs or a working dog and is one of the most powerful creatures in generation one of the franchise. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: K9RL


Raikou is an electric type legendary Pokémon introduced in generation two of the franchise. This electric dog Pokémon is a member of the legendary beast/dogs trio and is very powerful. 

Raikou can learn moves such as thunder at level 85. The beast is said to be able to control storm clouds and embody the speed of lightning. As one of the legendary dogs, Raikou takes direct inspiration from dogs and big cats such as the tiger. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: Marwell Zoo


Entei also makes up one of the members of the legendary dog trio. Entei is a compelling fire type. 

Entei has the highest base stat HP of any fire type creature in the franchise and can learn mighty moves such as fire blast at level 72 and eruption at level 78. This dog Pokémon resembles lions and dogs, as well as other animals. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Credit: The Keeper inc


Making up the final member of the legendary dog trio is Suicune. Suicune is a water type and the original box mascot for the Pokémon Crystal games. Suicune is strong learning moves such as blizzard at level 78 and hydro pump at level 72. 

The legendary Pokémon dog can walk across water and purify it and is the most powerful out of the legendary dogs. Much like its counterparts, it resembles dogs. 

Credit: Bulbapedia

Final Thoughts

The franchise has many adorable and powerful dog Pokémon in its roster.

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