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Top 10 Mobile App Marketing Companies in 2019

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Mobile applications are must-haves for businesses of every kind. The ease of using apps to procure services and products have created enormous amounts of opportunities for business owners worldwide. Although several companies have turned to the new-age way of providing services with a few taps on mobile devices, their applications don’t seem to fare well because of a lack in quality mobile app marketing services.

Today, app stores house millions of apps. The competition for apps is multiplying, and it isn’t slowing down any time soon. Hundreds and thousands of apps lose their momentum in a short period after they launch, such unexpected results from having invested a lot of time and capital in developing an app can be extremely frustrating. There’s always another app around the corner that will beat its predecessor and precede in app ranking the second it gets a chance. Your app could be the best, it could have all the features that cater to everything your customers ever need, but it cannot let alone perform, it won’t attract the attention and usage that it deserves without the solutions of a mobile app marketing agency.

Whether your business already has an existing app or you’re about to develop one, a mobile app marketing company completes your app journey.

Here are the top 10 mobile app marketing companies.


Appdupe is a well-renowned world-class app marketing agency that has been passionately developing and marketing applications since 2007. With over 10+ years of experience in the app industry, they’ve won the testimonials of satisfied clients from over 100 countries in their tenurity. Appdupe ranks #1 in providing exclusive solutions for all your app needs.

Appdupe has first-rate teams adeptly experienced and well versed in mobile app marketing services. Here are some of the services they offer to get your app to stand out from its competition.

Mobile App Consultation — Get the best solutions for orderly steps you can embark on. A discussion with the team will allow them to optimize app advertising strategies according to your requirements.

Mobile App Monetization — Discover new ways of acquiring revenue from your app with the mobile app marketing agency’s revenue models.

Pre-Launch Campaign — Get all the hype and buzz about your app to spread before the launch of your app.

App Audit — Have all the reviews about your app assessed and moderated before the execution of the campaign.

Public Relations — Appdupe establishes public relations for your app which is certain to increase your app downloads.

Post-Launch Marketing — Maintain the same initial excitement of your app even after launching it with social media campaigns and reviews.

Reach farther and Manage — Tap into a global audience with community management and result-oriented optimization.

M&C Saatchi Performance

Born in 2006, M&C Saatchi Performance formerly known as M&C Saatchi Mobile is a mobile app marketing company that can give you unmatched expertise in today’s digital economy. With over twenty agency and campaign awards in their showcase, they have always been a step ahead to fulfill your business goals.

M&C Saatchi Performance provides you app services like

App storefront auditApp store video/screenshot productionCompetitor evaluationA/B testingLocalizationSentiment analysis

The company’s exceptional marketing services go beyond your expectations to give your app the recognition it needs.


Techmagnate ingrained their presence in the app industry in 2006. Excelling at digital analysis, content optimization, credibility, and increased traffic, they have launched over 500 successful campaigns over 11 years. Their SEO passionate team have the right skill set to enhance your app’s performance.

Techmagnate’s latest app marketing methodologies and tools offer services such as

App Store Optimization — Get your app to appear at the top when your target keywords are searched on an app store.

App Install Campaigns — Advertise your apps on app stores which will result in more downloads.

CPI Campaigns — Techmagnate exercises their affiliate network to get optimum Cost per Install (CPI) with the highest retention rates.


Fetch has been making massive strides in the app industry since 2009. They excel in facilitating marketing campaigns on top social media sites. The mobile app marketing agency provides their clients with solutions that exceed expectations. Amidst millions of apps on the app store, fetch gets your app all the visibility.

They offer services such as

Mobile-First Ad ExperienceMotion GraphicsPaid Social Media ServicesDigital Media/Marketing Services


Mobio came into existence after purchasing their official domain in 2013. They have completed over 400 projects for clients from all over the world. They consistently work on developing their products alongside offering solutions to businesses that want their apps to rank higher in app stores.

Mobio offers such as traffic purchase and mobile retargeting.


Zorka.Mobi established in 2014 has been improving the app businesses of hundreds of large clients worldwide. With in-house technology for optimizing app traffic, they provide services such as influencer marketing, programmatic ads, and media buying.

Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile, founded in 2017 can help scale up your app. Their app growth expertise provides your application with end-to-end services. With their data-driven optimizations, they provide services such as

Fit to MarketApp Launch SupportStrategyAcquisition


Mobupps has served clients across 30+ countries. They are proficient in optimizing your app according to the market and provide you with full controls for your campaign, budget, targeting and more.

They offer services such as Conversion Optimization, Mobile & App Marketing, and Digital Strategy.


Qmobi provides mobile app marketing services with unique solutions. With over 40 professionals working in 3 cities and having completed over 200 projects, they offer the best ASO practices.

Qmobi underpins services such as Contextual Advertising, SEO Optimization and Social Media Campaigns.


AppAgent has successfully acquired more than 100,000 users monthly. They are upheld by their strong pillars of professional mobile marketing and data acquisition services. AppAgent is making waves as a mobile app marketing agency under the leadership of their CEO, Peter Fodor.

AppAgent offers services like Data Acquisition, App Store Optimization, Mobile Marketing services, and Media Planning.

App marketing is crucial to stand out from all of the apps that inundate app stores. Apps gain visibility and a good number of users only when it is marketed properly. A quintessential world-leading app always has an active marketing team working on more ways of reaching potential customers. Fuel your app to go the extra mile with these top 10 mobile app marketing companies.


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