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Newsletter Launch: Where To Post and Promote Your Side-Project or App

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Building side-projects and learning new stuff every day.

Marketing is a challenge. Everyone who has built anything on the web knows that. This is especially true for us developers. I've watched many great projects go under due to their makers and founders not knowing the basics of getting it noticed. I've spent much of last year learning content marketing and am still on it. I'm not claiming to have the ultimate recipe for overnight success, but I know that putting yourself and your idea out there regularly helps.

In supporting those who are building a startup, project, app, whatever, I've decided to create a simple regular email newsletter sharing places and chances to promote your work.

Why a Newsletter Instead of Just a List?

A large list with numerous places to submit is great - but only to rank on Google. But when you are working through, it gets frustrating very quickly. Websites are either not free anymore, dead or not accepting new submissions. Often details are missing. The quality of these lists declines dramatically with age.

Additionally, even if you find a few good sites to promote your work on, you are likely to give up after a few hours of non-stop filling in forms, confirming your email address, etc. The effect is low as there is no regularity. A newsletter makes it much easier: You get it, read over it briefly and decide if it's a fit and worth your time. This leads to working more regularly on the marketing side of your projects.

Is it free?

There are no plans to charge anything for the newsletter. Any help in the form of hints or curating information is highly appreciated though. Please get in touch using the contact option on my blog πŸ’ͺ️

How Frequently Do You Send These?

This depends a lot on my other commitments. I'm not planning on sending dozens of emails a week. That's not me and wouldn't help. I plan to send one decent email every two weeks rather than twenty small emails a day. This being said, if a time-critical opportunity arises I might send out a short email instead of missing out.

Can I See an Example? πŸ”οΈ

Sure, I've prepared an example for a newsletter showing the key insights for launching on ProductHunt or marketing on Reddit. The detailed structure might change as time passes - I'm open to any constructive feedback of course πŸ™ŒοΈ

Sounds Great, Where Can I Subscribe?

Head over to Where To Post and subscribe. Any help promoting the newsletter is of course appreciated! Please share it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit or wherever you think it fits :) Thank you!

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