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Today I Learned — (OK, technically yesterday) by@WajahatKarim3

Today I Learned — (OK, technically yesterday)

Wajahat Karim Hacker Noon profile picture

Wajahat Karim

Senior Android Developer

A collection of concise write-ups on the things I learn day to day

In this age of busy life with smartphones and laptops, we have almost started taking things we learn on daily basis for granted. Whether its just a minor semicolon missing error or any run-time crash exception, we learn lots of things in just coding for an hour even.

These things and tips are so small that we don’t give much value to these and next day or day after that, we almost search for same thing again. This time the memory helps and tries to recall what we did last time. Or browsing history reopens same links again. Or Google’s already visited pages indicator helps us.

The other day, I stumbled across this GitHub repository by Josh Branchaud. This motivated me to write all these things in a single place like a daily dairy. Only this will contain the things you learned.

So with that purpose, last week I started my own Today I Learned repository and also started posting my lessons on my website as well. Although its just 10 days or so, but its been an amazing experience. I think this article is the Today I learned of the Today I learned series.

Sharing the achievements even as small as fixing the semicolon issue is motivating enough. The whole open source community is running on a single concept:

I had this problem, and this is how I solved it. There will be more people around the goal with same problem. Let’s tell them the solution and save them the time I spent in finding solution.

So, now let’s share not only the problems and solutions. But let’s share what we learn on daily basis. Whether its a door you fixed in your home, or a scenery you managed to put on wall, or it’s a sound drivers bug in your laptop or it’s a punctured tire you learned to fix or its a blocking bug in your app or its messed up database or its a bad commit which destroyed few days coding or its a tip about how to get more claps on your Medium articles.

Let’s share everything. Let’s put it out for others. Let’s help each other. I am going to tweet everything I learn on #TodayILearned and #til on twitter and I will encourage you to do so.

Thanks for reading this article and looking forward to see more #TodayILearned posts and tweets in upcoming days.