Tips For Developing A Mobile App That People Will Love by@jamesjor

Tips For Developing A Mobile App That People Will Love


Mobile applications have become the most powerful tool for getting easy access to expected users worldwide. As a business owner, you can't  ignore  the significance of having an eye-catching and well-feature packed mobile app.

When it comes to developing a mobile app,there plenty of things such as User Experience and User Interface that developers can't afford to ignore.

The following are the top 10 great tips to consider when developing a mobile app.

1. Great App Design

Do you know that the average attention span is about 10 to 15 seconds? So,  the app needs to provide an immediate value. Create an outline of what the app should do based on the knowledge of the business. Remember, those apps with more bells and whistles don’t attract more users.

Thus, developer needs to focus on the end product during the app development cycle.

Ensure that the app design neat and clean by keeping widths and heights consistent, and  employ colors that can help make  the application really stand out from the crowd.

2. Don't  Pack Many Functions Into The App

Do 1 or 2 things really great instead of 5 things great enough? Yes, it is true. The common pitfall for app development companies or app developers is to pack plenty of  functions (features) into one app/ This results in many average functions instead of 1 or 2 well designed attributes.

This is something that will frustrate the end users. So, design the application with a single  purpose or with a secondary purpose and just stick with it until added functionality is needed for market expansion.

3. Choose A Platform  Carefully

Millions of different platforms available out there, so pick one of the best. Additionally, launching an app on both iOS and Android at the same time is not a good idea, but go for a single platform that you will launch first.

This is because if the launch is not focused on one platform, but on multiple platforms, then you will simply extend the app development time, increase development costs, or delay the entry to the App Store.

So, must think about timelines as well as priorities before deciding to go for multiple platforms for the launch.

4. Clarity In App Design

One thing that must be clear to the users is What is  the app key feature?  Because  it  easily  allows them to understand what they can do and what they can’t.

Apart from, always  focus on simple and intuitive functionality rather than trying to cram in lots of features. Besides, it’s easy to overtake mobile users, so an app must have 1 or 2 amazing functions in comparison to others.

Once it’s established and has a user base, more well crafted featured can be added later. Aside, the menus and related options  must be simple to understand even for a first-time user.

5. Design App For Tomorrow

Never focus on making something that does fade away with the time. So, make  the app for tomorrow. Although something looks impossible or extremely difficult today, would be achievable in the near future as software always forces the hardware to draw closer.

Suppose, when decision makers first make their minds to adopt speed radar (a device used to measure the speed of moving objects) for mobile device, capability wasn’t available to them, however, they knew it would be there in the future.

6. Speedy And Simple

Keep in mind that showing an app performs faster, reduces the drop-off chances by 50%?. Also, whether it is loading, downloading as well as accessing page, how rapidly you react and response back to  user truly impacts the user interaction as app users have a prospect that their devices will respond fast to their interaction.

App users do not expect to wait,  but  sometimes there are certain interactions that take a bit more time, so how will you deal with this?  Don't know.

Use a moving signal such as a glow or bounce whenever a user refreshes a page because it shows the user that it is working. Also, respond to user’s action with an animation because it will make the user feel that they have been recognized and their process is being accomplish.

7. Make The App Social Media-Friendly

To make a business app adorable and self-sustaining,  developers need  to integrate major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc, into  the app.

I know you are thinking that why? Because this makes it possible for app users to suggest or share their achievements on the app to their beloved ones on a prevalent stage. Suppose, Skitch app is a user-friendly editing app that integrates with social media channels on editing the images.

8. Testing Is Key

Making any assumptions regarding the app that users will love it or  it going to be a big hit just because you believe so is wrong thinking. Bear in mind that no one can never bring something truly valuable to the table won’t matter lastly, unless you’ve tested it with success.

Therefore, test the app carefully and fix all the bugs before  launch it. This because if users face any issue with it, then it will seriously impact on your business reputation.

9. Price  App Cleverly

The price is one of the major factors to keep in view when launching an app. If it doesn’t have a right price, then no one can never have a successful app.

We know that free applications may sound good to lots of people, but for businesses it doesn’t work as they have to spend certain cost on the app development as well as maintenance.

10. Get Innovative And Creative In App Marketing

May be you have created the best app, but if app users don’t know about it then they won’t use it. So, use your own networks such as business partners, employees, friends and family,  school newsletters, local papers to build a buzz around your app.

Apart from,  try approaching any interest groups or  industry who would already have a network of users they could tell regarding your creation.


These are top 10 unmissable ground-rules to developed a great app that people will love. I will be very happy to hear from you more ideas that you feel are vital while designing and developing an app.


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