TikTok's Engagement Rate is an Average of 5.96% in 2022 by@elenacucu

TikTok's Engagement Rate is an Average of 5.96% in 2022

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In 2022 all of the internet is talking about TikTok. Whether it's about the platform's new features, how much revenue it produces, or its high engagement rates, TikTok is on every marketer's mind and lips these days.

Gen Z and Millenials' social network - TikTok - raises so many challenges for brands and creators alike as it requires a level of creativity and authenticity matched by no other social media platform.

Having the fastest growth known so far, this video-exclusive social media network quickly became the top-leading one in terms of engagement.

TikTok’s average engagement rate in 2022: 5.96%

As Socialinsider's 2022 social media industry benchmarks study has revealed, at the moment, TikTok's engagement rate is located at an average of 5.96%.

TikTok's engagement values are far superior compared to the engagement rates of the other social channels, which are facing significant fall downs.

The overall drops in engagement - especially in Instagram's and Facebook's case may have the two most impactful causes.

With more and more people turning their eyes towards TikTok, either it's just for testing and exploring the platform, there's less attention that can be offered to the other two.

Also, even though data has proven video content is the most engaging one across all social platforms, Instagram is still seen and used as an image-first channel. Not to mention Facebook, which is primarily used for driving traffic to the brands' websites.


TikTok engagement benchmarks

TikTok's engagement is still highly fluctuating in 2022 - as the number of brands joining the network is slowly but surely increasing. Therefore, as a result, different industries are more or less successful in getting the attention they desire.

Truth be told, some industries are simply luckier to have broader audiences than others.

This, in the end, makes it natural for some businesses - thanks to their line of operation - to have an easier time communicating with their audiences and keeping them more engaged and responsive.

In 2022, the FMCG sector is the most engaging one on TikTok, having an average engagement rate of 15.82%, doubling its values compared to last year.

Still, this is not the only industry that seemed to have found its voice and audience on TikTok, succeeding in doubling its engagement over 2021.

The Beverages, Automotive, Travel, and Home-Living industries as well are some of the ones that seemed to have improved their TikTok marketing strategy, being rewarded with double engagement values.

Although their average TikTok engagement rates are still pretty behind the FMCG's sector value, who knows what the future may bring. Right?


To prove TikTok's great marketing potential and how much weight it can have in increasing brand awareness, or even sales, it's worth mentioning that in 2022, TikTok's average engagement rate has grown by 14.26%.

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by Elena Cucu @elenacucu.A data geek in love with storytelling. Creator of insightful social media studies. Full-time marketer, part-time dancer.
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