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Necessity of Experience in Science 1. There is no human experience that can be termed true science unless it can be mathematically demonstrated. And if thou sayest that the sciences which begin and end in the mind are true, this cannot be conceded, but must be denied for many reasons, and firstly because in such mental discourses experience is eliminated, and without experience there can be no certainty. Theory and Practice 2. You must first propound the theory and then explain the practice. 3. Let no man who is not a mathematician read the principles of my work. 4. In the course of scientific exposition the demonstration of a general rule derived from a previous conclusion is not to be censured. Certainty of Mathematics 5. He who blames the supreme certainty of mathematics feeds on confusion and will never be able to silence the contradictions or sophistical sciences which lead to an everlasting clamour. Of Science 6. There is no certainty [in science] where one of the mathematical sciences cannot be applied, or in those [sciences] which are not in harmony with mathematics.
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