There will never be ‘drastic’ changes, here’s why.

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There have been stable advancements since the dawn of mankind, and, no matter how much you want to believe that ‘we’, living in the 21st century are at the epitome of ‘change’ through technology, we ain’t. You’re being fooled by a self-centered bias, we believe that the biggest change mankind has ever witnessed is upon us, we believe, if it had been for our previous generations’, they wouldn’t have coped up. I have gone through, using a PC to a high powered portable laptop, Orkut to Facebook to Snapchat, a landline to a Nokia to an uber-optimized iPhone.

Things change, and we assume that accepting it is upon our heads. We live on the internet now, imaging things and technologies we have in our time back in the 18th century would have assured you the title of a delusional psychopath. But we have transcended and while being amused by these ‘changes’ have dwelt, accepting them as they are. You don’t need to accept them in a day or even a year, it only matters you do for your own sake and comfort.

We have 7.6 billion people accompanying us on this planet, with no hopes of traveling through space and time anywhere soon in future, be assured we will die on this planet. Not once in the human lifetime have we been able to defeat the fundamental laws of nature, we are bounded by physical, chemical and biological limitations our bodies hold.

The most drastic change we foresee is automation, and, for once looking at the declining population rise, we can believe it will all be for good. The changes brought about by machine learning will help us set a much wider range on the large scheme of things, through calculations of course. We are mostly bound by energy sources and time, AI can change that for us and manage our calculations better, to push further our capabilities and reach across the universe with laws of nature at our feet.

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