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One wrong turn led us to centralization.

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Either the predictors failed, or the economists. But for once we can believe they knew it all along, they did it for their own greed. Centrality was never a solution except for the ruthless rulers trying to enslave a massive population. Centrality only does one thing great, and that’s to bring us to our knees. The world has so long been driven by these profit-hungry wolves, now, they don’t even care if they tear humanity apart.

All this time, we have dwarfed out thinking to believe we are inferior to others, be it our leaders or some crook who posed as a savior. Not only does it shrink our brain but bring along a plethora of diseases such as depression and mental disorders. Not even once in history, to live in vain not been idealized and promoted by the rich and powerful, either in the name of God or in the name of sacrifice for the state. If you chose to not live in vain, you don’t have an option as every country has a centralized government and no one wants citizens who know their bitter truth, you are only left with one choice and to keep living in vain.

People who understand this doesn’t reach the top, they either burn out or just choose to ignore.

Either we are harassed in the name of God, or in the name of a king. We are taught we are meant to serve our leaders, and we gladly do it instead of making something great of our limited time. But as said above, we don’t really have a choice than to ignore it all.

Decentralization teaches us one thing, one thing that will change our place in the universe, as an advanced species our top priority is working together, and together we can improve our quality of lives and find a way to at least infinity extend it. This isn’t a communist propaganda and there lies greater good than worse if we stare through the short term and see what we are capable of achieving together.

We leave our fate to authorities who are chosen as we have been fed the idea of how good it to always be led by someone, it all started with differences being held together by centrality rather than having an unbiased approach through decentralization.

There are numerous examples of people misusing their authority and power to escape a law, the same law that possesses irreparable damage to someone innocent who doesn’t have enough political support or power to fight back. While some laws don’t virtually hurt people so much, with centralization in place, you can easily get away from the worse of the crimes anyone can imagine by simply bribing or controlling a single central authority in any department.

Most of us think about filling in our needs and die a peaceful death, I won’t tell you to do otherwise.

But have a thought about how all this can still be achieved with a simple implementation called decentralization. Without half the world dying in vain and fighting your whole life just for a peaceful death, we got way more things to figure out in the universe.


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