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Hackernoon logoWill Blockchain embark the downfall of democracy? by@upside9

Will Blockchain embark the downfall of democracy?

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There has been a recent upshift of protest by the people, mostly intellects, and scholars, people who are truly living under the rule of fake democrats. The reasons for a protest are not just daily harassment and sluggish laws, there is significant degradation of life when we consider living under such government, and while we don’t feel powerless, there aren’t any real options while voting.

If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, you must know about the breakthrough technology of Blockchain. Until the introduction of Blockchain we used to believe that this world can never be corruption free, but even when for once we imagine a world running upon Blockchain, we can foresee the beauty of a corruption free world.

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

Be assured that greedy and selfish will never stop being so; it’s just who they are. The need to be stop being fooled falls upon us, for all our so-called democracies we can be assured no governments have the power of holding a gun to our heads, lest to say if there were more people than the guns. But guns can certainly hold multiple bullets, and a bad quality of life is certainly better than death. All these fears creep in as soon as we, the most essential part of democracies think about a revolution, but, all this changes with Blockchain, there will be technically no corruption possible. As for the guns, they won’t even know what hit the time they were reloading.

The Blockchain tech enables decentralized distributed ledger technology, which simply translates to a great right to information to everyone regardless of anything else. It’s not that anyone is less corrupt than others, Blockchain is the only solution which enables impending righteousness. It’s pure transparency when we talk about implementing our systems on Blockchain technology, be it a voting system of allocation of funds collected through taxes.

Blockchain may not overthrow governments overnight, but one day it certainly will.


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