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The Ultimate Hamburger Grilling Guide

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What if I ask you what you want to have right now? If I were you, I would surely say hamburger. Nothing is better than a juicy, cheesy, perfectly grilled hamburger. However, not everyone can make a perfectly grilled hamburger. You need to nail every step and cook the meat at the right temperature to make a perfect hamburger. This article is the ultimate hamburger grilling guide with step by step process to make the perfect hamburger.ย 

Step 1

Letโ€™s start with the meat selection. When it comes to meat, it is always best to select a fatty cut. High-fat content meat is perfect for the juiciness and the moisture of the burger. To be precise, 15-20% fat content will give the best-grilled patty for your hamburger. However, ground chuck beef is highly recommended and will give the best for making hamburgers.

Step 2

We have to make proper and perfect patties. Hence, the preparation of the patty is very vital. To begin with, the patties should be refrigerated to make it stick together. It is better to keep the mass of the patty between 170-200 grams; it will give a perfect bun to meat ratio.ย  You need to marinate the patty with soya sauce, chili paste and a pinch of lime. Make sure to marinate the patty for 5-6 hours before grilling it.

Step 3

You need to prepare the grill before you start grilling the patty. Olive oil should be brushed over the grills so that it does not stick with the patties. To add flavor, you can even use butter to sear the meat on all sides. A common mistake that everyone makes is that they press the patty too hard; donโ€™t press it too hard as it makes the patty dry.

The best way to grill is to let the patty sear for 2-3 minutes on each side, and then flip it. It is best to flip it only once, and hence, the searing time needs to be properly matained.ย 

The cooking approach

To overview the whole cooking process, it is always best to use a thermometer. It allows checking the internal temperature of the burger. Moreover, maintaining the temperature allows the patty to be moist and juicy.

Now, finish cooking the patty in the oven; the burger needs to be cooked within (365-400) degrees. However, try to maintain the internal temperature to be around 160 degrees. Additionally, cooking time varies according to the burger type.

For instance:

  • Rare: 4-5 minutes
  • Medium-Rare: 6-7 minutes
  • Medium: 8-9 minutes

Once the patty is cooked, let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Then use dressing and sauce of your choice and enjoy the perfectly cooked patty, and a delicious hamburger.

It is never hard to make the perfect hamburger if one just knows the little tricks. Moreover, religiously following the above steps, one can avoid the little mistakes to experience the juicy, tender, and flavourful taste that everyone wants in a perfectly grilled hamburger.

So, when you have friends or family coming over, or a casual gathering, make sure to cook the ultimate grilled hamburger and awe-struck everyone with its amazing taste.ย 

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