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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Conversion Rates on 2020

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@sophie-molineuxSophie Molineux

Are you looking for a guide that helps you draw more Signups for a newsletter or make a purchase? Well! This guide is exactly what you need.

CRO is, in general terms, a practice of optimizing your website to help increase more engagement or maximize the action score of your website in the form of signup and purchase.

For an e-commerce website, the conversion is in the form of purchase while for bloggers signup is a way to generate conversions.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate?

(Conversions/No. of Visitors) x 100 = Conversion Rate

Collect Data

Before testing on which product page or blog page is getting you more conversions, it is important to collect your data and set up a Goal. A goal helps you monitor whether or not your conversion rate is improving and by how much.

Get into Your Analytics Account and check out your Strong and Weak pages. (Analytics is one of the best tools to tell where on the process people tend to drop off.)

Then check how people interact with your pages. Use Heatmaps to analyze. Add multiple choice questions on your social platforms or widget section to understand what their visitors want to achieve.

Apart from keeping an account on your Quantitative Data, also focus on Qualitative Data. Do On-site Surveys, Interact with Chat logs and In-person or Skype Interviews

Perform A/B Testing

A/B Testing is a method to understand which tactic is getting more leads and traffic. Same Samples with minor changes to under what is attracting users more. You can test on your website, from headlines to pricing to button copy.


1. High traffic pages like Homepage.

2. Worst Performing Pages

3. Check on your qualitative and Quantitative Data. Analyze and perform A/B Testing on such pages to know if a minor change on a webpage like adding an action button is bringing leads?

Collect Data and Analyze the A/B Testing Report and walk into Conversion - Focused Design

Conversion Focused Design

Website Designing is not only about the look and feel but also be responsive and to get your visitors to convert.

• Add Image Captions - People prefer reading Caption Pages than the non-headline copy.

• Add Directional Clues. Make it easier for the user to follow clues and reach your destination or landing page.

• Turn the look of your boring forms. Add interesting fillers and check buttons to share information.

• Make CTA Button bold and live. Avoid adding text or image. Make it contrast with the rest of your page.

• Make your Contact Number bigger in size and clearly visible. If a person after going through the service feels like reaching you. Then, adding a giant contact number will be great!

• Use Progress Bar for form submissions. It motivates people to finish what they started like Godaddy uses such form submissions.

• Destroy all unnecessary options on your forms as not everyone is ready to share their personal information and that can reduce your conversion rate.

Optimize Landing Pages

• Use negative Phrases in Headlines like "Never" instead of "Always" it attracts the user's attention.

• Buy & Sign Up for high commitments instead start with baby steps like Let's talk, Check out the free trial. Add benefit Oriented CTAs

• Stop highlighting facts and start describing what will happen when a person uses your product.

• Vague Headlines don't sell instead be super specific with your headlines

• Add Inline Validation in your form to guide the true method.

• Replace text blocks with Bullets

• Show your Price Scheme on Landing Pages.

For e-commerce

• Show Suggested Price to grab attention and convince them with the best rating

• Add little snippets around your CTA'a like free shipping, money back guarantees, privacy policy, social proof and more to reassure your visitors and make them feel more comfortable about their decision.

• Showcase your product images from different angles.

• Show people exactly what they came looking for. Add your profitable products in front and center in the above the fold area of your website making it easier to catch user's attention

• Add a popup to collect e-mail ID and reach out to them through e-mail marketing tactics.

• Add product filters making it easy for user's to search within their budget.

• Add discount popups instead of forcing on a registration form

• Add trust symbols like association membership, credit card logos, security icons and more.

• Optimize for Mobile Buyers and work on loading time

• Work on testing different prices to learn on the market requirement and maximize revenue.

• Make it easier for a visitor to keep track of cart items by keeping the number of items in our Cart visible.

Major Points

The above list is enough to build a better connection but here is a list of major points that one needs to focus on.

• Add urgency to CTA's with 2-hour free trial option, limited supplies free offer for 24 hours

• Instead of asking for bigger commitments, suggest for a trial or give the option of a free quote.

• Add text Live Chat Support. Read over chat transcripts and revert on the major queries on your FAQ or landing page.

• Focus on creating more landing pages.

• Add Share Option t the products thus making it easier for your products to reach a large audience and add convenience while buying.

If you work on these points you'll surely be able to count on more conversions. Now, it's your turn to put the facts live and grab results. Get the best digital marketing solutions online and learn how to grow business and convert leads into sales.


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