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The Startups Ecosystem and Challenges

We all might agree that the web has become an open space for everyone to express his opinions, thoughts and experience without any borders or constraints. While this is incredibly powerful, it leads to some problems; one of them is an Information Overload where we have got an enormous amount of content out there but limited time and resources to process and make sense of it all.

Another problem is the fact that good portion of this content does not deserve to live beyond the moment it was published in! Many writers do it just for the sake of writing, to become famous or to earn more money and very few write out of deep experience in a subject or to share an insightful lesson or advice.

These problems have made it extremely hard to find good and quality content that’s not necessarily ads driven, viral or fresh without losing your time or losing your mind.

In the startups’ world, we have a big problem of Isolation! Every startup is working in its blob and solving its own problems without giving enough attention to the common challenges other startups are facing and what could be useful points of collaboration. Challenges like Hiring, Culture, Organisation structure and much more which are not necessarily sensitive topics to share and could have reduced a huge amount of duplicated efforts if cross-startups collaboration is utilised.

In Knowledge Officer, we are very cautious of people’s time and we want to make every minute counts. We want to build a trustworthy knowledge source as a one-stop shop for anyone seeking deep and startups relevant knowledge. To be able to do that, we knew that we needed to separate between what’s good and what’s bad and cut through the noise.

So we thought why not create a platform that focuses on the top quality content and at the same time facilitate discussion and collaboration over these topics.

A platform that helps startups share and gain hard-earned knowledge efficiently within and across their teams.

Although we know that the problem is big and no one has been able to tackle it fully so far, we also believe that it’s worth our time and effort. We really love the problem more than the solution and that is what drives us forward.

We launched our website three weeks ago together with our Knowledge Letter and Slack application. We are really happy with the level of engagement we are getting from our users and the number of companies already signed up and using our Slack app.

Over the upcoming weeks, we will execute based on the feedback we received and will make sure the platform continue to evolve to satisfy your needs.

If you have not signed up yet, please give it a go; visit our website and give us feedback.

And if you liked the product, please give it your love on product hunt and follow our updates on facebook & twitter.

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