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10.5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs!


Me: I am not an entrepreneur, I am just a guy who loves building products to solve actual problems and satisfy existing needs and demands.

You: Wait a second, but that’s what entrepreneurs do!

Me: Well this word is now over-used and I don’t care!

1- Face your fear: Whenever you have a fear of failure or embarrassment, say it loud, talk about it and even publish it everywhere so that it is no longer a secret and you have no way but facing it.

2- Life is tough! When you build your startup, most probably you won’t find support from friends, family and even the most beloved ones. You have to convince them first, they will be as tough as strangers and they won’t convert easily so embrace this fact and be ready for a long and harsh fight for success!

3- Fail fast, fail strongly and learn from your failures.

4- Learn how to learn and listen to others.

5- Focus your energy on what matters and don’t waste a day in your life in a mediocre job. Aim for winning and look up to the top stars.

6- Build strong relations, share your knowledge and don’t wait for a return, you will get it somehow without asking out of nowhere.

7- Being entrepreneur is not about celebrating success and getting mentioned in the press, it’s about serving the humanity by building something useful. It’s also not about making money; it’s about using money efficiently to build great products!

8- Want to validate your idea? Go and validate your idea. It’s dead simple to talk to your potential users only if you are trying enough.

9- Build a team of people smarter than you and encourage them to challenge your ideas.

10.5- Not because everyone had made a list of integer numbers that means you can’t create a list with element 10.5! break the traditions and make the change!

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