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The Search Engine Powered by You!

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@rogerlichfieldRoger Lichfield = Search + Crowdsourcing + Social Media

What is is designed to identify Web Pages, Places, Things, Dates and Events by Tags. Tags are added by Crowdsourcing (user contributed content) and by bots (Spiders/WebCrawlers). All Tags added to listing are done with a Trust but Verify editorial process.


Registration is Free.

Any registered user can Add Tags, Contribute Content, Comments and Vote Up/Down Content.

All users are encouraged to contribute! Relevant Tags are elevated through Community, Collaboration, Contribution, Curation! ambitions with Crowdsourcing is Knowledge Discovery and Management by providing platform to tag, contribute and assemble information.

Spider Spider is written in Python based on the Scrapy Spider and uses cloud platform to Crawl and Identify Tags. Careful curation has been put into building the spider with emphasize on accurately identify useful tags.

Spider + Crowdsource Spider crawls pages and automatically identifies potential tags. Webpages added by Spider can be extended by users. Tags added by the Spider can be verified by users. Tags that are not relevant can be rejected by users.


Pages indexed on are Tag Based around the 5 W’s! Main emphasize is on Who, What, Where, When, Why/How. Tags are added by spider as well can be added by registered users.

Search Results

Search Results includes Relevant Web Pages and Related Tags added to the page that relate to the search query.

With each ranking webpage for search term related tags also may show up for the relevant query.

Search Algorithm & Ranking Metrics operates on Trust but Verify process! There is several considerable metrics to how pages/tags rank. However user verified Tags are giving highest priority in determining the search ranking.

Social Media was designed as a Social Media Platform. The ability to interact, follow users, have followers is a key aspect to a healthy community. We offer direct Login and Registration to, as well as ability to Login/Register with your FaceBook or Twitter Account. User Interface is designed around Social Media concepts.

Organic Growth goal is to grow organically! Giving contributors more tools to help make grow effectively. Part of curration process is to focus on useful sites that are relevant to Search Queries that they may rank for. is selective on the Sites and Pages that it does mass crawl on. Any appropriate page can be added by a registered user through Add Url ( introduces BumperStickers!

BumperStickers the original social media tool! Promote your page through our BumperStickers that are available. They can be posted anywhere. All you have to do is get a bumper sticker, add short url through Add Url, Write the Short URL on the BumperSticker, Apply Bumper Sticker to Medium of your Choice and Promote!

Promote Your Profile with Bumper Sticker

Not only can you promote your page and cause with our BumperStickers, you can promote your profile with our BumperStickers!

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