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Hackernoon a Social Network for Websites by@rogerlichfield a Social Network for Websites

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@rogerlichfieldRoger Lichfield is the tool belt for your website. Our goal is an easy and centralized place for websites to: Communicate, Share Content, Connect and receive payments with website users.

Emphasize is on the website offers tools to help assist websites in communicating with its followers. A few free tools that offers: Url Shortcut, Post, Share, Embed (Webpage Snippet), File Sharing, Follow websites and users. Embed Post

Building from the ground up main focus is websites and promoting the domain name and brand associated with the website. While the biggest Search Engines like Google and Bing have a Trillion plus webpages crawled. focus growth is organically building and growing it’s search index. Growing the index happens between a combination of user submitted URL’s and the spider crawling submitted URL’s. has tools in place geared for consistent and steady growth. Because focus is on a social network platform of connecting websites to users, webpages are added to the index by Add Url Tool or by Spider.

How it works

Website is automatically added to A Website can be added in two ways:

  1. Crawled by Spider.

2. Webpage/Website submitted to “Add URL” on Spider and Add URL

Username is the domain name. page on (

Websites have their own username on User name format is: @domainname.extension e.g,,

Webpages crawled or submitted are added under the domain profile user name. pages added to (

All the pages for a website added to can be found under the domain profile. The format is the same for every website: 

How to activate your Domain Name

Go to domain profile page using this format: 
e.g. ESPN

If your domain does not have a username in simply submit a webpage from your domain in the add url tool of

To prove domain ownership on the Domain profile page click on the “I am domain owner” button.

To activate and control your domain name on you must prove that you own the domain name. This is done in one of two ways: verifying ownership through email sent to admin@domain name or by adding a dns txt record.

Verify domain ownership through email or DNS TXT record.

Why should you use

The biggest reason to use

I created to provide essential and necessary tools that are centralized around a domain name. The tools provided by is geared to help brand your domain name and provide a fluid user experience from your website to domain tools by

Creating and growing a website can be daunting and very technical. Our goal is to simplify the process and once you have proven domain ownership provide you with the tools to make this a reality. Every tool is easily accessible directly from the domain control panel. Many of the tools work right of out the gate, however some require a small configuration. offers all of its tools and services on an entry level for free. Our entry level plans are free for life. also has paid plans that scale as your website scales.

Easy place to connect to your users

Stay in contact with users that follow your website. As your pages are crawled or added to your domain profile they are added to the index as well. These new pages and content will be displayed to users on the site.

Tag based provides a tag based system around the 5 W’s: Who, What Where, When, Why (Info). Tags give you the ability to help users identify: people, products, dates, locations, companies and virtual any type of content. Tags are a core feature in search results. Tags are automatically added based upon our crawler, tags can manually be added as well. Tags can be embedded and expanded helping users potentially identify with your website.

Embed and share your content Embed Post and Content

Webpages, tags and other content related to your site can be extended through our embed tool. Embed your site content into blogs, webpages and other sites. Embedding is simple as copy and paste.

Tools for your domain goal is to provide tools that you can use on your website to seamlessly provide needed services. We believe that everything should be as simple as copy and paste to have it work. Here is a list of few tools that is offerning:

  • File Sharing
  • Video Hosting
  • Pod Cast
  • URL Shortner
  • Blogging
  • Accept Payments
  • Send Invoices
  • Email
  • Receive/Send SMS

(Domain) Name Recognition wants users to be able to recognize your domain name.We emphasize the domain name and link to the domain user profile page. Content is elevated around the domain that owns the content. All of the tools that we create for domain users is emphasized on branding around the domain name. listing of Netflix TV show White Gold. is a lite Search Engine provides a light based around the webpages in the index. focus is on active websites that are looking to engage with their users. Search results are based around five tags of Who, What, Where, When and Why (Info Tag). relies on an active community to collaborate, contribute and curate how webpages rank for search results.

All about the community focus on creating a culture for crowd source Contribution

No domain name, no problem

If you don’t have a website or domain name you can register for free with highest priority is to create a culture where users and domain users will want to contribute, collaborate and curate content within the platform.

We need editors focus is to create a self-governed editorial system that allows contributors to be able to freely add content. Because user generated content is so important to the Eco-system of we need editors that can help verify that content is current and accurate.


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