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The Innovator’s Manifesto

The Innovator’s Manifesto is Jayme Thomason's manifesto for 2015. Thomason: "We're learning new things. We're trying things we've never tried. Building things we’ve never built, using processes and technologies we can’t lose. This is the work of true innovators. Brave people who recognize that there's a different way and go do it. Without anyone's permission. We cannot ask for permission to do great things. The truth is that we only succeed if we keep doing what we're doing"
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@jaymethomasonJayme Thomason

Founder, Chief Product Strategist

2015 seems like a blur. Between client demands, side projects, meetings and marketing, it feels like I haven’t had a moment to breathe, maybe you can relate. But you are owning it, my friend. And here’s the thing about the work we’re doing. This is hard. We’re learning new things. We’re trying things we’ve never tried. Building things we’ve never built, using processes we’ve never used and technologies we’ve never seen before — all in front of clients and customers we can’t lose.

This is the work of true innovators. Brave people who recognize that there’s a different way and go do it. Without anyone’s permission. Here’s the other thing about this work. Most people avoid it. Most people like things the same, like the old ways, don’t see there’s a different way and even if they do, why change what isn’t broken? But that’s not you. And I know. The decision to do different is just that, a decision. And one that takes courage and stamina because I see the pressure to stop, to go back to the comfortable, to take the well-traveled road. Reasons to quit are all around, pressing in and I wouldn’t blame any one of you. It’s a fight. Everyday. And I get tired, too. But the decision to press on doesn’t come from how I feel about my situation. It’s a decision. A commitment I’ve already made. To you. To this work we’re doing. To the future.

I wanted to take a moment and encourage you. Keep going. Keep pushing. Keep challenging. Put your foot down when someone offers you an easier way and throw a desk when someone asks you deliver less than your best. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. Our clients and customers are worth it — and I have your back. I’ll stand behind you and your passionate purpose all day — don’t worry about being “right.”

I see what this work is doing in us and in the world around us. It’s making us bold, we’re becoming experts, people are relying on us for answers, it’s making us grounded in principle and high standards, and, frankly it attracts a lot of heat. But the rewards for real, hard mental labor like this are great, and on the other side, we’ll be the ones looking back on this moment with pride and accomplishment. And even if this doesn’t work, we win. Failure is always an option, but let’s do it anyway. People who challenge and change themselves to gain wisdom and knowledge always win.

We, the innovators are better together, and you are the most exciting and inspiring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to do life with.

As we look forward to a new year, I want us to come from a position of strength. It’s not really “us against them,” it’s us against our own limiting attitudes. We cannot ask for permission to do great things. We can’t wait for the others to come around. I hope you see it. The truth. We only succeed if we keep doing what we’re doing. They’ll eventually see it, but we don’t need approval either. We’re doing the right thing. I hope this serves as an encouragement to you, but also a challenge. We are re-setting the bar. Right now. If you see an opportunity or a challenge that needs solving. Solve it. If there’s something you’re questioning, push harder, ask more questions. If something isn’t working, let’s put our heads together and find a new way.

I can see what this looks like on the other side, and that keeps me going. The destination will be worth the journey. I promise. But in the journey is where we reap all the benefits.

Originally published at jaymethomason.com

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