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When Promoting Real Estate, the Importance of Video Marketing Cannot be Ignored

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Video advertising campaigns help customers make buying decisions. This assertion shouldn’t come across as news to anyone; rather, it is a truism that forms part ’n’ parcel of the new-age living experience. In the property world, video marketing campaigns are widely considered to be one of the most effective mediums for attaining the maximum exposure for a piece of real estate; and they normally feature quite overtly in the promotional initiatives of a large assortment of companies (and not just those that are concerned with real estate).

For inspecting their desired property options, potential buyers normally prefer to engage in face-to-face exchanges with their sellers. But the question that strikes here is: what is it that convinces a potential buyer to visit a property site in the first place? The answer to this query is quite simple: video ads.

However, promoting your product(s) through video campaigns is not a piece of cake — by any stretch! The entire process requires serious effort and a large dosage of creativity. An effective video marketing strategy can do wonders for the promoter/seller; leading to the attainment of a swift response from potential customers.

The following are several of the other compelling benefits of employing video marketing — when promoting real estate:

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video can amount to so much more…

This is an old English adage which refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed through a single picture. Now imagine the power of a video: a visual comprising a series of pictures moving in sequence at a specified frame-rate.

As per several property affiliates, real estate agencies that promote products through video campaigns enjoy four times as much customer engagement as advertisers who do not market their properties using motion content. So if you’re a realtor who can afford to operate his/her own digital advertising display system, go for it!

This innovative approach will not only help you expand your portfolio of services, but will also allow you to maintain a competitive edge.

Consider capturing captivating aerial footage of your property from drones. Or better yet, sketch it out using an old-fashioned canvas and some pencil. Remember, you have full creative freedom. With the right set up and out-of-the-box strategies, you can create an urge (not demand) for your property in the market.

Online real estate businesses: now & the future

In today’s digital world, print publications are struggling to keep up with their digital counterparts. Videography has gained even more prominence. As per global internet and cell phone usage statistics, more than 50% of the world’s population has access to the Internet and mobile phone devices. This technological boom has facilitated the growth of online real estate advertising agencies; allowing users to sift through multiple property options in a matter of seconds. Real estate is the hot topic among celebrities as well. If you check Celebrities News And Net Worth Information, you will get an idea, how many celebrities have invested in real estate.

Property portals have established a global presence, and are widely considered reliable service providers. Not only have these websites acquired a sizeable percentage of the market share, they have fast morphed into the preferred property advertisement mediums for many people.

Video ads help build a strong narrative around your property

Think of property video ads as visual narratives; or ‘story-tellers’ which provide visual descriptions of your real estate. Whenever interested buyers browse through the property options available on the internet, the first thing they do is to perform a quick check for a potential video advertisement.

By showcasing your property through a video ad, you can give new momentum to your advertising campaign — and attain a maximum influx of traffic to your profile. This will allow you to set the pace for future conversations with potential buyers, and convince them thorough your ads to finalise a deal.

This will be your first instance of communication with the buyer, and you can take it up a little notch by providing the details of the key features of your property — something that may impress the buyer.

Videos offer more scope for effective communication

Unlike text-ads and pictures, which are becoming redundant due to technological advancements, videos offer a more effective communicative scope for promoting commercial content. According to a survey, people spend 75% more time sifting through video websites than they do on web pages that do not host motion content.

A key point derived from said stats is that video surfing on the Internet is rising at an astronomical rate — something which is likely to incentivise non-video listing service providers to revitalise their marketing techniques.

You can share your property ad (which is usually a 2 to 3-minute-long clip produced for a property portal) on multiple interactive platforms — including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter — or even email it to your subscribers. Email marketing services is one of the best techniques to get qualified leads for your business.

Start with a video ad for your property

Once you’re convinced that video advertisements comprise the most effective mediums of marketing, the next step will be to create a motion campaign for your real estate

  • Your video should provide wholesome content — Videos that are blurry, trimmed, or do not showcase your property completely are a major turn-off for buyers. Provide a detailed, wholesome virtual tour of your property. Do notmiss out on elaborating the key features of your real estate.
  • Use motion ads to supplement your brand image — For nascent real estate businesses, constructive marketing strategies comprise their most valuable ‘intellectual’ assets (with digital advertisements forming a major part of the game plan). Use effective videography to create captivating ads for your company. These marketing campaigns should be precisely worded to appeal to your target audience.
  • Provide customers with a visual platform to share their reviews — Ask them to record their feedback on your product/property. These videos will help keep your existing customers satisfied, attract additional audience; thereby enabling you to develop a strong brand image.

Video marketing campaigns aim to expand a product’s outreach potential. It is an expensive medium of advertisement, but it provides the seller an opportunity to lure in more potential customers.

Now the real estate world, as a singular concern, is getting more and more advanced with each passing day. Property affiliates, as such, who adapt to the sector’s technological innovations and sudden trend shifts stand a much better change of attaining a competitive edge over their industrial peers.


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