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The Good and The Bad of Ruby Development

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Nitin Garg is the CEO and Co-founder of BR Softech.

What is Ruby on Rails Language

Ruby on Rails is among the most common programming languages that support open-source development frameworks with a constant objective to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of developers. Created almost an era ago, today's Rails is the base of the web's most famous apps and an extremely enthusiastic community.

Ruby is named on a precious gemstone. It is one of the most prominent web app development tools that allows building a website with such ease. It automatically separates repetitive tasks and allows the developers to do better customization.

Importance of Ruby App Development

Ruby on Rail is an object-oriented language that needs to be built for a great application. With the best apps built on Ruby on Rails that provide a wide range of solutions to mankind and a lot more.

It was developed in 2005, and since then it's been growing by leaps and bounds with numerous dynamic programming projects. Ruby applications are a revolutionary application that allows customize web development process with a cost-effective technique.

This framework utilizes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help designers and to create websites by simplifying the repetitive task and eliminating it. Most companies use these frameworks that are divided into three parts which includes

  • Models
  • View 
  • Controllers


Used to depict the kinds of information the app uses, they contain the logic to manipulate and retrieve the data. The model is represented as a class on Rails. These forms are not like strings or arrays at a low level.


It is used to develop internet applications to information consumers and view them through their browsers or other customers. It is basically a mix of HTML and RUBY code.


It binds the logical view and model together that delivers data to their views. This method represents each action relevant to the controller, like delete, view, show, etc. 

Key Features of Ruby Web Development

1. Open Source Software

Ruby is open-source software that provides the source code directly. Source code enables developers to comprehend the framework easily. For any updates or bug fixing, there are no extra fees that come under budget or offer flexibility.

2. Enforcement and Scalability

Ruby on Rails is known for its apps. It's an extensive internet advance framework technology that diagnoses and optimizes manufacturing.

3. Enhanced Development

Ruby allows developers to limit development time by 25 percent to 50 percent as compared to other programming languages. It offers numerous plugins and modules that save time and costs for Ruby on the Rails app developer.

4. Customized Solutions

The Ruby on Rails framework facilitates the process of customization by integrating the necessary instruments. It provides the reusability of code and enables developers to excel in delivering customized alternatives.

5. Advanced Security Features

Security is a major issue for any Ruby Web Development Company. It offers a secure lifespan of growth that guarantees full privacy. Any company that wishes to create a secure website and web application can opt-out of the Rails framework for Ruby.

6. Increase Productivity

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Using this amazing app tool can help you to deliver more features that deliver high-quality features in less time. It enhances the design by the following code over configuration knowledge and by focusing on web application development.

Good and The Bad of Ruby Web Development

Focusing on high-level technology, Ruby on rails covers efficient workflow and expertise to create authentic products. Here are the major Advantages and Disadvantages of Ruby Rails best practices for 2019-20 for Web Development.

Top Pros For Ruby on Rails For Developers

Large Community 

Rails are a development tool for a large community of dedicated developers. People share their work, use their tools, or support each other. It provides a wide range of services like jobs, conferences and other business-related issues. It supports accessible social coding resources, which is an excellent source of newcomers.


Building integration with Rail is quick as it has community-based open-source code collection and a set of common regulations. Running on a free operating system, Ruby on Rails operates with mostly free databases and web servers. These characteristics imply development, a quicker process of growth, and a reduced overall price.

Code Quality

Rail is using Ruby as a programming language, which has a high readability level. This aspect increases productivity and reduces the need to write separate documentation or comments. It makes existing projects easier for other developers.

Diversity of Tools

Rail provides a vast array of tools to help developers deliver more features in less time. For instance, popular features and approaches are built-in templates.


The major benefit of using Ruby on Rails is that it is extremely flexible and interacts readily with methods and frameworks like AngularJS.This factor provides developers the chance to use various methods to separate layers of the app.

Programming Language

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This language is one of the most preferred languages after experiencing a range of coding languages by developers. Ruby enables the fewest characters to be used by developers. One can employ a RoR Developer to achieve a complicated job effectively. It is simple for designers to read and comprehend. 

Powerful Functionality

Ruby app development motivates the developer to make every concept a reality for quicker growth, flexibility, and shaping the idea. To create a comprehensive implementation, they transform every creative concept into a solid structure. It provides more scalability and stability that enables developers to write better code and keep it better. These well-maintained codes will allow the developer to develop the app promptly.

Easy to Manage

Ruby on Rails is one of the great frameworks for quick apps. Managing ruby on rails is quite simple as it readily absorbs modifications. It enables developers with high-quality consequences to accomplish fast growth.

Ruby’s famed Rails framework has almost 3,500 contributors on GitHub. By contrast, the Django framework for Python has fewer than half as many contributors (slightly over 1,500). (View)

Top Cons of Ruby for Web Development 


While rail applications often aren't as quick as Java or C apps, they're quick enough for most of them. Overall, as a consequence of bloat, Rail's internet applications slow down, and a highly-skilled programmer can adjust the code to enhance efficiency. There is also the choice under JRuby to run the app that has the same performance features as Java.

Hosting Issues

Not every web host supports Rail because it may be more resource-intensive than PHP-based sites. However, there are a number of hosts like Amazon EC2, Linode, or Rackspace that will fulfill developer demands in Rails.

Less Popular

As more individuals move to it from other programming languages, the number of Rails developers is increasing year after year. However, Rails is still not as common as Java and PHP, probably because the language is comparatively hard to learn compared to PHP. However, a large quantity of open-source software ("gems") accessible to the public is one of the primary distinctions between Rails and other languages. For beginners, "Gems" are useful as they simplify the web development process.

Lack of Documentation

For the less popular gems, and for libraries that make heavy use of mixins, it can be difficult to find good documentation. Developers often end up finding the test suite playing the part of documentation and relying on it to understand the behavior of the written code. That's why Ruby on Rails ' disadvantages are sometimes mentioned.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ruby on Rails helps in increasing developer productivity. It is a free open source and the most popular sources that automatically record tables and rows. Ruby is based on MVC architecture that allows data to be separated from the presentation. With the extensive library, it is used to generate AJAX code with java scripting.

Top Projects of Ruby 

There are numerous types of the project used for that can suit the needs of the individual. Here is the top list of projects that can be considered to optimize Ruby for better outcomes.

  • E-commerce
  • Regular Web Application
  • Content Management
  • Database Solution

Final Words

Ruby is a web application that is suitable for both state-of-the-art public websites, competing with JavaScript single-page applications and other complicated frameworks. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework with a lot of built-in characteristics.

These Web Development apps are applied to develop small or big applications, it leads to the use of more memory and resources than the other frameworks, and even efficiency can be a little hindered. Ruby app will consist of dozens of files with tight structures of models, views, and controllers in the majority of cases. As it is strong, standardized, and well-established, the framework is becoming more familiar with the programming language. 


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