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The Future of the Internet Through the Web 3.0 Lens


Jules Verne, John Brunner, Arthur Clarke, William Gibson, George Orwell — it’s a short list of writers who predicted the future in their books. They’ve written about social and technical changes that will take place in human society. Here we are, facing those changes good or bad.

Path of The Prophet

The 3rd of October, 2007 year. A new prophecy has been made. Jason Calacanis in his own blog raised the topic about the future of the internet and named it Web 3.0. Twelve years ago Net was just a force that finally found power to impact business, social and other life areas. How did things change for these years?

"Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by gifted individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform." (source)

Now, you don’t have to be a computer engineer to build your own website. Ready-made solutions for creating a web-site are a strong opponent to custom-developed pages.

Think about website promotion? Need articles?

The neural network can generate readable and meaningful texts. Give it some time and nobody will notice that information is provided by something inhuman. Does it sound dark enough? Let’s brighten the colors.

You can never lose touch with your friends, relatives, co-workers. You have access to all world information in your pocket and find it in seconds. You can order food, clothes and even buy a car sitting on your couch. Pretty good, huh? So, we made the new industrial revolution using Web 2.0. Every revolution has its own cost.

Cost of the connection

We’ve built a powerful data sharing container around social media, news, business, sports and now we’re paying for this. We should pay with our time, attention. Fast and everlasting connection to the Net is good.

But are we able to “taste” everything that is delivered to us using the Internet?

That’s why in every phone, OS we have a Do Not Disturb feature. Developers customize them year by year to create something like a spam filter or a tool for important information.

The Internet created big opportunities for business. We quickly receive new e-mails and immediately answer them, discuss current affairs in messengers and quickly make decisions, jointly create documents in office suites and monitor the work of the business using management systems and CRM.

But are all management issues resolved with current tools? Also it made people defocused. One of the most common troubles for employees is to find a necessary document. So, It turned out that, the weakest part of the data distribution system is a human, creator of the system.



Data Market

How does Web 3.0 should solve these issues? This concept focuses on the main purpose of the Internet — to serve people as a personal assistant. Now the worldwide web knows about us pretty much.

To get the help we should share our information with the Internet, but instead of it, we are afraid of security issues. “Big brothers” like Facebook, Google, Yandex and others are watching us.

They easily sell our data or open it to governments, even if you are an exemplary citizen. Who owns the information, owns the world now. But the real data owner is you and the third generation of the Internet will return this ownership to you.

The market is over-flooded with goods, services. You need them, but the thing you need the most is frank advice. That’s why crowd marketing is so good. That’s why digital marketing tries to help instead of selling you something.

In the future you’ll be able to ask the Internet which car suits your needs best, what food will help you to be healthy and attractive like you can ask Netflix about the next movie today. These tips will be even better than friends’ ones because they are the professionals’ choices made based on your preferences or features.

It is necessary to collect information for the user, not about him.

Data Consumption

How does a new generation of the internet should impact your data consumption? People want end-to-end navigation to work for all entities and pages that can be linked to each other. Imagine, when you open the browser, you can see the custom dashboard, where all the main operational information flows — news, promotions and discounts, blog posts, vacancies and much more filtered data. It accumulates according to the interests of the user, and not just a common shaft from all sources. Even more up-to-date data should come to the curtain of a mobile phone, according to those clearly formulated subscriptions that we did not just on a specific site, but in its specific section, block, page. In the end, we want to reuse the data we see.

New Web Is Yours

Requests for a new web are obvious, users have waited for more comfort so long. We can’t cope with the flow of information from the Internet very often. Web 3.0 is already somewhere nearby, it is needed, and a little more time will pass and the solution of the above problems will become inevitable.

Let’s return to the beginning of the article for one second. Do famous writers give us drawings or schemes of future devices? Of course, no. They gave us something more useful.

They gave us a vision and a sense of things. How to build them is up to us. So, a new look at the Internet is our choice. New Web, safe and useful, is mine and your choice. Everyone should do steps to make our working and personal web-environment the thing we want.


How is it possible?

Analyze the data across the Web and you’ll understand the same thing that we understood a while ago. There is no better format for data than tables and documents for data saving. We invented the tools for powerful interaction with these data-forms.

Then we “teach” them to be user-friendly. You shouldn’t be a scientist to use the service. Focus on creating content, read and watch the content you like without interruptions or long searching. Make money, when you share knowledge with others.

What will be in the future?

Remember how people switched from cellphones to smartphones. At first, it was hard to believe in these technologies for many of us. Old-fashioned ways were more comfortable and it seemed unrealistic to have a 6-inch phone in your pocket.

Time passed, our mindsets changed and we’re using phones of the new generation up to 90% more times a day.

Will be great to make a revolution in the data world. We already created a platform with powerful filtering tools and give people the ability to share content and sell access to valuable information. We won’t spy on you “to provide the best services”.

No chance.

You’re able to set preferences, change and transform methods of consuming the information you’re interested in.

So, we will return data ownership taken from you by “Big Brothers”.

We will be your data filter, and your “Do Not Disturb Mode”.


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