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The Future of Games Lies In Blockchain: An Overview of Our Gaming Platform

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Estonian blockchain startup, a developer of IQeon.com PvP gaming platform

The annual turnover of the gaming industry exceeds billions of dollars. E-sports events gather thousands of fans around the world. More and more gamers are trying to make games their profession, and new products are released every day. However, the more competition there is in the gaming market, the less truly unique projects can be found.

Read more about the main characteristics of the platform, available functions and its capabilities in my review.

General overview

IQeon is an Estonian blockchain startup developing gaming platform which provides the ability to monetize in-game achievements.

The peculiarity of the project is that there is an internal digital currency used on the platform – IQN. In user PvP matches, players can earn an asset for winning, use it to participate in games of the ecosystem and exchange it for other currencies on popular trading platforms Yobit, Exrates and Token Store.

Platform feature set 

Thanks to user-friendly and convenient interface, any player who is not even familiar with cryptocurrencies can get a sense of the platform’s functionality.

There are several main blocks on the main page:

  • Catalog of games with filtering by genre,
  • Catalog with sorting games by popularity and time of addition,
  • Player’s personal account, which displays the balance of available IQN, activity history, as well as general information about user’s profile.

Games catalog

The platform offers over 30 games of various genres: from racing and shooters to strategies and intellectual quizzes. There are 6 more games in development that will be released in the near future.

The game library is constantly updated with new games. Flexible development of the platform allows to quickly and efficiently introduce new games and, as a result, gives more opportunities for users to monetize their achievements.

There are filtering by genre, popularity, recommendations and time of addition presented for quick access to games in the catalog.


After authorization on the platform, the player get access to free PvP matches, as well as games that provide the opportunity to win IQN digital currency. In the latter case, after clicking "Play" button, the user must indicate the number of IQN that he is ready to contribute to the match, select the number of opponents and only after that start the competition for the main prize.

Unregistered users can also play on the platform, however, only in training single player mode.


On the home page, users can also follow the game progress, which is shown in the leaderboard with the best players of the month.

IQeon platform positions itself as an entertainment platform where you can monetize gaming achievements, and, moreover, as an honest and open community where you can find like-minded people. For these purposes, the platform has a chat in which users can discuss games, find and arrange matches, and also post their questions. Support service on the platform is available 24/7.

Personal account 

In the personal account, a player can edit his profile, track activity in the games under “My Games” tab, and also see the available balance of IQN digital asset.

The user can add an active cryptocurrency wallet to the profile for subsequent deposit or withdrawal of funds from the platform. He also has access to a complete transaction history.


After registering and adding a wallet to the platform, a window with available deposit/withdrawal options appears in the user's account. 


In order to make a deposit to the platform, you need to copy the e-wallet address in the pop-up window and deposit the account through the user's existing crypto wallet.


You can get IQN on a gaming account not only through a deposit. The digital asset is also credited by the project team for outstanding gaming achievements on the gaming platform, winning in Weekly Challenge contest, participating in promotions and platform activities, as a gift from other players.

IQN can be used to participate in game matches, as well as be exchanged at popular trading platforms Yobit, Exrates, Token Store and subsequently withdrawn to fiat money.

The platform’s internal currency operates on the basis of Ethereum blockchain. For IQeon team, the use of this technology is, first of all, ensuring the reliability of the platform, since the payment of winnings is guaranteed by a smart contract.


Thus, IQeon project is an excellent motivation for players around the world to earn money while doing their favorite thing.

The platform has several important advantages for players. So, users can:

  • Mo netize their gaming achievements;
  • Exchange digital asset for fiat or other assets;
  • Use IQN as a means of payment in all games of the ecosystem;
  • Conduct transactions without commission;
  • Have open access to the history of all operations.

The project is promising not only for gamers. Developers can also offer their games for integration with IQeon.com.

The blockchain gaming market has not yet been formed. Many games using distributed registry technology are just a gamification of trading, a simulator of digital asset trading, where the gameplay is a secondary detail.

However, the connection between the game market, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is becoming increasingly strong and will soon get to be absolutely inextricable. And IQeon team keeps up with the times, emphasizing the transparency and fairness of gaming competitions.


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