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The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)by@maken8
2,206 reads

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

August 7th 2023
by @maken8 2,206 reads
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The article discusses the rise of AI, particularly ChatGPT, and its impact on human communication and creativity. It highlights the fear that AI's advancement might overshadow essential human connections and diminish our capacity for original thinking. The author emphasizes the importance of genuine human interaction, stating that people, not machines, truly nourish one another. The piece also touches on automation's benefits and drawbacks, noting how AI has revolutionized various industries but has also posed a challenge to human expertise in fields like art, chess, and writing. The author predicts a future where people actively resist AI automation, envisioning a battle between human creativity and AI capabilities, with individuals seeking to preserve their unique human qualities beyond automation's reach.

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