The Custom NFTs that Make a Web3 Version of Your Pet by@guillaumechich

The Custom NFTs that Make a Web3 Version of Your Pet

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We are the world’s first pet brand native to the metaverse. Users can create a custom 3D avatar of their pet that will live on the blockchain forever. You can either mint an NFT version of your real pet or adopt the pet of your dreams!
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We co-build NFT & Metaverse projects with disruptive IP owners

We’ve launched the world’s first pet brand native to the metaverse. Meet the Petaverse NFT Genesis Collection — custom 3D pets made by our world-class designers.

Just upload a few pictures of your furry friend, and we’ll create a virtual avatar of your pet, wholly owned by you.

The Metaverse, Digital Wearables, and Pets

Last year, the conceptual ‘Metaverse’ took the world by storm. From Facebook’s rebrand to Meta to the explosion of virtual worlds like Sandbox and Decentraland, digital realities are capturing the attention of consumers, celebrities, and institutions more than ever before.

We all know there are tons of exciting possibilities for the future development of the Metaverse. However, even the most remarkable virtual experiences struggle to compete with the familiarity of our IRL friends, and we’re trying to change that.

As meta fanatics, we’ve spent countless hours engrossed in digital landscapes, exploring novel games and universes packed with unlimited rewards and opportunities. We’ve customized our avatars, purchased hundreds of digital wearables, and pimped out our virtual homes.

But throughout our metaverse journey, one major part of our real-life was missing from our meta-life. Her name is Lulu.


Lulu is a 13-year-old Maltese, owned and loved by our Creative Director Magdalena Galarraga.

At Petaverse, we love our pets so much that we know how short our time can be with our furry friends.

To celebrate and honor the legacy of our animal family, we launched a unique metaverse experience that allows anyone to create a custom 3D avatar of their pet that will live on the blockchain forever.

Why a pet in the metaverse, you ask?

You can think of your metaverse pet as a digital manifestation of your real-life pet, like an interactive virtual alternative of the beloved pet Instagram or TikTok account that you have 100% control over.

Your MetaPaw digital pet will reap some cool benefits for your Earth pet. We are curating a special list of pet brand partners for access and discounts on pet food, toys, and supplies.

In the past, virtual worlds existed for humans. Now, our pets can join our metaverse adventures and reap some benefits too!

Welcome to Petaverse’s MetaPaws custom-created, virtual pet NFTs!

How the Petaverse works: MetaPaw NFTs

Our world-class 3D designers and animators will design each MetaPaw NFT based on user-submitted photos of their pets. Bring your pet with you into the Metaverse with a custom 1/1 MetaPaw NFT.

On, users can quickly adopt their very own MetaPaw. You can either mint an NFT version of your real pet or adopt the pet of your dreams!

To create a MetaPaw:

  • Complete a form on our website about your pet (upload pictures of the front, back, 3/4, name, breed, size, etc.)

  • Mint the Petaverse pass NFT (pay with credit card or crypto)


MetaPaws aren’t just some static NFT to hold in your wallet. Your MetaPaws pet will learn and evolve based on its interactions with you and the Metaverse. Just like a natural pet, your MetaPaws pet will be capable of bonding and learning!

Thanks to our interoperable data solution, your pet can do everything by your side! You’ll be able to adorn your MetaPaws pet with wearables and take them across Metaverses and even into augmented reality.

On-chain virtual pets

MetaPaws pets are permanently minted on the Polygon blockchain, allowing your MetaPaws pet to stay by your side and exist forever, in whatever form you choose.

We are preparing our genesis launch of 1000 MetaPaws as the first of three launches planned for the year. A series of games, apps, and experiences are in development to let you interact with your pet and the first virtual pet park in Decentraland!

There are a lot of exciting plans laid out for Petaverse.

Be sure to apply for an allowlist spot to get early access to the Decentraland park. You will also have the opportunity to win free wearables and other exclusive offers from pet brand partners and boosted rewards in the upcoming Petaverse game.

Where we see the Petaverse going

While everyone is looking to find ways to make the Metavaverse unlike anything we’ve seen before, we’ve been taking notes on the best parts of reality, mainly our pets.

Pets are an invaluable part of many societies across the world. People love their pets and love to take them everywhere, and pets are weaved into the day-to-day lives of millions of people across the globe. So what’s a Metaverse without pets?

While others work to make the Metaverse new and foreign, we’re here to provide some furry familiarity.

MetaPaws NFTs allow you to bring your real-life pet into the Metaverse. With so many new and exciting adventures awaiting the Metaverse, why not have a loyal companion by your side?

We are building MetaPaws virtual pets that can help you in games and travel across metaverses. They’ll bond with you and stay by your side like a natural pet.

MetaPaws will be…

  • Digital companions in the Metaverse

  • Interoperable with different Metaverse platforms

  • Eligible for boosted rewards in the Petaverse game

  • Customizable with Petaverse accessories

At Petaverse, we want to create a meaningful collection that brings web3 to life, rather than dropping a 10k collection with a lofty promise of profits.

That is why we focused our NFT collection around personalization and bringing real-life pets to the Metaverse. We are aware that there are other pet projects out there; our goal is not to compete. Rather, we want to collaborate with them and show the world how the magic of web3 can help us better connect with our animals.

Not only are we bringing your pets into the Metaverse, but thanks to blockchain technology, we want to honor and celebrate your pet beyond their lifespan.

Every day, loving owners say goodbye to their pets for the last time. The grief from this loss can be immense, given how ingrained our pets are in our daily lives. And they’re always gone too soon.

Pet love in virtual perpetuity

We’re hoping to address one of the oldest human desires, to preserve a loved one in perpetuity.

Our custom-created NFTs offer Pet owners the ability to preserve their pets on the blockchain or bring back pets from the past. Our world-class 3D designers and animators will draw a custom NFT of your real-life pet using your photos, so you keep your pet by your side in the Metaverse forever. In the future, our goal is to have an AI that will allow us to scale this process with pet scanning.

Sign up below to join the allowlist and be able to mint during our upcoming Genesis launch of 1000 MetaPaws!

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