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The Callisto Protocol: Skybound Entertainment Forms Partnership for New Survival Horror Game

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Skybound Entertainment officially announced a partnership on February 9 that will see the company serve as the strategic partner for Striking Distance Studios and publisher KRAFTON, Inc. in order to help bring the new survival horror game, The Callisto Protocol, to PCs and consoles next year (2022). The Callisto Protocol is being developed by Striking Distance Studios, a development studio helmed by Dead Space creator and Sledgehammer Games founder Glen Schofield.

The official website for The Callisto Protocol is promising a game that will deliver a “blend of horror, action, and immersive storytelling.”  The CG cinematic trailer for the game first debuted at The Game Awards 2020. 

The early CG trailer definitely evokes a style reminiscent of the Dead Space series, even showing what will likely serve as this game’s version of the Resource Integrated Gear or R.I.G. from Dead Space. It appears an interplanetary, maximum-security prison colony, the Black Iron Prison, is ground-zero for a terrifying and gory outbreak, be it alien, viral, or something far more supernatural. 

Speaking on the new announcement, Striking Distance Studios CEO Glen Schofield stated the following:

“Striking Distance Studios has one goal with The Callisto Protocol - to make one of the most terrifying games of all time. Skybound Entertainment is unrivaled in the worlds of sci-fi and horror storytelling, and will be an incredible partner for KRAFTON and Striking Distance Studios as we bring the world of The Callisto Protocol to life in games and beyond.”

Striking Distance Studios Chairman and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman added on the news: “The team at Striking Distance Studios are the video game industry’s best at creating blockbuster games. “Through Skybound, The Walking Dead has expanded from its original comic book to multiple television series, books, video games, merchandise, and more, and we can’t wait to explore similar possibilities for The Callisto Protocol with Skybound’s multiplatform expertise. We’re excited to be working on this IP alongside the game’s publisher, KRAFTON.”

The Callisto Protocol is currently in development at Striking Distance Studios. The game does not yet have a targeted release date. You can get a look at what’s in store for the game with a look at the previously released CG cinematic trailer below:


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