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The BIG Data Ethics Cheat Sheet

[Note: completely re-done due to all the updates I’ve made over time.]

This post presents a limited summary of the data ethics field as I see it at the moment. I break it down into parts: People, Organisations/Applications, Issues, and Case Studies. With each item I provide a link for further information. This page will change often! (25Jun=v.55)


Organisations / Applications


  • privacy
  • best practice / standard / code of conduct
  • transparency / accountability
  • bias
  • consent
  • assurance / integrity
  • netnography
  • media / news
  • politics / democracy
  • healthcare — diagnosis, treatment, mental health, telemedicine
  • education
  • government services
  • economics
  • insurance — report by Accenture (2017)
  • future of the workforce
  • law
  • surveillance / law enforcement / intelligence
  • cyber security
  • armed conflict / military

Case Studies

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