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The Best Instagram Mass Story Viewing and Interaction Automation Tools

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There is a new breed of Instagram Bots. They are called Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Voting tools and they are likely the future of Instagram growth automation.

How do Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Engagement Tools Work?

They work on the same principle that traditional Instagram Bot works. Instead of automating the process of liking, commenting and following other account’s posts and profiles so they can discover your username through their activity feed, mass viewing and voting tools automate the process of viewing stories and interacting with story elements (like polls, countdowns, etc) so they can discover your username through the who’s viewed and voted stats section of Instagram stories.

Why are Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Engagement Tools Effective?

Unlike traditional like, comment, and follow-bots, which have been heavily regulated by Instagram, mass story viewers and voters are yet to be regulated on the platform, which makes them the most effective growth automation tool for most users, at the moment.

They are also growing even more effective as time passes, given the fact that the use of Instagram stories is also continuing to grow amongst Instagram users in general. The more Instagram accounts post stories and story elements, the larger the number of people that check who’s viewed and voted on their stories, and the more effective mass viewing and voting tools become.

Are Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Engagement Tools Safe?

As of now, they are actually much safer (meaning unlikely to get your Instagram account blocked from viewing or voting on stories) than any other Instagram interaction automation tool used to grow an account. That is because Instagram isn’t heavily monitoring or regulating the pace at which accounts view or vote on stories, as of now, like they have with traditional Instagram bots that like, comment, and follow. As mass story viewing and voting tools inevitably grow in popularity, the likelihood that Instagram will regulate them increases every day so now is likely the most effective and safest they’ll ever be.

The Best Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Engagement Tools 

Below, I’ve included a list of what I consider to be the best mass story viewing and voting tools in the market. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of these tools and companies can change over time, and there are new services appearing frequently, so I will be constantly updating this article (at least once per month) to try and keep the list as updated as possible. So, without further ado, these are the best mass story viewing and voting tools in the market:

The Most Effective:

Software: Story Voter

Price: 19€ p/month and they offer a 48 hour free trial.

Why it’s the most effective: Story Voter are currently the most effective mass story viewing and voting tool in the market because they take a different approach than the other competitors. They have a proprietary system which allows you to have up to a couple of thousand votes per day, without action blocks. They also have a cloud based system that allows you to manage all of your accounts safely, without the needs of downloads or vpns and, more importantly, they offer great customer service and frequent updates that ensure that your account and effectiveness is being prioritized (not all tools offer good customer service, sadly). They also frequently add new features like auto-reply to pending DM in the “request inbox” and apparently many others to come, which boost even further the effectiveness and value of the tool.

Runner up: Another very effective mass story viewer and interaction service at a great price is Hyper. They start at $9.99, they are effective, have a long track record and they offer other services like DMs, follow, and unfollow at scale, apart from the mass story viewing and voting options. If story voter doesn’t work for you, definitely try this one. 

The Best Value:

Software: MassInsta

Price: Starting at $11.99 p/month.

Why it’s the most effective: If value is what you’re looking for, MassInsta is likely the best option right now. On top of having a mass viewing option, they have an Instagram post automation tool (you can learn how to automate Instagram posts in this article), an image editor, a caption organizer, a giveaway tool (which makes it easier to do giveaways) and an account manager in which you can oversee your accounts from your browser, which are all cloud-based so there’s no need of VPNs or downloads.

Runner up: A good runner up here is Instamber starting at $15 p/month. Apart from mass viewing they also offer traditional and relatively effective and safe Instagram like, comment, and follow automator (read this article about how to automate an Instagram bot that isn’t spammy to make sure you’re doing it in the safest way possible). They also have add-on features like DM sending automation and a Content Manager option that’ll help you manage your comments in an effective way.

The Cheapest:

Software: IG Mass Viewing

Price: $9.99 p/month and they also offer a 48 hour free trial.

Why it’s the most effective: If a low price is what you’re after, IG Mass Viewing is the cheapest option in the market right now. They don’t have any additional bels and whistles but if all you want is a simple story mass viewer and interaction automator for the lowest price, then this one will get the job done.

The Ones To Avoid:

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

As of now, there are no softwares in this realm that I’ve had a TERRIBLE experience with, yet. If I come across any other services you should avoid, I’ll make sure to include them in this section. If you have some really bad experiences, please feel free to DM me on @potteryforall so I can consider including them in this section in the future. Regardless, I’ll keep this and all recommendation sections of the article updated so make sure to check back every once in a while.


Instagram Story Mass Viewing and Voting tools and they are likely the future of Instagram growth automation because they are not yet regulated by Instagram. That makes them both effective and safe, as of now. Currently, the best ones are Story Voter, MassInsta, and IG Mass Viewing but they continually change so I’ll keep this section updated.

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PS — this article, like most other articles about this topic that you’ll find on google, contains affiliate links to the services I recommend. That being said, I have personally evaluated all of the companies I include in my article as well as constantly revisit them and change my recommendations accordingly. In the industry of Instagram automation, the effectiveness of these companies changes depending on their ability to adapt to Instagram’s changes. Because Instagram changes all the time, which companies are effective and which are not, change all the time. That is why I constantly edit my article as well as clarify the dates of the latest edits so you can keep checking on my latest recommendations.

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