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The #30DayStartup Challenge — Learn to build and launch a startup in 30 days

I’m going to teach how to build and launch a startup in 30 days, for free and without code. Over 3,000 people have already signed up to join the challenge.
Or head over to the website: https://www.newco.app/30daystartup

Here’s a couple good reasons why:

The barrier is ridiculously low these days, the tools are powerful, there’s ideas and inspiration everywhere, and you should stop using excuses to NOT build something.

How it works

  1. Sign up to the register
  2. Join the chat
  3. Go through the content and submit your progress

Access to content

Through a variation of screencasts, text and videos, we will send you recommendations to help you build and complete certain stages of building your startup.

Build every day

For 30 days, try and contribute to your startup by building something for at least 30 minutes. Small features or bigger components, every little helps!

Stay accountable

Tweet with the #30daystartup hashtag and log your progress every day with our in-house tracker. Connect with others on the same journey and encourage each other to keep building.

The Curriculum

You’ll get access to screencasts, blog posts, articles, tools and videos to help you navigate your journey.

  • How to come up with and prioritise ideas
  • Talking to users and running effective customer development
  • Prototyping and building an MVP
  • Design and your brand, everything from color palettes to making a logo.
  • Generating sales and implementing initial marketing efforts
  • Launching your startup

Come join us, we’d love to have you 🤗


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