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The 10 best accounts on Twitter about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

…if your goal is to stay connected to the hottest information

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Twitter is a great platform to stay in touch with excellent minds in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Personally, I have gotten a lot of insight from the people I will list here. Some of them may be people you already know while others will be new. The purpose is to be connected to credible people that you can trust their information. Most of them come out to clear misinformation in the crypto world especially when it pertains to the area they function. And you know how important information is in the world of today.

1. Joseph Young (username: iamjosephyoung)

I came in contact with this guy when a simple tweet of his explained a situation that was already a source of panic. His insights are so precise and apt. His information can be trusted to a large extent. Also, he is honest, sincere and plain straightforward. I have never seen a useless tweet from him. In a world where top media giants produce misinformation, there is need to be connected to someone like Joseph.

2. Ari Paul (username: AriDavidPaul)

He is the CIO of BlockTower Capital. He offers a simple approach to communicating sincere facts, sometimes with a bit of humor (or sarcasm). He has a strong knowledge of the blockchain world and passes his information in a way that is easily comprehended. His insights are unique and they are worth reading every time.

3. CZ (username: cz_binance)

This is the CEO of Binance. Binance is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform (now) headquartered in Malta. Apart from using his account to laud important information from Binance, CZ also gives occasional insight about developments in the real world concerning the blockchain ecosystem. He is growing so fast as a global leader in the cryptocurrency space. If you have a Binance account, you ought to be connected to him.

4. Kyle Samani (username: KyleSamani)
5. Tushar Jain (username: TusharJain_)

This duo are the managing partners of Multicoin Capital. They take you deep in insight and analysis of the crypto market and ecosystem. If you want to go down deep into fundamental economic analysis or you desire a technical breakdown of any fundamentals, these are your friends. These are the guys you don’t speed-read what they write. If you are not so vast in the crypto world, you can get lost easily. But if you are patient and willing to understand deep, you will find their thoughts and arguments very enlightening.

6. Luke Martin (username: VentureCoinist)

For people who love charts and technical analysis, this is someone to get connected with. He unveils various insights based on charts to make decisions. His technical analysis is not meant as a financial instruction or advice. You follow his analysis at your own risk. But you will find it interesting to see how he thinks and how he interprets the trends and patterns on a chart.

7. Samson Mow (username: Excellion)

This is the CSO of Blockstream. A very popular figure in the world of bitcoin. He is a source of reliable information. Playful at times. He is well-meaning in his expressions, very sound in fundamentals and a promoter of global adoption for bitcoin. He is someone to stay in touch with.

8. Francis Pouliot (username: francispouliot_)

Here is someone that is so into growth and development in the crypto space. If you are keen on keeping tabs with structural development in the world of cryptocurrency, this is someone you would love. He is also a strong advocate for bitcoin adoption especially by traditional and institutional investors.

9. BTF%$D! (username: CryptoHustle)

For me, this is the source of humor on the list. He often gives insight and analysis of the market, but I don’t take him serious. However, that doesn’t mean he is always wrong. He often posts pictures, videos that apply to the current state in the crypto market that would make you laugh (or at least smile). His tweets are often intended as jokes also. If you are quickly offended, you may not like him.

10. Ran Neu-Ner (username: Cryptomanran)

This is the host of the TV show, Crypto Trader on CNBC. He is a great source of news and information. His show does interviews with many of the big names in Crypto. He also covers big events in the crypto world. His show is very enlightening and educative. His tweets are also like that. You get links from him to watch the latest episode of his show on YouTube. He asks good questions and you can tell he kind of likes his job.

Some may be wondering why I have not included very big names like the founders of Litecoin and Ethereum, etc. The purpose of this is to get you connected to people you probably do not know and can get a wealth of information and value from. There are other sound people in the crypto space with excellent minds. You’ll get to meet more of them through the RTs of those on this list. However, don’t follow blindly. Verify the account and see if the tweet content of the account is something you want to be seeing on your timeline. If you have other insightful people you know, you can post in the comments. Cheers!

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