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10 ideas Twitter should implement


Finally, we heard that the edit tweet function and bookmark tweet is coming. I wonder what took Twitter so long. These are obvious functions that are consistent with the use of the platform. These are 10 other ideas they should work on also:

1. A font for sarcasm

This would be nice. If you are an avid twitter user, you would understand the importance of this

2. Option to see only verified accounts reply on a verified accounts tweet

If a famous person replies another famous person, I want to see that first and much more than when random people ramble and insult

3. A new feature where one can see all tweets by verified accounts on a particular timely subject, all arrayed in a spectrum. Like, you scroll horizontally to see the tweets

4. The ability to make a poll with tweets from other people. Maybe a maximum of 4

We can have something like this; one person quotes 4 tweets and asks the order which users saw the tweets. So users tick the tweets from the one they first saw to the one they saw most recently

5. Ability to transfer DM conversation into another account

A number of active twitter users have more than one account. If you are chatting with someone on an account and you feel the kind of discussion you are having should be on your other twitter account, you should be able to make the transition smooth and clear (along with the chat history)

6. Make the header able to accommodate like 4 pictures. So when the user scrolls (or clicks) the header horizontally, another picture shows.

7. A feature on people’s profile to make them see the person’s tweets only (without showing retweets)

This will help a lot when trying to figure out the Twitter identity of an account

8. An extension feature (app) that allows people to save Twitter videos to watch offline

This is useful to users in some parts of the world where Internet connection can be a challenge

9. Give people the ability to set character limit to the replies on their tweet. Set maximum at 280 and minimum at 60. You can start with a few verified accounts

10. An open source Twitter dictionary

Wow. Now that I think of it, I should be a product consultant to Twitter. Lol

Twitter should implement most (if not all) of these ideas. What do you think about the ideas? Do you agree with them? What other feature do you think Twitter should implement? Share your thoughts on the comment thread


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