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Tactics to Triple Your Online Course Sales

by Anastasia BelyhJanuary 30th, 2021
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Here’s a detailed and intuitive guide on how to make staggering sales with your online courses. This includes social media, content marketing strategy and more.

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Creating an online course is not at all easy as it demands a lot of accuracy and time. But what’s more important in the process of creating an online course is the right strategy or medium you use to sell them online to the right learner. And once you get that right, selling a course online can be a massive source of passive income for you. 

The best part, and a sigh of relief for all kinds of online course creators, is that there are tons of different ways you can use to triple your online course sales across the globe in just a few simple steps. A large part of the professional workforce is working from home now, and it is your chance as a course creator to market your course as a learning opportunity for them. 

Here we bring you the best ways to triple your online course sales in 2021. Make sure you know them all before choosing the perfect one for your business. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Using Social Media Platforms to Boost Your Online Course Sales

The power of social media needs no introduction. People these days are addicted to different social media platforms. From buying luxury items on Instagram to opting for courses on YouTube, social media marketing for online course sales is one of the best options for sure. 

An added advantage of using social media to promote your course is the shareability of these platforms. People love to share their feedback, good and back, and social media platforms and if you can deliver on what you promise, you generate a big chain of positive word of mouth

Here are some ways you can use social media to promote your courses: 

Create and Publish Your Course’s Promotional Video on YouTube

This is one of the easiest and most effective ways you can use to boost your online course sales. All you have to do is to create short, valuable videos highlighting the points of value to your audience and promote its USP. There are hundreds of simple and powerful online video editors that you can use for creating videos. 

And once it is ready, simply publish it on YouTube and get ready to meet new customers. If you’re skeptical about YouTube, try publishing your content on it and you’ll be surprised by the results.  

YouTubers like Matt D’Avella have built a huge audience base online and are now leveraging the power of their audience to create and sell courses. Sounds interesting, right? Well, you can do the same!

You can create multiple promotional, short videos, and publish them for free on YouTube. Pro tip: Make sure you add the right keywords and description to the video so it can help you rank on search engines as well

Social Media Profile Optimization

Your social media image and presence is quite important if you want to boost your online course sales in 2021. The need here is that you build an engaged community of followers on different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and the list goes on. Once your social media profile is managed and optimized well, you will see a regular inflow of new leads and audience from social media.

Make sure you provide a detailed and visible link to your website so that people interested in your content can buy your course easily. 

Use Quora to Answer Related and Relevant Questions

Quora is one of the most important social media platforms right now where businesses interact with their audience and customers look for answers to almost all kinds of questions. From questions related to entertainment, travel, and music, to more professional discussions like culture, work-life balance, and work ethic, Quora is the place for discussions of all kinds.  

Start with searching for different discussion pages related to your course on Quora. Answer them creatively and insightfully so that the readers feel that your content is worth a look and then they can be redirected to your courses’ website or course page easily. 

Also, make sure that your Quora profile is optimized and has links to your course’s page in the bio.  

Use Paid Ads and Email Marketing to Boost Your Sales of Online Courses

Paid ads used by some of the biggest names and companies in the online courses and e-learning world. 

Paid marketing allows you to jump right above the queue in the competition and get the maximum visibility possible in your target audience. Here are some of the major ways you can use paid ads to promote and sell your online courses in 2021.

Purchase Banner Ads to Boost Sales

Banner ads need no introduction. We see them everywhere. Consider these as the digital billboards that will take you to a huge chunk of an audience from your niche. Start with reaching out to the major content websites and different types of niche blogs that cater to the audience you’re targeting. Based on the number of visitors and other engagement factors such as average Click Through Rate, you can purchase a banner ad on their website. 

You can either design your banner ad yourself or ask the website/blog owner to make a banner representing and promoting your course. Make sure that the website allows you to test your banner ads for at least a month to see how the visitors to their website respond to your banner ads before you pay them a heavy amount for the same. Although it requires a bit of investment on your end, this one is quite a popular strategy these days.

Make Use of Facebook Ads to Sell Your Courses

Facebook marketing is simply one of the best ways to reach out to your audience. The paid ads on Facebook, owing to their customization options are a perfect start for any kind of business including course creators. Right from collecting responses to surveys for market research to product promotion, businesses are using Facebook ads to reach out to a large share of the audience. 

The best part about Facebook ads is that you can create ads for a very specific audience and target people around the world based on their specific demographics, affiliations, personal interests, and so on without burdening your pocket as compared to other traditional ways of marketing. 

Plus, you can be creative, witty, and even informal to connect with your audience on Facebook. Here’s an example: 

Image source

Make sure that the content on your ads is simple and informative. You can create a Facebook video ad showcasing a compelling part of your course that makes people interested. Make yourself look professional and worth your course fee. 

Google Adwords to Sell Online Courses in 2021

Google Adwords is a powerful strategy you might have already heard or read across the internet. Google Adwords allows you to create ads that will appear in different search results for specific keywords that are related to your niche. 

All you have to do is intuitive keywords research. If you are familiar with the right keywords your target audience is searching for on different social media platforms, half the job is done for sure. You can use keyword research tools to find the relevant keywords your audience is searching for online and use Google AdWords to appear right at the top of search results. 

Create a Unique and Relevant Email List

An email list is very important for promoting any kind or type of online course. You have to make sure that you know the psychology of your customers for initiating a conversation with them that resonates with their objectives. Let people read and hear about you multiple times so that they can trust you and connect with you, eventually leading to a sale. 

Email marketing is still considered one of the best mediums to promote and sell online content, such as tutorials, courses, and so on. 

This report by AeroLeads shows how impactful email marketing is over other forms of reaching out to your audience. 

It is a simple and feasible route to marketing for all kinds of online course developers. A must-try for sure!

Use Content Marketing to Promote and Sell Your Online Courses Easily and Organically in 2021

One of the greatest marketing techniques of online marketing in modern times, content marketing, which comprises areas like content designing and content writing, has tons of different advantages for all types of businesses around the world. 

Content Marketing allows you to create content that your audience is looking for online and finding answers to their problems. Just make sure that all of your content is optimized so it helps you rank on search engines and attract the right audience easily and effectively. Check out the different ways of content marketing you can use for your business! 

Promote and Sell Your Online Courses via Your Blog

A personal blog is one of the best organic ways used for promoting and selling all kinds and types of content around the globe. Starting a blog requires patience, smart work, and the right knowledge, but once you gain momentum, there’s no going back. 

And for the ones blogging specifically related to the topic of the courses, personal blogs will surely attract a good chunk of audience easily, irrespective of the size of your niche. 

The interesting part is that if you are writing and publishing blogs about the same topic of your online courses and getting good viewership regularly, then you are already halfway through to building authority online and generating sales of your online courses. 

Try Guest Posting and Contribute to Other Blogs & Publications

Collaboration helps a lot in online content marketing for all kinds of business owners and course creators. All you have to do is to create and write articles related to the content of your courses and approach different popular blog pages that have a good number of audiences reading their content regularly. 

Just make sure that you submit unique and plagiarism-free content on each website. The key here is developing the perfect topic research strategy to ensure you create content on topics that catch a lot of eyes online. Try out guest posting to know for yourself. 

Get Your Courses Reviewed by Different Bloggers

The internet today is packed with a ton of different bloggers from around the world that review different kinds of online content, such as online courses, and post them across their social media handles. 

They usually have a unique and powerful fan following that can get a lot of eyeballs on your online course. So how do you approach them to review your course? 

The best and the most implied way to get any course reviewed is by allowing the blogger to access the online course for free. This is a powerful form of influencer marketing that can get you great results. 

Create and Post Press Releases for Your Online Courses

PR or press releases are quite popular amongst businesses and online content creators who want to promote themselves to the masses. Press Releases are considered one of the easier and quickest ways you can get the word out about your online course to all types of audiences around the world. 

They also help you in getting positions on different search engine result pages. You can write press releases yourself and distribute them across different media platforms. Or you can simply hire any professional to write and post Press Releases on different freelance hiring websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, etc. 

Some Out-of-the-Box Ways to Triple Your Online Course Sales in 2021

We’ve covered some most popular ways you can use to get your course in front of your target audience. Here are some out of the box ideas that can bring you more eyeballs and sales for your online course.

Design and Initiate Affiliate Program to Boost Your Sales

Affiliate marketing is booming each new day. From sports gear to automobiles, affiliate marketing is available everywhere these days. 

The terms and conditions here are simple. You pay a small percentage of your sales in exchange for the course promotion done for you by other people, called affiliates. The key here is that you still have to promote your affiliate program proactively to make sure you get the best results in a quick period. Reach out and communicate with the people that have a similar audience and who can promote your courses intuitively. 

Get Your Courses Translated into Different Languages

Courses in multiple different languages have a better chance of selling than the ones available in only a single language. 

You will have to make sure that you hire an experienced and professional expert translator, in case you are not fluent in the preferred language. You will also have to pay them for their dubbing as well as editing of the slideshows. 

You can find good translators on freelance hiring websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Also, you will have to decide on the preferred language as per your research so that you just don’t translate your course in any random language but in the one that your target audience prefers. 

Offer Multiple Pricing Plans

Last but not the least, another amazing way to boost your online course sales is by offering several different pricing plans. This allows you to sell to even those who just can't afford, or need, the complete course offered by you. Make sure you are available to them all! 

Bottom Line

Here ends our guide of the best ways to triple your online course sales in 2021. All of these mentioned ways are tried and tested by a ton of different online course developers and marketers around the world. 

The online market is getting tougher and tougher each new day.

Now that you are aware of all the top ways to triple your online course sales, this is the time to implement what you have learned till now. The key here is patience. You have to be patient in trying and testing each of the mentioned marketing tactics that are listed above. 

Another important tip here is that you don’t have to try every trick mentioned in the list above but only the ones which are feasible as per your budget, complete marketing plan, and your audience’s expectations. 

Research about the way that best suits your requirements, and take your online course to new heights!