Swissborg Secure Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem Managed By Swiss Financial Expertsby@cryptoresearch
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Swissborg Secure Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem Managed By Swiss Financial Experts

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<strong>What is SwissBorg</strong>
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What is SwissBorg

SwissBorg is decentralized ecosystem within which, all types of users from individuals to financial experts, can create and manage an investment portfolio of crypto assets, in a safe and secure manner.

The SwissBorg platform will be driven by the best ideas and practices of other experts in the industry, and aims to bridge the two worlds of the crypto market, and the traditional investment market.

By utilizing blockchain and smart contracts, SwissBorg has the potential to eliminate the need for expensive financial advisors to build investment portfolios. And by creating an off-chain crypto fund, the platform can also attract institutional investors who currently face endless rules and regulations that prevent them investing in cryptos.

Technology Behind SwissBorg

Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology forms the backbone of the SwissBorg network and provides an automated transaction process that is transparent, immutable and accessible to all. Smart contracts on the blockchain replace long, drawn out legal contracts, as well as the need for a third-party financial advisor.


Investments strategies are provided to investors based on their requirements, and by employing AI with meritocracy at its core as well as swarm intelligence driving its ideas, SwissBorg ensures that all investment services are delivered in line with the user’s, and the community’s best interests. The Ethereum blockchain doesn’t provide that capabilities needed to implement real-time AI due to latency issues, so this technology will be developed off-chain.

Thematic Indexes

To do this SwissBorg will create Thematic Indexes (Smart/Cyborg/Swarm Cyborg Indexes) to assist with both on-chain, and off-chain investments, in order to build a diverse portfolio.

Smart Mandate

It will then develop the Smart Mandate, which will incorporate the knowledge of expert financial advisors into smart contracts. By performing rigorous analysis of a client’s expectations, risk tolerance and common identity parameters (KYC, AML, Tax), SwissBorg’s AI technology will generate a tailored investment mandate.

Off-Chain Fund

In order to attract financial institutions to its investment platform, SwissBorg will launch an off-chain crypto-fund. This fund will be structured in the same way as off-chain funds, but will hold cryptocurrencies for investment. This aims to bypass mandate restrictions, regulatory restrictions that stop institutional investors from investing in crypto.

SwissBorg Crypto Index MVP

To show how smart contracts can be to optimize the process of managing an investment fund, the team has designed an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) known as the SwissBorg Crypto Index. By moving the manual processes involved with traditional off-chain investments on to smart contracts transactions are not only faster, they are also much cheaper.

Cryptallion Token Hedge Fund

The team has proven track record of mastering portfolio management, which gives them a strategic advantage when it comes to the development of blockchain-based financial asset management systems.

With 80+ years of knowledge, the team has spent time trading their own money in the crypto market in order to devise a diverse set of investments strategies. These strategies are inspired by the more robust nature of Hedge Fund architecture and Absolute Return Hedge Funds, and will be employed by the SwissBorg’s Flagship Fund, the Cryptallion token Hedge Fund (CSB).

By incorporating strategies in the crypto market, as well as indexed and the opportunistic market, trading is subject to stringent rules. Cryptallion aims to leverage these rules and regulations to provide a higher level of safety on an investment.

The CSB Token

The Crytallion token fund will be available to all at the token generation event (TGE) set for H1 2018. Following that period the CSB token will only be accessible on an exchange trading basis.

In addition to the multi-strategy concept and CSB have some unique properties. Unlike most token fund, CSB does not have high entry/exit fees or large payouts to ‘team allocation’. It also does not apply unfair discounts so all investors stand to gain the same when investing at the same point in time.

In Q1 and Q2 2018 SwissBorg will launch two tokenized index strategies to invest in a Large Cap index and a Mid Cap Index. These will hold the top 20 and the following 30 top cryptos by market capitalization, and will be weighted with a max of 25% and 10% respectively, to maintain sufficient diversification.

SwissBorg Network Token (‘CHSB’)

To assist with meritocracy truly determining decisions and the way the network will develop, SwissBorg will issue a multi-utility token to participants who help maintain the network, and contribute to the new ideas the drive development. Should a user wish to participate they may generate a referendum using the CHSB token, called the RSB token. This is then used by the holders to make decisions on the referendum, with voting power being weighed depending on the amount of CHSB tokens held by a user at the time of referendum. Those who participate will be rewarded based on proof of meritocracy.

Valuable Information

Coin Name : SwissBorg (CHSB)

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000

Pre Ico Price : 1 CHSB = 0,10 CHF

Ico Price : $0.1 USD

Tokens/Money Raised Through ICO : $51,000,000

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Name :Cyrus Fazel

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