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Swachhcoin and Circular Economy

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“Rethinking and redesigning our economic model based on the constant reuse of our extracted resources is a definite modernization and positive evolution from our standard economy.”
Swachhcoin and Circular Economy: How Do They Go Hand in Hand?

The idea of the human race wasting and burning through all its natural resources and driving itself into a dystopian era is a much talked about concept and has received coverage in books, TV, movies and even serious political discussions.

With the growing effects of environmental pollution and global warming through factors such as food and material waste as well as greenhouse gases, it seems that all those theories and works of fiction might be pointing at something tangible.

That is why, more and more entities are now looking at finding solutions that not only allow people to dispose of their waste effectively but also put that generated waste into use by the production of renewable resources including but not limited to fuel, energy and bio-degradable materials that could be used over and over.

This has given life to the concept of circular economy, which in turn has allowed many environment-friendly companies to come to the forefront with their solutions.

One such firm happens to be Swachhcoin, which is an eco-friendly waste management solution that does not only allow people to discard their garbage responsibly but turn the waste into something productive that can be recycled efficiently.

This blockchain based initiative leverages multiple everyday devices and technologies such as IoT, Big Data and AI in order to provide solutions that could obtain waste from households, hospitals, industrial businesses as well as agricultural areas, and turn it into a fully-functional economic model that could revolutionize the current economy as we know it, making it become a full-circle mechanism.

How Does Swachhcoin Work in the Circular Economy?

Swachhcoin will be collecting waste through its specially created SWBins, which are specialized waste disposal units that will be placed on various locations for easy accessibility to its users. This will work towards effective waste collection from households, which usually generate food and material waste on a daily basis.

Apart from households, Swachhcoin will be collecting material and medical waste from hospitals, industrial and raw material waste from industries, and agricultural waste from rural areas through specialized collection centers.

From here, the waste collected from households, hospitals, industries and rural areas will go towards one of Swachhcoin’s designated waste processing units, which will work through different processes to turn these waste materials into tangible and usable resources such as fuel, energy, metals, various materials, and fertilizers.

These produced resources can then contribute to the larger economy just as they did before their initial consumption, and that is how they will repeat the cycle of their existence for the betterment of the planet.

Through this propitious structure and approach, the newfound concept of circular economy will see supply recirculation, resource recovery, industrial provision and material recycling economies coming together under one umbrella in order to create a truly circular business model, which will not just provide affordable and renewable materials to interested parties but will also be beneficial for the Earth we inhabit and which remains in a dire need of such solutions.

How Effective are Swachhcoin’s Solutions?

Swachhcoin’s plan will be an exemplary demonstration to have the life-cycle chain of extraction — production — consumption — waste come into a loop, which would be self-sustainable for as long as people would be interested in it (the life-cycle chain is acknowledged and followed by revered bodies such as the European Environment Agency).

The project is currently in development and going through a crowdsale phase, but once it steps into providing its proposed solutions to the masses, it is safe to say that it will have the potential to become the primary waste and resource management solution for any areas that it provides its operations in.

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