Different Utilities of the Swachhcoin Platform In the Near Future


Purposes and Objectives of Swachhcoin Platform

The future utilities of the Swachhcoin platform can be gleaned from the stated aims, objectives and purposes of the platform. The core aim of the Swachhcoin Foundation is to champion an effective transformation of waste products into useful outputs that have high economic value. Some of the outputs include fertilizers, power generating gases, energy, among other useful products. It can be inferred from this aim that the platform will play an active role in the creation of new products and these products can, in turn, serve as a new source of income for those who are directly involved in the production.

The foundation also aims to establish a global, decentralized waste management ecosystem that encompasses domestic households and industries. This network is to allow the effective use of a well-detailed infrastructure which provides sufficient momentum for proper and effective waste management.

The world as we have it now is being used in such a way that edges it close to being uninhabitable for us as humans. This is as a result of the unjustified and unchecked exploitation of resources coupled with the inconsiderate disposal of used materials in the absence of a properly implemented damage control policy. Ultimately the platform has the mission to change people’s perception about waste products.

The numerous objectives of the Foundation all culminate in the utilizes of the Swachhcoin platform. Swachhcoin has a mission to change people’s perception about waste by showing them it is a great resource which has been left untapped by mankind. Also, the Swachhcoin Foundation seeks to create a monetary incentivizing mechanism where people get rewarded for proper waste management. In addition, there is an underlying purpose of contributing to making the situation of the surroundings better.

The platform also aims to make the system of processing waste highly profitable for the waste management industries with the deployment of different advanced technologies. Doing this is expected to provide momentum to the widespread and network growth.

Currently, the waste management system is quite vast but has remained disorganized. This current management ecosystem has no ability to leverage the advanced technologies that are with the potential to bring about a total change in the revenue. Swachhcoin, on the other hand, makes this a possibility. The technologies it will leverage on include Big Data, Adaptive Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain Technology and also Smart contracts. While the current waste management sector in some way exploits workers who undergo the inhumane conditions of waste management processing and some if they even have no contracts or worker protection, Swachhcoin will eradicate all those issues and make suitable working conditions available.

It also aims to develop a philanthropic infrastructure in such a way that it serves the less fortunate through its existing network-fee contribution. It aims to see that the funds accumulated through this process will be distributed in a fair and transparent manner to uplift and increase the living standards of people in a society making the world a better place.

The platform has the ability to change and improve the world as we know it. The platform has a business model that is profitable and viable for any kind of industry looking to join the platform. This means the platform will still subsequently be used for other purposes, even though not stated now, as it is kept open to allow new organizations who are looking to improve their business activities.

The Swachhcoin platform thrives on technologies proven to be way more efficient and productive than the traditional practices currently used in the waste management sector. The technologies also employed makes it more organized, transparent and easily auditable.

Utilities of Swachh Tokens

The platform’s tokens are called Swachh Tokens. These tokens are 100% utility tokens and it is expected to remain that same way. The platform aims to make provisions for several utilities and use cases as possible for its token holders now and in the near future. The utilities mainly comprise of those related to solving daily life problems as well as platform-specific payment settlements.

Its major utilities include:

1. The tokens will be used to provide the reward to users who properly dispose of their waste.

2. When the outputs are produced by the waste processing industry, the tokens will be used for purchasing the outputs.

3. The tokens will be used to make payment for decentralized advertisement services

4. When it is subsequently widely accepted, the Swachh tokens will be used for micropayments at increasing the numbers of merchants at various geographic locations all around the world

5. The tokens can be used by token holders to make donations to the partnered organizations whose interests align with Swachhcoin. The donations will be done in a fair and transparent manner via Blockchain and this would eliminate the likelihood of possible leakages and corruption. The donations can also be made for special causes at specific times such as in events of natural disaster among other things

6. With their tokens, token holders will be able to exercise voting rights on the platforms such as taking parts in decisions related to top-tier management.

7. When the need arises, token holders will be able to use their tokens to raise a proposal to add an organization to the list of NGOs that get the philanthropic funding from the Swachhcoin Foundation.

Just as indicated in the Swachhcoin Foundation’s whitepaper, the utility and use cases of Swachh tokens will continue to increase as the platform integrates and deploys infrastructure with the current and subsequently added partner organizations.

Swachh tokens are designed and planned in a way that would make them the major dominating payment settlement method in the waste management industry. In addition, the tokens will be used for solving payment needs related to everyday domestic needs such as grocery shopping, payment of utility bills, among other things. The utilities are subject to review because when the Foundation gets its own Blockchain network, odds are high that the utilities may change.

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