Suhail Doshi Pivots MightyApp Startup Into PlaygroundAIby@techtweeter

Suhail Doshi Pivots MightyApp Startup Into PlaygroundAI

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Why shutdown Mighty? Much of the web is bound by single core performance of JS. The headwinds of the semi conductor industry are too strong to succeed at providing enough benefit for users. We could improve things by 2x but not 5-10x. Ok business, not mass market changing. 3/ While I am excited for the next thing because I love creative tools + AI, I am still sad about how much energy I put into something for a while but I am happy to have tried. That said, if it’s not going to work, I won’t waste our time or money. I think there’s a large opportunity to make an experience using many advances in AI (not just diffusion) to make a new kind of Creative Suite. A different set of products with a brand new UX.

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