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Streets of Rage 4: Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

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 Streets of Rage 4 Complete Walkthrough-How Many Stages?                                                

Streets of Rage 4 Complete Walkthrough- How Many Stages


Street of Rage 4 is the best beat’em up series. The game is the successor of the Street Of Rage trilogy. The previous version of Streets of Rage 4 was released ten years ago. Let’s take a look at this street of rage 4 walkthroughs.

It is a single-player, multiplayer, or co-op game and is available on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Macintosh operating systems, and macOS.

Street of Rage 4 was released on 30 April 2020. It was developed by Guard Crush Games and published by DotEmu.

A rumor is spread by Mr. X’s own children: the Y Twins that the crime empire is ruining the city by destroying goodness. Four detectives take a stand against the Y syndicate.

Streets of Rage 4 builds upon the classic trilogy’s gameplay with new mechanics, a fresh story, and a gauntlet of dangerous stages with a serious crime problem. Whether players gang up with a friend or clean up the city solo, Streets of Rage 4 is a skull-bashing, chicken-chomping brawl, all set to a thumping soundtrack sure to get your blood pumping!

Streets of Rage 4 gameplay Walkthrough

Unlock plenty of character as you level up in the street of Rage 4. Plus there are four bonus retro levels throughout the game. But you can’t find them simply as filling up your lifetime XP. Find the old-school Bare Knuckle arcade cabinets to access the bonus retro level. Amazing hand-drawn graphics and soundtrack enhance your gaming experience.

Axel, Blaze, and Adam make a team with Floyd Iraia and Cherry. Know how to unlock characters of SoR4. Their aim is to clean up the streets from enemies.


Table of Contents

  • Street of rage 4: How long to beat?
  • Expert Combat Tips And Tricks To Excel In Street Of Rage 4:
    • Grab all the health items
    • Observe the fighting pattern of enemy
    • Be Unbeatable in SoR 4
  • Street Of Rage 4 Controls
  • Streets of Rage 4: How Many Stages Are There in The Game?
    • Stage 1 – The Streets
    • Stage 2 – Police Precinct
    • Stage 3 – Cargo Ship
    • Stage 4 – Old Pier
    • Stage 5 – Underground
    • Stage 6 – Chinatown
    • Stage 7 – Skytrain
    • Stage 8 – Art Gallery
    • Stage 9 – Y Tower
    • Stage 10 – To The Concert
    • Stage 11 – Airplane
    • Stage 12 – Y Island
  • Best Street of Rage 4 FAQ
    • How many playable characters are in SoR 4?
    • Who is the strongest character in SoR 4 gameplay?
    • What do the stars mean in Streets of Rage 4?
    • Who is Floyd in Streets of Rage 4?
  • Conclusion

Street of rage 4: How long to beat?

It takes almost 4 hours of gameplay. But if you are a gamer and looking for all aspects then it will take 22 hours to complete the game.

Expert Combat Tips And Tricks To Excel In Street Of Rage 4:

Here are the important combat tips and tricks. So are you ready to fight!

Grab all the health items

The most irritating thing in the game is losing a life. To increase your life consume all the health items in the game. One of the most important things SoR 4 is the placement of apple and chicken. Don’t forget to get the health items. These health items increase your stamina as a result you’ll be more powerful therefore you can fight more strategically.

Observe the fighting pattern of enemy

Every boss and enemy has their unique pattern in SoR 4. Once you learn the fighting pattern of the enemy it’ll be easy to defeat them again in combat. Learning their weakness and strength will further help you when you deal with the enemy.

At the end of the game beating the pocket, guys are quite easy, they’ll do their jump kick when you stand in line with them, so just walk down or up to trigger it or wait for them to stop their jump kick then move in to punish them with a counter-attack.

Be Unbeatable in SoR 4

To become temporarily unbeatable use your special moves and throws. You can be completely unbearable for some frames known as I-frames. It means that you can use the I-frames of Axel’s spinning fire punch to make thrown weapons or enemy bullets.

Hit the enemy directly into the ground to make a shockwave that will kill the enemy within the range of the shockwave.

And also remember one thing special moves drain your health so hit the enemy many times to refill your life bar. Also, save yourself not getting hit first otherwise you’ll lose all the life bar.

Streets of Rage 4: How Many Stages Are There in The Game?

There are a total of 12 stages in the game. Unlock the best-hidden secret in the game.

Streets of Rage 4 is the most iconic game nowadays. Therefore we’re writing a walkthrough of Streets Of Rage 4. The good thing is that this walkthrough is not long enough. During the walkthrough, we‘re covering 12 stages of Streets Of Rage 4 gameplay.

  • Stage 1: The Streets
  • Stage 2:Police Precinct
  • Stage 3:Cargo Ship
  • Stage 4: Old Pier
  • Stage 5: Underground
  • Stage 6: Chinatown
  • Stage 7: Skytrain
  • Stage 8: Art Gallery
  • Stage 9: Y Tower
  • Stage 10: To The Concert
  • Stage 11: Airplane
  • Stage 12: Y Island

Stage 1 – The Streets

Before taking the stairs break the bin and get the apple. This is your 1st  achievement in the game.

Continue until Donovan jumps out of a drain. He is having a pipe in his hand. Clear the screen of foes. Take this pipe and throw it at the wall which is on your right. Then catch this pipe when it bounces back.

Grab the weapon in the air. The birth of the cool achievement.

Continue going down, until a car plows into the wall. Kill all the remaining foes. Then destroy the car.

Walk towards the first mini-boss. Beat the boss and jump into the hole. Keep going until you have got the train. Once you are on the train. Encounter the boss Diva of stage 1st.

Stage 1 is clear!

Stage 2 – Police Precinct

Kill all the enemies around you. Walk straight and continue the path Until you reach the person in black -clothes. disarm him and grab the taser after killing all the remaining foes.

Move towards the arcade machine and hit it. Kill Jack and get an extra special star and full life. Continue till you reach a door. You have to break the door to access the boss of the second stage. Encounter the boss commissioner to clear stage 2.

Stage 3 – Cargo Ship

As the stage starts, quickly go to the barrel in the bottom right-hand corner. Punch the barrel to kill three foes.

Now you’ll achieve the super combo. There is a total of 250 damage combo in the game.

At the end of the level and find the bottle after breaking the bottle.

Break the wine bottle or either throw it. Encounter the boss Nora to complete the

Stage 4 – Old Pier

For you, there is another achievement On stage 3. You’ll need this achievement for throwing an enemy into a hole. Now kill the enemy by throwing it into a hole.

If missed, you’ve other opportunities to get the achievement.

Spot the arcade machine at the top of the screen. Use a taser to use the arcade machine. You’ll achieve a free star and a health booster. Carry on throughout the game. Encounter the boss Estel to complete stage 4.

Stage 5 – Underground

Once you clear stage 5 you’ll unlock the secret: Meet Adam

Go to the bar area where you have another chance to grab the retro machine if you missed it earlier. Destroy all the motorcycles In that area.

Encounter the boss Barbon to clear stage 5.

Stage 6 – Chinatown

At this stage, you’ll get the 2 achievements. After beating Goro, you’ll come up to a dojo. Find the spear which is right at the bottom. Use it to kill the enemies as much as you can.

Shiva is the main boss of stage 6. Using a spear to kill the shiva to clear stage 5.

Stage 7 – Skytrain

Jump as you see the word UP! on the screen. It‘ll take some time.

Kill the boss Estel to clear stage 7.

Stage 8 – Art Gallery

At this stage get the golden chicken from the art gallery and take it to the stock room. Break the statue which is holding the golden chicken. Hold the chicken throughout the level.

Before grabbing the golden turkey kill each and every enemy. Anytime you see the enemy drop the chicken in a standing position. After killing the enemies pick up the golden chicken again.

In the stock room, you’ll see another arcade machine. Get the taser from here hidden by the crate. You’ll get a star and lots of health.

Encounter the bosses Beyo and Riha to clear stage 8.

Stage 9 – Y Tower

Proceed towards the elevator section. Hold the enemy throw into the window panes. Throw in the opposite direction you are facing.

After finishing the elevator section you’ll come up against Max. Kill the boss Max to clear stage 9.

Stage 10 – To The Concert

Head towards the 1st wrecking ball. Kill an enemy by kicking the wrecking ball. Reach to the boss DJ K-Washi to clear stage 10. Kill the boss and move towards the second last stage of the game.

Stage 11 – Airplane

There is no achievement at this stage. Head towards the boss  Mr. Y of this stage. Kill the boss and enter into the final stage.

Stage 12 – Y Island

The battle system of stage12 takes place in two parts. In the first battle, you’ll face Ms. Y alone in a throne room. Get close to her and do damage. But move when she starts flashing or she’ll hit you with lots of sword strokes. When her half-health is depleted she will be able to dash across the screen sword first. Attack her as soon as she finishes the dash. Repeat until her health is depleted. After that, she’ll run from the room, following her taking to the final stage of the game.

She‘ll team up with Mr. Y. MrY attack you with grenades and MsY attack you with swords. Run and dodge the attack as much as you can.

You’ll get into the castle. Crush the enemy with a chandelier. There is a rope at the back of the screen. Kick or punch the rope.

Dive Dipper into Streets of Rage 4 Characters:

There are two bosses at this stage.

Once Mr. Y is low on health he will jump on a large robot. Keep Focus on hitting its legs to defeat him.

After that kill the boss of stage 12.

Best Street of Rage 4 FAQ

How many playable characters are in SoR 4?

There are a total of 20 playable characters in the series including the classic character also. While the Street of rage 3 has seven playable characters.

Who is the strongest character in SoR 4 gameplay?

In Street of Rage 4 gameplay, Adam is the most powerful character though he is the slowest. He can jump above the average and also has good stamina and endurance.

What do the stars mean in Streets of Rage 4?

In SoR 4 a golden star gives you an extra move. These star moves are powerful attacks that deal plenty of damage to all enemies.

Who is Floyd in Streets of Rage 4?

Floyd plays like a combination of each grievous bodily harm Thunder and Dr. Zan, with slow movement and a move set supported by wrestling/grappling techniques, with the additional benefit of the bionic arms that permits him to grab enemies from a distance, smash enemies against one another and use electrical discharges.


Street of Rage 4 is a complete package of entertainment. In this article, we are covering the complete Street of Rage 4 gameplay, expert combat tips and tricks, and the best SoR 4 FAQ. You can find a detailed description of all the 12 stages. Stay in touch for more information on trending games.

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