Show up. Everyday.

Whether you like it or not.

You don’t have to be perfect, you never will be. Things may not be exciting to start with, and it usually never is.

A new habit takes a lot of effort & strength to get into your daily stream (which is already overcrowded with a lot of things that keep you super busy and not letting you do the super important things that lead you to your goal).

It has nothing to do with winning. It’s more about finding a way to not to lose. The mind is always working on a thousand things that effectively stop you from taking any action.

The best action it can think of is — let’s look at it tomorrow, because its easy and out of the way.

A tough thing would be to stare at the problem right now, at this moment and say — let look at solving this now. And that is never insightful or exciting.

Doing things that are totally uncomfortable takes you out of the vast majority of the population who are fine tuned into pushing the action until the next day. Don’t be that person.

It’s not fun, but it’s vital that you take action on things that will make your goal a bit easier to reach.

All the planning in the world is not enough, if you can’t get up out of that seat and start executing.

Old habits die hard and new ones are probably 10 times as hard to start with. And thats what separates the most successful people from the also rans. It’s a tough choice to make and very few people have the mental strength to make that choice.

Most just dream of it everyday. Start with a small step. and you will most likely fail, and thats ok. It’s not about winning on the step one, but knowing that failing on step one has shown you how you can tackle the second step.

The game is just getting hotter and not many people are playing this right now.

So don’t think of giving up. The first 10 days of any new habit are the most gruesome.

This is when your monkey brain usually wins and you go back to the old routine. Look at the last 10 days and take it as the 10 days of rest and the next 10 are the days of work — to build that new habit.

You may fail on each of the ten days, thats ok. Just pull it all together and make it to the 11th day.

A lot of people talk about 90 days for a habit to set in. This sounds so doable but most of us would not last the first 10 days.

Once you hit the 30 day mark, you are now answerable to yourself. You have invested 30 days of hard work and you don’t want to lose it, and that is what will drive the next 30 days and so on.

Now showing up everyday, becomes a routine, and you don’t want to break that chain.

The next days are so much more simpler to tackle.

Remember that and move on.

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