5am Mornings

How do you like to be challenged?

That big challenge to wake up in the morning, trying to switch off the alarm and go on a snooze binge.

The morning gave you a challenge, and in all seriousness, you lost immediately. How do we then talk of bigger challenges in life. Do we follow the same routine of excuses and we act because its now become so urgent that you cannot hide anymore.

Waking up early sucks. period.

But you wake up somehow. When do you decide to get out of bed? When you realise that the clock is way past your comfortable zone and you start to hurry up as much as you can. Skip that breakfast, skip that morning tea, skip talking to your loved ones for a few minutes because you will miss that train or bus, skip being calm in the morning… a lot of skipping. Phew..

A lot of this can be avoided if you got up 1 hr early. Try waking up at 5am. See what it can do to your routine. The first 2–5 mins will be hell, the bed will try to coax you into a few more minutes of sleep. But have the courage to say no and get out of the bedroom. Walking straight into the bath and splashing some cold water on the face does the trick for me. Once your face gets wet & cold, the mind does not usually want to get back into the bed anymore. It has worked for me.

Its the only way to trick your mind. Do this for a few days. It won’t be easy, but do it. Do it for a month and you will start feeling guilty if you don’t wake up at 5am. Then it starts to become a routine you are proud of.

There are not many people who can say — I wake up at 5am sharp. Be that person, not to show off, but to do more, to be more productive and you will then have more time chasing dreams and also enjoying the good things in life — like spending time with family and friends. Pick up your first habit.

You can then see how easy it is to pick up other good habits like reading, writing etc.

You don’t need an alarm clock anymore. 
The brain’s now wired to wake up at 5am.

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