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Shoppable Videos: The Untapped Market for Video Commerce?

by Favour OlagokeFebruary 20th, 2023
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“Shoppable video” is the buzzword in today’s video commerce market. Brand focus is already shifting toward exploiting interactive videos for a more seamless user experience. With shoppable videos, you can purchase items directly from videos by clicking on the embedded links.
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When Yahoo! launched its social commerce feature—the Shoposphere—in 2005, they probably didn’t fully envisage how social commerce would eventually shape the world.

Less than two decades later, the concept of social commerce has transcended market predictions by industry experts. Social media has become a primary entry point for eCommerce sales, and video marketing is the leading bannerman. Studies from Wyzowl show that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, and 81% also report that video has helped them directly increase sales.

But what if there was a way to leverage videos to make even more sales?

“Shoppable video” is the buzzword in today’s video commerce market. Brand focus is already shifting toward exploiting interactive videos for a more seamless user experience, and utilizing shoppable videos is the way to make this happen.

What Is A Shoppable Video, and Why Is It So Important?
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Ever wanted to buy something you saw in a video?

Shoppable videos can make that happen.

A shoppable video is an interactive video that features products for sale through embedded links. It is a lead-generating video marketing strategy that employs the finest and the most creative “shop-a-tainment” strategies to hook target consumers and make sales.

With shoppable videos, you can purchase items directly from videos by clicking on the embedded links. These links will redirect you to the product page where you can complete your purchase. Compared to standard video marketing strategies, shoppable videos improve consumer interaction with products and guarantee higher engagement and conversion rates.

Social media platforms are already leveraging the power of shoppable pictures and videos for increased brand awareness — Instagram Business has incorporated a “shoppable pictures” feature for certain brands, with shoppable videos expected to be introduced soon. eCommerce giants like Alibaba and Ted Baker also continue to present themselves as future-forward and global market leaders in the world of interactive shoppable videos.

Shoppable Video Platforms In 2023

Let’s face it.

Although shoppable videos sound like the next big thing, not many businesses and brands have taken advantage of their potential to drive sales immensely.

This could be because standard video marketing strategies are still raking in returns — stats show that 2 out of 3 people are willing to buy products after watching a TikTok video, and more than 50% have bought products from TikTok Live shows.

Some also argue that businesses are not utilizing shoppable videos because they cost a lot to make, making them unaffordable for small to midsize businesses.

Regardless of these challenges, video commerce is the future.

Here’s a quick list of shoppable video platforms in 2023. The best part, you won’t need to break the bank to use any of these platforms.

1. Bambuser

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Bambuser is a SaaS company that allows businesses to create interactive live videos to promote their products. Established in 2007, Bambuser started out by offering a mobile live video streaming option. But in 2014, they refocused their efforts on Live Video Shopping for interactive shopping experiences.

With Bambuser's flagship product, Live Video Shopping, global e-commerce, and retail brands can host live shopping experiences on their websites, apps, and social media platforms. With the Bambuser video link integrated into their eCommerce website, they’ll be able to invite an unlimited number of customers to view highly engaging, shoppable live videos.

2. WireWax

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Like Bambuser, Wirewax utilizes cutting-edge cloud-based technology creatively designed to take users on an interactive visual journey. Founded in 2009, the company has partnered with the biggest retail brands, including IKEA, Nike, and NBC Universal, to create highly interactive video marketing campaigns. These campaigns have been proven to increase conversions, improve purchase intent by as high as 9x, and significantly boost brand recall.

To use Wirewax, retail brands will need to have a product video already created. Upload the video onto the Wirewax website to add interactive hotspots to identify the products for sale. You’ll be able to choose between simple (for static objects) and sticky hotspots (for people and moving objects) to note the featured products.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to publish the interactive video by integrating the embed link on your eCommerce website.

3. Edekee

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Edekee is a video commerce startup that seeks to disrupt the video commerce industry with its innovative product tagging solutions. Located in sub-Saharan Africa, the platform offers an all-encompassing video advertising solution that connects brands, content creators, and target consumers in one unique app.

With the Edekee app, businesses, brands, and content creators can highlight featured products for sale with product tags supported by cutting-edge AI technology. Uniquely tailored for the African and African diaspora markets, target consumers will also be able to purchase choice products on the go as they watch videos without ever needing to leave the platform. Think Tik Tok, but with an eCommerce approach.

4. UScreen

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UScreen is an all-in-one video monetization platform that caters to entrepreneurs and content creators alike. The platform offers both Video on Demand content and features OTT apps to give you a seamless experience, from creating interactive videos to making sales.

UScreen offers everything from your own eCommerce website to live chat options and an analytics dashboard to determine what kind of video content drives your audience and how you can leverage that to boost sales.

The best part?

UScreen offers a 14-day trial to explore the best of its premium features. Within this trial period, you can explore the shoppable video and live-stream shopping features to see if they fit your brand awareness needs.

5. Clicktivated

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Clicktivated is one of the early adopters of the concept of shoppable videos. Founded in 2013, the company’s patented technology seeks to transform passive videos into shoppable ones, transforming desire into purchases. The website features multiple case studies of on-demand shoppable videos created for leading retail brands, including Target Inc.

Before now, videos have largely been a passive method of communication with brand audiences. But with Clicktivated, target consumers will be able to engage and interact directly with products on the spot. Reach out to their sales team for more information on how it works and to get a custom quote suited for your personal and brand needs. At Clicktivated, the goal is to see, click, and shop!

6. YouTube

YouTube Shopping is the ideal digital platform for brands looking to grow their YouTube following and generate more sales. Google introduced the concept of shoppable videos on the platform in 2020 — by activating the Merchandise Shelf feature, you can see relevant products for sale under the video you’re currently watching.

These hoppable video tools offer another way for eligible content creators and brand affiliates to make money with YouTube. The platform's recent integration with Shopify also proves its potential as an eCommerce growth tool. By setting up and linking your store to YouTube, you may showcase your goods, such as merch, in your videos and live streams.

7. Instagram/Meta

Social commerce is another buzzword that’s making the rounds in the world of online shopping, and Instagram Shopping proves that there’s a nexus between video and social commerce.

Instagram and Meta offer a unique opportunity to create an interactive visual shopping experience that strengthens connections and showcases your products to the world. Facebook Shop and other Live Shopping tools available across Meta apps also have the potential to help marketers boost sales like never before.

Selling on Instagram with shoppable posts is possible with a business or creator account. If you’re a right fit with Instagram’s Commerce Eligibility Requirements, you’ll be able to create a shop to showcase your products, highlight product tags in your photos and videos, and get more visibility for your brand. Instagram also offers an in-app checkout solution that’s currently only available for eligible US businesses.

Product Tagging: The Future of Shoppable Videos

Current video marketing trends take on a laid-back approach to advertising products rather than the direct marketing strategies we used to see. Product tags will highlight the products you have for sale even if you’re not directly marketing a product.

And while you’re at it, take the shoppable video experience a bit further.

Most shoppable video platforms redirect customers to product pages, interrupting the user flow between liking a video and wanting to purchase featured items.

This problem can be solved by apps like Instagram Checkout and Edekee that offer in-app purchases. Customers can easily get distracted during the journey from the ad to your eCommerce website, so why not prevent that by building a truly interactive experience from user interest to purchase?

The video commerce industry will undoubtedly grow in leaps and bounds in years to come, with the influence of on-demand and live-stream shoppable videos on social media. The rise of Tik Tok and Instagram Reels is sufficient proof that social media is ground zero for video advertising, and marketers must continue to find unique ways to leverage shoppable videos to boost sales.