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10 Top Advantages of Node.js in eCommerce Industry

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It is estimated that 2.14 billion people will buy online by 2021. Do you want to be the best choice for them?  It is not so easy as the competition in the e-commerce industry is becoming fierce year by year. 

If you exclude China, then in the rest of the world there are about 2 million to 3 million e-commerce companies. Do you aim to outshine among them? For this, you will have to offer something extraordinary that will attract buyers.

You will have to make your foundations strong. The face of your company on an online platform is a website. Make it impeccably interactive and seamless to use for everyone. You can do this by using an efficient programming tool. 

If you have landed on this page then I assume that you are in a confused state related to the suitability of Node.js for your e-commerce business. I will try to answer the common queries that are often raised by our clients in this blog

Which is the best programming tool for e-commerce development?
How good is the node.js framework for e-commerce development?
What are the benefits of using node.js for my e-commerce platform development?
If I use Node.js, will it save me money?
Can I develop a scalable and secure e-commerce website with Node.js? 

The javascript framework node.js is a popular choice in the e-commerce industry. It is the most popular framework according to the survey by Stack Overflow. Here is the representation of the findings of their survey:

We already have a basic understanding of this framework. It is an open-source framework which makes it highly affordable and cost-effective. The capacity of Node.js to provide scalability and stability is one of the top reasons why it is preferable for e-commerce companies. 

It is developed on chrome V8 and known for the availability of the rich source of javascript library modules. Node.js is used by top-notch global brands to develop their primary application. 

Some of them are Netflix, Uber, Walmart, LinkedIn, eBay, NASA, LinkedIn, and Paypal. It is believed that it is the best platform to create an e-commerce website. So, let’s explore the reasons behind this popular belief.

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Here are the top reasons why Node.js is good for e-commerce platforms development:

Supportive community
Efficient in performance
Optimum plug-ins
Uniformity in data streaming
Easy communication and management

#1 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Scalability 

For e-commerce businesses, scalability is highly important. It is obvious that a lot of people will use your app. As your business will grow, the number of users will increase. It is very vital that each of them is able to use your platform flawlessly.

Hence, you can not risk developing your e-commerce platform with a programming tool that does not offer much scalability. Node.js offers amazing scalability as asynchronous architecture is created through Node.js programming. This allows you to achieve great scalability. 

It is the default feature of this framework to offer an extreme level of scalability to even simple apps. It allows the addition of new modules to make it more efficient with scalability. Its customizable feature works perfectly for e-commerce websites. 

#2 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Supportive community

The offerings of a large number of functionaries, features, and design make this framework of Javascript complex. Sometimes, the hired mobile app developers look for support while working on this platform. 

The large support form community offers them viable solutions. Websites like GitHub and StackOverflow are known for their constructive support in Node.js programming. With the positive votes of 49.9 percent by respondents, Node.js was declared the most popular framework

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Undoubtedly, these community members are great supporters for the development of e-commerce websites by using Node.js. This is because the community constantly works on the loopholes and provide better and advanced results to its users. 

#3 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Fast and Secure Performance

Speed is one of those features which is extremely vital to judging before choosing a programming tool. Node.js offers great speed as it is developed on a powerful and fast engine, Google Chrome’s Version 8

While working with Node.js you can completely be free from the burden of checking the security factor. Therefore, you can integrate the payment gateway feature to your e-commerce website without thinking twice. 

Top global brands like Paypal have efficiently utilized the Node.js speed to support their heavy web traffic. It is one of the fastest and secured JS frameworks which has made it extensively popular. 

#4 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Efficient in performance and error handling

The performance of Node.js is appreciable with fast speed and over-the-top security. In comparison to other languages like PHP, this Javascript framework offers better results at a relatively lower cost.   

The activities like viewing product features, choosing the products, and payment options, etc. are simplified by Node.js programming. Apart from the end result, it is important for the web development company to make sure that the programming tool they are using is capable of handling errors or not. 

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Node.js offers amazing transparency and convenience in detecting the errors. This will reduce the completion time of your project which is strategically highly essential. It will allow you to get a robust e-commerce platform in the first attempt only. 

#5 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Cross-platform 

Do you know about any programming technology which can be used for both front end and back end development? One example of such a marvelous technology is Node.js. If a language does not flow over both ends, then the developer has to possess knowledge of other languages as well.

But Node.js has made it possible and it is a brilliant exception. It has taken the highly popular language for front end development; Javascript to the server-side development. Its code can also be reused as it offers an option for the same. I think, now you know why Node.js has become the best option for every e-commerce company. 

#6 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Optimum plug-ins

One of the top benefits of developing an e-commerce website with Node.js is access to readymade extensions. They are available to all for free. You can easily download them from websites like GitHub. You will not have to spend any extra penny. These plugins will allow you to speed up the process of development. 

#7 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Open-source

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Open-source obviously means access to all which adds a feature of cost-effectiveness. Node.js is the biggest open-source platform of javascript language. The naive developers can get in touch with experienced developers and professionals. 

They can help in the rectification of codes. Apart from that, you can enjoy more functionality and better features that prove that node.js is beneficial for e-commerce. 

#8 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Uniformity in data streaming

It is quite easy to process the files with node.js. This is because its architecture is developed in such a manner that the corresponding outcome and HTTP request will move through a single data stream. 

This makes the uploading of videos at a fast pace. Your customers will be able to make quick purchase decisions and the bounce rates will also be diminished. This is the best advantage of node.js in eCommerce. 

#9 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Easy communication and management

What are the top priorities for you while getting your e-commerce website developed? I am sure it is real-time communication with customers to support optimum interaction. Node.js will offer you all the essential features for this purpose. 

As it is supporting both sides of development, the front end and the back end, it becomes quite simple to interact with clients instantaneously. A chat-based platform can be easily supported by node.js programming. So, the implementation of the same in the e-commerce website has become easy.

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Apart from this, it is very easy to manage the products. It does not affect whether the vendor is one or there are multiple vendors. The product listing management becomes simplified with the help of the NoSQL database.

#10 Advantage of Node JS in e-commerce: Cost-effective

Do you know full-stack developers are cheaper in comparison to hiring separate developers for front end and back end developers? Node.js offers you a solution which is quite diplomatic. 

By using Node.js, you can eliminate the need of hiring developers separately for the front end and back end development. This is because Node.js can be used for both of them. It makes it highly budget-friendly. Moreover, it is an open-source platform with many free plugins. 


E-commerce business platform requires a scalable, secure and fast programming tool for the development. Node.js offers all of these at budget-friendly rates. This concludes that it is the best programming tool for the development of an e-commerce website.

Businesspersons willing to get a robust e-commerce platform to accelerate their growth should choose to hire e-commerce development company who have expertise in offering node.js development services. 

Do you have any additional information related to the benefits of Node.js for e-commerce? If you have then you can share it with me in the comment section below. I believe that exchanging information can enrich our knowledge.


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