Shivom: The Uncanny Synergy Of Blockchain And Genomics by@cryptoresearch

Shivom: The Uncanny Synergy Of Blockchain And Genomics

Shivom is a blockchain-based genomics database, web-marketplace and innovation hub that utilizes breakthrough innovations in blockchain technology, digital genomic techniques and artificial intelligence to provide genomic analysis-based services and healthcare solutions for all kinds of people, anywhere around the world. Through the blockchain protocol, SHIVOM is able to create a genomic database wherein people can securely provide and store their personal health data via cryptographic keys and have complete control over it: whether they choose to willingly donate or gain revenue from their genomic data. The human genome is comprised of approximately 3 billion base pairs.
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The Quest of Eradicating Disease from Your Very Blueprint

Have you ever gotten sick? Well, what kind of question is that — of course you have. Everyone of us has gotten sick at some point in our lives. Perhaps with some form of medical treatment or therapy you have gotten well, and now you’re doing fine as ever. But what if that illness hasn’t actually gotten away? What if that disease has already been with you before you even got sick and you just didn’t know? What if it’s already latched onto you since birth — in your DNA?

Enter SHIVOM, a blockchain-based genomics database, web-marketplace and innovation hub that utilizes breakthrough innovations in blockchain technology, digital genomic techniques and artificial intelligence to provide genomic analysis-based services and healthcare solutions for all kinds of people, anywhere around the world. Through the blockchain protocol, SHIVOM is able to create a genomic database wherein people can securely provide and store their personal health data via cryptographic keys and have complete control over it: whether they choose to willingly donate or gain revenue from their genomic data.

Through this decentralized database and incentive system, non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical companies and governments alike are able to conveniently gather data from a single decentralized database, making research and development reach greater heights with a greater number of statistically diverse data without the inconvenience and inefficiency of individual centralized data-gathering from localized research facilities, which opens a risk of redundancy of information and subjecting data to a certain statistical bias due to the limitations of local scope and range. The SHIVOM blockchain-based database makes possible an incomparably large genomic database which makes genome mapping and healthcare research more accurate and effective while still having contributors maintain full control and transparency over their sensitive personal information.

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Research’s Date: March 20 2018


Coin Name : Shivom (OMX)

Total Supply : 3,000,000,000

Circulating Supply : 990,000,000 OMX

Market Cap : 15,000,000 ETH

Ico Price : 1 OMX = 0.0542 USD (0.00014 ETH)

Time Zone : UTC +1

White Paper :

Token Type : ERC20

Human Genome: the Map Towards Biological Immortality

It is a global crisis today that pharmaceutical companies are currently facing an antibiotic dilemma. Disease-causing microbes are gaining the upper hand against medicine due to an alarming rate of antibiotic resistance arising all around the world. Since antibiotics are constantly being mass-produced, alongside the rampant misuse of these medicines, microbes start to rapidly evolve and adapt to survive the antibiotic properties of these medicines, therefore rendering them useless. These emergence of resilient generations of viruses and bacteria poses a threat that a simple common cold might already become a life-threatening disease due to a lack of effective medicine. Furthermore, diseases such as diabetes and hypertension remain uncured, and instead of permanent cures, a slew of maintenance medicines oversaturate the market.

Recent studies show that the most common diseases are actually genetic in nature, most notably: cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, diabetes, obesity and even cancer. According to SHIVOM’s website, with advancements in genomic mapping, researchers will be able to gain better understanding in as many as 7000 rare diseases, long-term complex diseases and infections, and ultimately come up with healthcare solutions from prevention to treatment. However, advancements in genomic research have declined in the recent years. How is this so? This is because antibiotics and maintenance medicines are easy money for pharmaceutical companies instead of eradicating the disease altogether.

SHIVOM aims to abolish this by establishing a competitive genomics-oriented healthcare market by integrating cryptoeconomy into genomic research techniques and making healthcare accessible to people all around the world.

From Your Cell to the Database: How the SHIVOM Platform Works

The human genome is comprised of approximately 3 billion base pairs. In the past decade, sequencing the whole human genome would cost around $100,000,000. However, nowadays, the cost of complete genome sequencing would be less than $100. With this drastic reduction of costs, genomic analysis services would cost exponentially less and this will serve as a dawn for accessible healthcare insights for all individuals around the world.

SHIVOM makes use of the same genomic sequencing technology in order to gather data from the providers.

● DNA Extraction Kit

In order for a provider to be a part of the SHIVOM ecosystem, the provider must first create his/her SHIVOM account. Afterwards, the provider receives a DNA extraction kit wherein the provider collects his/her saliva sample which is to be sent back to SHIVOM to be sequenced. The provider can also upload his/her genomic sequence in the case that the provider already has his/her own genome sequence data.

Once the provider’s genomic data has has been analyzed, the provider is given information about his/her ancestry as well as personal health insights from the provider’s raw genomic data. This data will be stored and secured in the blockchain with full transparency, and the provider will have the right to choose whether to donate his/her data to research or receive profit by selling it.

● How Blockchain Defends Your DNA

SHIVOM guarantees that genomic data will always remain in the proprietorship of their providers through the use of blockchain-based technology. Once data has been added to the blockchain database, it becomes a permanent block marked with a timestamp and cryptographic link to the previous block in the chain. Since every data in the database is cryptographically linked to one another, tampering is absolutely impossible. This enables a trust-free system because of the mathematical assurance of a permanent ledger wherein every asset in the system is protected and irrefutable.

In the case that a provider wishes to share his/her data to be donated or sold, the blockchain platform’s asymmetric cryptography (also known as Public Key cryptography), allows the provider to encrypt his/her data. The receiving end which has been granted permission receives a private key which has the sole capacity to decrypt said data. Encryption can also be done with a private key, but can only be decrypted by the other. This is equivalent to signing, which ensures that the only intended receiver can access the permitted data, hence not allowing any non-permitted third party to interfere with data access as well as record-keeping. Lastly, because of the emphasis on the exclusive use of cryptographic keys for data access, anonymity of providers are thus maintained.

● Smart Contracts and OmiX Token: Healthcare Crypto

Smart contracts allows for the incentivization for users and donors and the permission-based sharing of data between providers and stakeholders. In addition, smart contracts allow providers to choose the information that they share, and keep sensitive data that they wish to keep from stakeholders.

OmiX is the token of SHIVOM which is the key component for all transactions and incentivization that will occur within the SHIVOM ecosystem. OmiX is the central cryptocurrency wherein all the features of the SHIVOM database is accessed and maximized. This allows access for data, sponsorship of projects, payment for contributors and execution of smart contracts. Furthermore, this also extends users to 3rd party health and fitness applications and enjoy their benefits.

Open Healthcare Technology for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

SHIVOM aims establish a healthcare ecosystem where individuals, non-profit organizations, governments and companies benefit alike in fulfilling their roles. In a grander scale, SHIVOM aims to create innovations in healthcare and medical research that are achieved through the benefits of a wide-scale and global database that is both secure and highly accessible, and ultimately making these breakthroughs available to all the parts of the world — especially developing countries.

The SHIVOM data hub, alongside the SHIVOM foundation, looks forward to a well-improved digital healthcare system that provides a democratic and decentralized genomics-based healthcare technology for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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Research’s Date: March 20 2018



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Staff / Team Info :

Name : Dr. Axel Shumacher

Title : Co-founder/CEO

Bio : Axel has over 20 years of Research and Development leadership experience in genomics, epigenetics, biomarker discovery, Bio-IT, aging & longevity. He is the Author of the ‘Blockchain & Healthcare Strategy Guide’, the standard compendium for the healthcare industry. Axel translates scientific discoveries into practical applications to help understand, diagnose & treat complex disorders, but also to promote cutting-edge technologies that could transform precision medicine and the way we age. Axel is also a Member of the Blockchain Research Institute in Toronto. He holds a Ph.D. in Human Genetics from the University of Cologne.

LinkedIn :

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Name : Gourish Singla

Title : Co-founder.COO

Bio : With a background in investment banking and wealth management, Gourish is an accomplished business leader, angel investor and social entrepreneur with a focus on performance, growth, and innovation. He drove 30m$+ revenue in his last venture into a highly competitive marketplace and has founded three successful companies in the digital health space. Through Project Shivom, Gourish combines his deep interest in this sector alongside advocacy for blockchain and distributed ledger technology that can make a transformational difference both for business and for wider society.


Extra Links :

Name : Sally Eaves

Title : Co-founder/CMO

Bio : Sally combines a depth of experience as a Chief Technology Officer, Practising Professor of FinTech and Global Strategic Advisor, consulting on the application of disruptive technologies for both business and societal benefits. She is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and emergent technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics. A member of the Forbes Technology Council, Sally is an accomplished author with regular contributions to leading business, technology, and academic publications. She is an international keynote speaker and respected online influencer across multiple social media channels and consistently rated in the top 10 for blockchain and social media influence worldwide.

LinkedIn :

Extra Links :

Name : Per Lind

Title : Co-founder/CSO

Bio : A kick-ass business development expert, Per is a leader in Social Media Management Solutions and he knows how to engage social marketing in any organization. Worked with Carlsberg, IKEA, WPP (and associated agencies) and many other global brands. A specialist in sales on the highest possible levels to enterprise customers. He wants to change the world through Experience Management, which is interconnecting companies with their stakeholders to continually improve their brand quality and customer experiences.

LinkedIn :

Name : Henry Ines

Title : Chief Innovation Officer

Bio : Henry is a global executive with extensive venture capital, cross-border advisory, corporate finance and entrepreneur experiences. As an investor, he focuses on FinTech / blockchain and frontier technology investments and ventures based on his collective VC experiences to date as a partner at DraperDragon Fund, DFJ Dragon Fund, and DragonVenture, Inc. Henry is also an advisor to multiple blockchain / ICOs and tech startups in Silicon Valley; and also continues to serve as a mentor for accelerators & incubators worldwide. Additionally, Henry oversees the Global Chamber® San Francisco, a member organization focused on cross-border trade and investment opportunities, and also routinely lectures at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Henry began his career at Price Waterhouse LLP as a management consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Later, he focused on sell-side M&A and other corporate finance transactions within the IT and consumer & industrial product sectors before transitioning to direct investments. Henry holds a BS in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA and an MBA from Duke University Fuqua School of Business in Durham, NC.

LinkedIn :

Name : Akash Gaurav

Title :Co-founder/CTO

Bio : Akash is a blockchain entrepreneur. He founded India’s first blockchain company, Auxesis Group during his undergraduate studies at IIT Bombay. Auxesis today is counted among The Top 100 Most Influential Blockchain Company in the World. Akash also founded Blockchain Lab, India and is on the advisory board of hot Blockchain startup Cashaa, a zero fee money remittance company . He also sits on an advisory board to Entrepreneurship Club of MISB Bocconi. Before founding Auxesis, Akash was the manager of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay which is India’s largest entrepreneurship promoting club. As a manager, he led a team of 120 volunteers to organize global level entrepreneurship programs and summits. He was also a core group member of Innovation Cell, IIT Bombay where the team successfully proposed a new model for India’s first self-driving car.

LinkedIn :

Name : Natali Pankova

Title : Chief Scientific Officer

Bio : As an experienced Director in 2 early stage health tech companies, Natalie is skilled in operations, business development, investor relations, and R&D. She holds a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto, with a research focus on ophthalmology, inflammatory diseases, diagnostics and personalized medicine. Natalie further combines a breadth of experience with 8+ years of teaching at the University of Toronto & Trent University in Canada and holding multiple board, management & consulting roles in the non-profit sector.

LinkedIn :

Name : Dr. Rashid Ibrahim

Title : Middle East Head

Bio : A Blockchain Enthusiast, Technology Imagineer and a Technical Advisor of Smart Government transformation at Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services — United Arab Emirates. A hybrid Profile of being a medical Consultant and an IT Specialist with huge passion for Information Technology, Cryptography, Post Quantum Cryptography and Blockchain Technology.Worked for several international agencies in United Nations and, NGOs and Government Agencies. Designing and implementing Smart Medical projects integrating Predictive AI and learning Algorithms, Big Data Analysis, IoT and most recently DLT Technology.

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Name : Agam Kansal

Title : VP Marketing

Bio : A hustler who loves to challenge boundaries, an independent learner who is always excited about new technological developments happening around the world. Agam co-founded a funded startup in an IOT space. Agam wants to make a meaningful difference to the society through technology and help in the upliftment of the poor. With a certificate course in Entrepreneurship from Stanford, Agam has extensive experience in developing and implementing communication strategies across organizations.

LinkedIn :

Name : Charles Leslie

Title : Investment Lead

Bio : Charles has a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Alabama. He has been in technology for 20 years. One of the veterans from the internet boom era in the late 1990’s. He has been in 4 startup companies, including the first high-speed Internet broadband cable modem company, [email protected], now Comcast network in the US. He has also worked in technology for financial companies like UBS Hong Kong, UBS Tokyo, JPMorgan Hong Kong, JPMorgan Tokyo, JPMorgan US and Citibank Tokyo. Charles has always had an interest in blockchain technology and experimented with bitcoin mining in 2011.

LinkedIn :

Name : Ajit Singh Kular


Bio : With over 8 years of experience in the Digital Marketing and SEO Industry, Ajit has handled various E-Commerce Sales and Product-based clients, including Fortune 500 companies. He is a resourceful and ambitious person who seeks challenges and growth by empowering organizations through SEO and Digital Marketing to drive results.

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Name : Stephan Laurent

Title : Chinese Subcontinent Head

Bio : A world citizen, Stephane started his career in the field of conflict resolution, working for UN-backed projects in the Middle East. His strengths are in the area of international business analysis and development, supported by strategic and project management skills as well as the ability to speak 5 languages. Passionate about technology, global development, and entrepreneurship, Stephane currently manages a community of social entrepreneurs out of Shanghai.


Name : Azam Shaghaghi

Title : Head of Public Relations

Bio : Azam is an entrepreneur and blockchain consultant. She has the passion for innovation and disruptive technology to bring positive global change.

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Extra Links :

Name : Ting Peng

Title : Public Relations Manager

Bio : Ting Peng, an experienced associate professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry in Busan, South Korea for the past 8 years. With a background in International Relations and business anthropology, she contributed to several research projects in EU center in Graduate school and held a consulting and translator role for businesses and international education conferences and forums. She’s also an active and regular radio show guest host for the local English Radio station commenting on current business and political issues and trends. A truly passionate communicator in both learning and sharing.

LinkedIn :

Extra Links :

Name : Kayleen Shreiber

Title : Design Lead

Bio : Kayleen can communicate complex concepts to the general public through animation, infographics, and writing. She aims to display the value of science by highlighting the wonder, process, and challenges of the scientific method.

LinkedIn :

Name : Pierre Maarek

Title : Investment Lead

Bio : Currently head of the Equity Derivatives activities of Exane America. With 15 years in the industry working for the biggest players (JP Morgan in London, Natixis in Paris and now Exane in New York), he will bring his deep knowledge of the financial industry and his extensive network.

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