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Samsung to Release Software Patch for Galaxy S8 Red Tint Issue

It’s been four days since the release of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8, and the overall response has been fairly positive. With the first-ever Infinity Screen, an all-glass body, and wireless charging, this phone has received pretty high praise since its release on April 21. In fact, many people speculate that the phone has a fighting chance against the IPhone 7, and for a far cheaper price as well. However, Samsung appears to have been caught red-handed — or red-screened, so to speak — in these last few days with a pretty unique software bug that many new users claim the S8 has.

Apparently, you don’t need to put your rose-colored glasses on for this phone, as it already has a red tint to the screen which appears to not be going away anytime soon. Although Samsung claims that there is no software bug in the phones and has issued a brief statement encouraging individuals to head into their settings to change the screen color, they chose to announce a software patch yesterday as well, which should arrive in the next few weeks and possibly solve the minor issue along with it.

Although the issue may seem like a pretty big one, the truth is that it only seems to have appeared in certain S8 phones, whereas most users have not experienced any defects in the screen’s color. On top of this, users who have experienced the red tint say it is only visible on white screens such as Facebook and, therefore, is a small price to pay for a pretty awesome phone.

So far, countless tech sites have reviewed the new Samsung Galaxy phone, and all of them have been extremely positive, giving the phone nearly a full five stars for performance, durability, features, and responsiveness. Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 having fairly negative reviews, and the slight hacking mishap releasing Google account credentials through Samsung smart refrigerators, it appears the tech giant is back on its feet and ready to produce some pretty amazing technology this year alone.

For now, the Galaxy S8 screen’s color is nothing to “get red” about, and the upcoming software patch is said to be the cure to this minor mishap in what is considered to be the company’s best phone yet. After all, if the phone’s newest features aren’t cool enough for you, can we just marvel at that screen a bit longer?

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